Happy Hump Day, all!

Aside from all of the great launches I missed over the past 10 days, we also have not sent out a "Resources & Goodies" update in awhile! As you know, I subscribe to WAAAAY too many newsletters, but I actually LEARN from them, so it's time I can justify as opposed to binge-watching GOT ;-)

SO..some really nifty things to share from the past week: I freely admit that Leonie may not be everyone's cup of tea as she lets loose with more than a few 'expletive deleteds' in her newsletter and blog - but she is a shining example of living your dreams by simply DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THERE. She's received pretty much every biz award in AussieLand, and has made herself a few million with her Goddess Planners for biz and personal. She recently dumped her business upside down to get back to having a life and has OODLES of great freebies here in her very unique hand-drawn/painted style. Warning - if easily offended by the stray f-bomb, stay away. If you want to see a woman living her own best life, enjoy.

Spam Words!
Another great piece from Elegant Themes on words to use and words to avoid (like using the word Freebie in the title of your newsleter...ahem) - seriously good overview of how the newer spam algorithms work - and you will be shocked at some of the words that we all use that are spam red flags. In fact, I probably used most of them in this it here.

And did you know that Facebook has a public library for all ads that political or on 'important topics'?? Click here - even if you don't use the data, it's kinda interesting!
Facebook Ad Library

Last but not least - an interesting albeit brief 'expose' on those uber-successful Mom blogs that are so pretty and post their claims of making millions through ads, courses and printables....except that the 'expose' is actually describing a very viable and solid way of selling your creations through your affiliates, which is a pretty accepted
business model that most of us are VERY familiar with! LOL - in fact, instead of exposing a scam - I was actually inspired by their overall success in selling printables!
Read it here.

30 Days To Your Level 10 Life Planner
With Full PLR

AND...we've added two gorgeous new Planner Design Sets - the small pics really do not do them justice - they are gorgeous, if I do say so myself ;-)

If you signed up for the monthly membership - these are already in your download zip on over and get them! The monthly membership will now include 7 new planners every month, not just 5!....I truly doubt that anyone has a better deal than this right now! And yes, the price on this will be going up after the launch.

30 Days To Your Level 10 Life Planner
With Full PLR

This is really a great planner, that can be used across so many verticals, from weight loss to business building! And if you have not tried the concept yourself - you will be amazed at the results. It's just scarey-good, awesome stuff!

Have a wonderful day and I hope spring is beautiful in your part of the world!!

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