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It's finally starting to look a bit like spring here in Cincy, for which I am eternally grateful ;-) I do love the city, but as a native Californian, the winters do tend to drag on a bit for me.

Our new planner just launched yesterday - 30 Days to Your Level 10 Life - and the response has been terrific! And yes, you really can create 25 unique covers in just minutes with the new "5X" template system, and 125 when you start mixing and matching the title banner styles included!

Why is this important? SImple: when it comes to the interiors of "Zero-Content" books such as planners and journals, Amazon knows that there is going to be duplicate content, because, well they are "ZERO-Content" Books, right? But they DO require that the covers be unique, and with this new system - it is MUCH easier to create unique covers for your new planners and journals, with minimal time & effort.

The planner itself is really more of a workbook in 'planner-style', and is a perfect fit for so many different niches: coaching, personal improvement/self-development, weight loss, law of attraction, meditation - you get the idea!

This is really a phenomenal bundle that you don't want to miss - and of course....see below for the Early Bird discount code!!

Toolkit #7:
30 Days To Your Level 10 Life
featuring the all new
"5X" Template System

=> Toolkit # 7 -
30 Days To Your Level 10 Life

Also announcing:

=====>>>> Toolkit # 7 -
30 Days To Your Level 10 Life

Use this on any individual Toolkit for $5 off (ends April 17):

And use this one for $10 off Founder's Member Pricing for the life of your membership!! Ends April 17.

There's simply too much included in this package to list it all here - check out the sales page and see for yourself - this is a hugely popular and evergreen topic you will not want to miss!

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