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These Make My Heart Sing!

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 4.48.58 PM
Hey, everyone!!

Well, I have to say that the topic of AI seems to be taking on a life of its own - and it's interesting to see how polarizing this topic is becoming!

I find it interesting because the truth is that no one really knows what Google or Amazon will do ultimately except Google and Amazon, and yet I have seen oodles of folks stating quite adamantly and definitively how Amazon and Google are going to deal with AI-generated content.

TBH - I have no idea where this will land ultimately (my crystal ball is not working today) but I think we can look at how they both handled PLR, and surmise that at some point, it may be blocked or least with Google, AI content won't get the SERPs that you want. Both Amazon and Google have been successful at identifying and dealing with PLR, so it is fairly safe to assume that they can detect most AI at this point.

I mean if I can... I think Google can too....

Any TOOL, whether it is a hammer or your AI app, can be used for good or 'evil'. It's all up to the user.

I personally love all of the fun and amazing things that are happening in the AI space, and will continue to learn as much as I can about it - but I am also being cautious where it applies to my website and my business because I don't want years of work wiped out because I posted one piece of *detectable* AI content!!

I will continue to snap up everything I can on the topic and look forward to what the future brings because these tools from - Jasper to Chat-PT - are a huge timesaver, and wonderful for creative suggestions etc - just be sure to check the facts and make them your own before hitting the publish button!

Zooming Around.....

Podcaster's Working Group

2:00 PM EST, Wednesday, January 11,
Meeting details are on the Podcast Group page ;-)
Bring your ideas, schedules and questions with you - let's brainstorm the best ways to launch and cross-promote our podcasts!

See ya there!

==> Join The Site Flippers Working Group!

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ChatGPT Empire

From Alessandro comes this well-priced 10-video series on ChatGPT! I am about half way through the series and it gives some good solid tips on working with the software.

I have had access to ChatGPT for quite a while and it has improved tremendously since it was first launched, and it is much easier to use now.

The basic training applies to pretty much any of the AI writing tools and is really an eye opener - just one caveat - I would really hesitate to create recipes for publication without testing them first - I have seen a few that definitely were NOT going to turn out too well LOL

ChatGPT Empire


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