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I've had quite a few emails asking for suggestions on which planners might go best with which White Label Perks 50% offers, so I looked at all of their products, and there are several that really match up nice with some of our planners. You can use the content as part of the sales funnel to sell your planners or create truly unique products by combing the content WITH the planner - scattering helpful and educational content throughout your planners and journals.
And we've expanded the bonus too - your choice of 50% off any product OR your choice of ANY planner ;-).

So here's my suggestions for the 'Mix & Match' pair-ups:
#4 Reclaim Your Power: How to Deal with Toxic People in Your Life & Business
Perfect match with either our massive content bundle The Entrepreneur's Guide to Coping With Family (and truly based on a lot of personal experience!) or our newest planner, '30 Days to Your Level 10 Life'

#8 The Struggle Is Real: Dealing With Procrastination
#11 Accountability Partners: Teaming up to Manage Your Goals
These pair perfectly with our Toolkit # 5: "The Stay On Track Workbook Journal"

Transform Your Life from the Inside Out: The Art of Mindful Living
#10 Good Morning Sunshine: How To Start Your Day Off On The Right Foot
#12 Looking Forward Instead of Back: Let Go of Old Stories
#18 Night Time Routines for Winners
#29 Becoming Fierce & Fearless (available Monday, April 29)
All five of these are perfect companions to our newest planner, 'Toolkit #7: 30 Days to Your Level 10 Life'

And of course today's special offer:

How to Break Up with Your Webhost

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Buy either offer through our link, send us your receipt - and we will send you a coupon code for 50% off ANY of our products OR choose ANY planner from ANY Toolkit as your bonus! Choose the one that best fits your needs!

Toolkit # 7 -

30 Days To Your Level 10 Life

Use this on any individual Toolkit for $5 off (ends April 29):

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A VERY special note about the membership:
Moving forward we will be releasing a new planner every month with 5 designs to the public, and 2 additional designs that will ONLY be available through the membership, giving you even more ability to create a planner that is completely yours.

Have a great day - and some great content and goodies coming Monday!
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