Somehow we mangled the link to Cindy's "Webinars for the Rest of Us"!

Correct link: Webinars for the Rest of Us

Webinars are one of the best ways to build your business and your credibility - but there's a lot of pieces to putting together that particular puzzle - and frankly, how many of us have the time to do all of that?

Fortunately - here comes Cindy Bidar to the rescue with a deal that is almost too good to be true - and yes, I have already signed up:

She's just released a new bundle called "Webinars for the Rest of Us" which is a step by step guide to setting up your webinar, with everything you need to make it all come together without having a panic attack in the middle of it - checklists, cut and paste invitations and emails, planning and tracking sheets - even a PowerPoint webinar template!!

So you might ask what more could she add, right?
Well, for only $7(YIKES!!), yes that is correct for only
you get the entire "Webinars for the Rest of Us" bundle AND 30 days membership in her fantastic
6-Figure Systems Membership!!!

This seriously HAS to be the deal of the week!!
Sign up through the link below for EITHER of Cindy's two Options
and we'll send you a $10OFF Coupon!

Webinars For The Rest of Us!!

To collect your bonus: Just send your receipt to [email protected]
and we will get your coupon out to you ASAP!

BTW - I am also reviewing a new course (I think the launch is a couple of weeks away yet) that is going to be terrific for anyone looking for easy ways to edit PLR planners and journals without having to buy Photoshop or learn Powerpoint. Super, super course so far! Will keep you posted!

And don't forget: Amanda Craven's Cat PLR and our bonus Pets & Pastels Planner ends tomorrow - get it HERE - then send us your receipt to collect your bonus!!

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