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Hey, everyone!!

First up - thank you to all that reached about Damarr Hamlin's life-threatening injury that happened in the Bengals/Bills game this past Sunday here in Cincy. It has been the number story on every newscast here since it happened, and we were all thrilled to wake up to the news this am that he was removed from the respirator late last night, is speaking and actually had a brief Facetime with his teammates already! A very, very scary time for everyone, and so glad that the outcome seems to be very positive at this point.

AI & Google: To Use AI or Not To Use AI - Is That REALLY The Question??

No, I don't think so. I think the question is HOW to use it - not whether or not we should.

AI and the tools that are being introduced every day based on AI technology are meant to ASSIST us, not replace us. Or at least that is the concept in today's pre-Terminator apocalypse world 🤖

As a home-based business owner, I love the idea, and applaud the development of these tools because they save me time and money.

But the dilemma is that while the tools that we, as content creators, have available to us grow more sophisticated, so do the tools used by Google to detect - and potentially penalize - machine-produced content.

Does this mean that we should not take advantage of these time-saving, cost-cutting resources? NO!!

In all honesty, I look at AI tools as just that: TOOLS. I use them for research, for ideas, for sometimes breaking the creative blocks that we all struggle with from time to time, but so far, I always make the output my own, whether it is an article or a graphic.

With written content, I fact-check if needed, and always check with Copyscape.com to make sure that it is clean - no plagiarism, thank you! I really have not used it much for graphics work yet, mainly because I enjoy that design process myself, but I know that I will be in the future, based on some of the new tools that are coming out soon.

They look like they will save time AND be fun - a combo that is tough to beat!

The biggest hurdle we face is not just writing content for our readers but if we want to rank in Google, we also need to understand fully the new E-E-A-T guidelines.

E-E-A-T stands for: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is a massive update that we all need to aware of and need to take into consideration when creating content.

Since this column is already waaaay too long - let me leave you with some excellent articles on E-E-A-T and Bing's take on AI as well (yes, you CAN get great traffic from Bing too!)
That's it for today - have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Jasper AI is an amazing writing assistant/tool that I have been using for several months now. It continues to improve and the more I use it - the more uses I come up with! Big plus for me: Jasper is the only AI with a Chrome extension that lets you write open-ended commands, not just use templates.

Get a 5-day trial with 10,000 credits - and if you decide to sign up, get 10,000 credits when you use this link to sign up. Be sure to check out the new - FREE - Jasper Chat too!!


  • From Alessandro Zamboni - his new release is ChatGPT Empire
    Alessandro is back with a terrific course on ChatGPT - but this is really useful for virtually any AI writing tool you might use. More Details Below!


  • Desktop Vertical Video Training!!
    From Mark Hess comes one of the BEST trainings I have seen on doing Video Shorts from your desktop computer, not your smart phone - and without being on camera unless you want to be - this is AMAZING and ONLY $7. I purchased both the FE and the upsell for $47 which is Mark's private mastermind group - This is super exciting because YT is going to be monetizing Shorts starting Feb 1 so a potential new revenue stream! See more details below!
  • Affiliate Marketing Checklist V2 from Kevin Fahey (PLR)
    Kevin is famous for his checklists and this is the updated and revamped Affiliate Marketing Version - with full PLR and only $7.45 - this makes a fantastic Lead Magnet to build your list (or PLUS members - add this to your recent Affiliate Promotions Planner/Tracker!)
  • New Year, New Start PLR Blowout from John and Matthew Rhodes - the real value in this $7 bundle is the 'Bonus" package which includes products from: Justin Popovich, Chad Eljisr, Connie Ragen Green, Carmen Chan, Jenn Brockman and others that you know and love!
  • Mix & Match Website Copywriting Templates
    From Karon Thackston of MarketingWords.com comes a VERY unique and creative bundle to 'mix and match' your way to writing all of that basic content you need for a professional-looking website! FULL DETAILS BELOW!
    Erica Stone's course is still available - this is going to be a major part of my marketing for 2023 - Erica shows proof and step by step of the path to her results.
    From Jason Oickle, 16 PLR reports with full PLR - just $15 - great way to create unique planners & workbooks!

ChatGPT Empire

From Alessandro comes this well-priced 10-video series on ChatGPT! I am about half way through the series and it gives some good solid tips on working with the software.

I have had access to ChatGPT for quite a while and it has improved tremendously since it was first launched, and it is much easier to use now.

The basic training applies to pretty much any of the AI writing tools and is really an eye opener - just one caveat - I would really hesitate to create recipes for publication without testing them first - I have seen a few that definitely were NOT going to turn out too well LOL

ChatGPT Empire

Desktop Vertical Video Training!!

From Mark Hess, one of our fave WordPress guys, comes this fantastic and AFFORDABLE training on creating Video Shorts for virtually any platform! This IS the trend of the future and the platforms are all pushing this format. In fact - as of February 1 - YouTube will be monetizing Shorts!

Mark's method is unique - I cannot guarantee this but Mark claims that the method you're about to discover is NOT being taught anywhere else on this planet. This method allows you to create vertical videos using your desktop or laptop which can then be posted as YouTube Shorts, on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook as reels.

And the course is a little over $7 right now....I jumped in immediately...

  • You can literally start from scratch and tap into billions and billions of views instantly leveraging their algorithm.
  • You Can Show ANY Webpage or Website - ANY Offer you want to promote!
  • You can even draw, highlight, circle, and navigate the site you're showing to people giving you TONS of opportunity to create limitless amounts of content and rake in monster views.
  • Newbie Friendly Training. It doesn't matter if you know absolutely nothing about creating videos or video editing. This training is over the shoulder and it's all step-by-step.
    Infinite Content Creation Possibilities.
  • It's literally LIMITLESS the amount of content you can create and I give you some ideas below. You can start entire channels or social media pages just using these types of Desktop Vertical Videos. You can sit at your desk and create these all day long if you wanted to and never run out of content ideas. I have some ideas listed below on this page. The entire Internet is now your content creation playground.

Desktop Vertical Video Training!!

Mix & Match Website Copywriting Templates

There are few things that are more daunting than writing website copy!! But Karon Thackston of MarketingWords.com is an expert at this - and at creating templates that make the rest of us LOOK like an expert! This unique and creative bundle will let you 'mix and match' your way to writing all of that basic content you need for a professional-looking website!
  • Here's what’s Included in Mix & Match Website Copywriting Templates
    • How to Use Video –Karon walks you through the bits and pieces and show you how simple it is to mix & match your way to website copy you can be proud of.
    • Examples PDF – Everybody does better when they have examples to follow. This PDF gives you lots of inspiration to use as you create your own customized web copy.
    • Base Web Page Copy Templates – Home, About, Product, Service.
    • Copy Tones – Pick the one that’s best suited for your biz.
    • Copy Voice Ideas – How do you want to come across to visitors? Choose whichever one represents you/your brand best.
    • List of Descriptive Words – Sorted by the copy voice they work best with, all you have to do is insert them into your page template.
    • List of Emotional Words – Emotion comes on several levels. Don’t assume that emotion equals hype. This list will show you the easy way to make a connection without going overboard.
    • Types of Bullets – Bullets are one of the most effective elements of any copy. Select the one(s) that love!
    • Guarantees – Not every guarantee inspires your customers to trust you...but all of these will. ;-)
    • Calls-to-Action – Whatever the situation, using one of these calls to action will ensure your site visitors clearly know what their next step should be.


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