Good morning, all!

Still not done with the hosting transfer traumas - probably going to be Monday or Tuesday before things are totally done, which is why you have not heard from us!

First of all - since we did not get the additional 2 theme sets done as promised this week, we are extending the Early Pricing through to the end of next week. AND if you sign up for the membership, you will get all 7 themes (that includes the 2 new ones) AND you will get 7 instead of 5 every month. I challenge you to find a better planner membership anywhere!! The new themes WILL be live Monday - I promise!

30 Days To Your Level 10 Life Planner
With Full PLR

Secondly, because this has tied up so much of our time, I missed mailing for a couple of really great offers this week - 2 are courses that I purchased, and one was Jenn Brockman's PHENOMENAL Google Slides course.

I am still going through the other 2, and should have them done later today, but I was a beta tester for Jenn's course, and I can honestly give it 10 out of 10 stars! Jenn's style is great: she is very easy to listen to and to follow.

But the best part?? We deliver our slides in PDF and PPT format, and you can edit the PPT slides in the FREE GSLIDES!! She teaches you all of the 'insider' tricks and tweaks that would take you forever to learn on your own. The course is totally awesome and it's a purchase you will NOT regret!! So if you want to get the most out of your PLR Planners with ease - this is the course you need!

Jenn's Google Slides Course

(Early Bird Pricing ends today - sorry for the late notice!)

And, of course: BONUS!!!!
$10 Off Coupon for Any Product

Just email me your receipt for the purchase
and we will send you the coupon code!

(Please note: Amember will not let you use more than one coupon code on any product - if you want to apply your $10 Off bonus to the new release while the Early Bird is in effect, let me know, and we will issue you a special code for it!

Have a wonderful day!

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