It's Thursday and the sun is shining - but apparently not for long as the forecast is rainy for the next week, which means I will be UBER productive getting the next planner series completed!

In the meantime - some really nice products released this week, and we have some great bonuses for you to help you get the most value out of these products:

1) White Label Perks 50% Off Thursday One day Only Special:
I almost missed this one (it's been a very hectic day!) but today's Special is "Reclaim Your Power: How to Deal with Toxic People in Your Life & Business" and it is a PERFECT compliment to a MASSIVE package we on dealing with family/relationships as an entrepreneur (you know the peeps that just don't get what we do and send hordes of negativity your way??). Purchase through our link today and use the code to get 50% off the current price AND we will send you the entire bundle as a bonus - take a look at here: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Dealing With Family. Perfect. Match. ;-)
===>>> Get it now: "Reclaim Your Power: How to Deal with Toxic People in Your Life & Business" (code: POWER50)

2) Kevin Fahey's Copywriting Checklists WITH FULL PLR!!!
If you haven't looked at this one yet, it's probably because none of the emails I have seen so far have mentioned that it includes FULL PLR!! Now, here's the thing - these are not 'simple' checklists - this one includes 18 different checklists for writing great copy but it covers everything from how to do research for your copy to making sure it's SEO friendly. Now here's what you can do with these: with a bit of tweaking you can turn them into planner pages and add them to a business-oriented planner, so you have a whole new beefed-up product to sell. So as a bonus for this one: Send us your receipt and we will send you the Successful Blogger's Planner, which already has oodles of great sales and marketing templates in it (it is really applicable to WAAAAY more than just blogging!)
===>>> Get it now: Kevin Fahey's Copywriting Checklists WITH FULL PLR!!!

3) The Amazing Cindy Bidar's Webinars For The Rest of Us!! bundle AND 30 days membership in her fantastic 6-Figure Systems Membership!!! This seriously HAS to be the deal of the week!! Bonus: Sign up through the link below for EITHER of Cindy's two options and we'll send you a $10OFF Coupon!
===>>> Get it now: Webinars For The Rest of Us!!

4) And don't forget: Amanda Craven's Cat PLR and our bonus Pets & Pastels Planner ends TODAY - get it HERE - then send us your receipt to collect your bonus!! AND >>>>> I am adding 20 more pet-related background patterns to the bonus, which I will deliver by Sunday - picked up some new pattern making software that I am loving! If you already purchased - just check your download area on late Sunday!

To collect any of the above bonuses:
Just send your receipt to me at [email protected]
and we will get your bonus delivered to you ASAP!

Have a great day!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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