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Hey, everyone!!

As many long-time readers know, I married into a sports-crazed family here in Cincinnati a couple of decades ago, with an incredible passion for football, and this weekend is the beginning of the playoff games. The Bengals are playing tonight, which no one expected after the rocky start we had, but tonight is a big night for us.

I still can't tell a Hail Mary from a punt return but I DO enjoy the food that goes along with it - just pass the wings and nachos, please. ;-)

Friday and Saturday were spent doing techie stuff - still not 100% happy with the SiteFlippers directory, but getting closer. The truth is that there simply aren't many good options out there for online member directories - even the very very expensive ones are not very good when you really dig into them, so taking a lot of work to get it where I want it.

Then I transferred 3 older WordPress sites from a host I am closing out, to a new one...manually. LOL had not done that in a while, but it was good to get in there and play with the MySQL databases again, and just basically prove that the old brain cells still remembered how to do it ;-)

In my free time...
  • I am finishing up the new planners for the PLUS membership (they will start dropping tomorrow),
  • working on a new one for an upcoming bundle,
  • almost done with a new 2023 public launch for next week. This is the updated Affiliate Marketing Promotions Planner & Tracker, which will feature both digital and printable versions, and 5 different designs...should be launched next week if all goes well..
  • mapping out the Kitchen Sink Homepreneurs book project ;-)
  • reaching out to possible speakers for the Site Flippers

Sound busy? Yes!! Contrary to what most Internet Marketing gurus will tell you, for most of us the "Internet Lifestyle" can be crazy busy, chaotic and probably just a tiny bit overwhelming a good percentage of the time.

I get emails almost every day from readers struggling to make things work because it sometimes seems like everyone is making $15,000 per month...except them...and the courses they buy make it seems like it should be easy and practically happen overnight.

I am here to tell you that it takes work, it takes time and it takes consistency.

Making money online is real and doable for virtually anyone, but you have to put in the time and effort to make it happen. And the journey is different for everyone - the person that can only work on their business an hour a day is probably going to take longer to hit profitability than someone able to do this full time.

But - I am here to tell you that if you truly want to work from home - DO NOT GIVE UP TOO SOON!! Understand that some of those people talking about how much they make have 'teams' behind them, and their revenue claims are far greater than their profitability ;-)

A small one-person business making $3k per month can easily have a stronger bottom line than the 10-person business making $15k per month...

Don't compare yourself to others because you may not know the story (and the truth) behind the stats - just keep the faith, and keep plugging away because you WILL make it if you really want it.


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And now...off to finish a few websites....and maybe marinate some wings ;-)

Hope your team wins!

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  • PrimeDesignAI - An A.I. Marketing Toolkit

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  • ChatGPT Empire

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  • (PLR) Chat GPT + AI Tutorials

    Terrific over the should video series from Charles harper, which includes tutorials on ChatGPT, Jasper, and a special bonus on Dragon Naturally Speaking software.
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