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Hey everyone!

This is going to be a super short one today - I hope, in fact, that you barely have time to scan through this because you have something fun on the agenda today! Not sure what we are doing today, but it may be a trip to Ikea - cuz well, why not? - and dinner at home, with a good movie, a big bowl of popcorn, and yes, some bubbly at midnight. We are both night owls so we will be awake to see the New Year in ;-)

🎉 🥳

BUT the New Year is off to a busy start..rebuilding my main website, updating tons of older products (converting all of the older Pages/Word-based planners and printables to Keynote/PPTX so they will all be editable via MasterSlides) and working on two new community/directory websites for our 2023 working groups, and hope to have them both live this week. New software with a learning curve, but I like what I see so far!

And I am thrilled to report that another major site-flipping marketplace is providing a guest speaker for our site-flipping working group, probably in March. The way things are playing out, we may have 2 meetings some months so that we can have a guest speaker at one meeting and a productive 'working' meeting as well.

So much to do but 2023 looks like a bright and shiny new promise right now, and I am super excited about all that is coming up!


BTW - today is the end of David and Jen's December Deals! The doors are open for ALL of the deals, so if you missed something, now is the chance to go back and grab it! If you can afford it - get the bundle - you will not regret it BUT...if that is not in the budget (budget? what budget?), then these are my top picks:
  1. Simple Click Tracker - this is the Multi-site version and only $29.99. Use it, love it and so easy to use. Practically zero learning curve! Best part though is that conversions are way up with this due to better email deliverability!
  2. Simple Video Management System ($29.00) I just recently picked this one up and wish I had bought it 3 years ago...sigh...
  3. How To Build Sales Funnel Using Tools You Already Have ($12.99)
  4. Workshop: Increase Your Sales With More Traffic ($24.99)
  5. Warrior Plus Product Set-Up Shortcuts ($12.99)
  6. The Six-Figure Momentum Circle ($24.99)
    This is a ONE-TIME payment for a monthly live call and an incredible library of past trainings. Bargain of the year!!

Get the full details here: David and Jen's December Deals

Zooming Around....

The Affiliate Workshops - #3
Friday, December 30, 3:00 PM EST
Last workshop in this series was yesterday - should have the replay posted for you by tomorrow! Great series!

The Site Flippers Working Group
Thursday, January 19, 2:00 PM EST (first group meeting)
Monday, January 30, 2:00 PM EST (special guest speaker from Flippa)

The Podcasters Working Group
Wednesday, January 11, 2:00 PM EST

This will be our first meeting - the focus of the group is to support each other's podcasting efforts through cross-promotions, guesting and more! Registration details on the Podcaster Group page ;-)

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, January 12, 3:00 PM EST
Thursday, January 26, 3:00 PM EST

We return to our regular schedule!! Let's brainstorm some fun new ways to build our lists in 2023!

All of these events are listed on the Calendar too ;-)

Yes, 2023 is going to get off to a busy start!

Hugs to you all, have a wonderful evening and see ya on the other side!



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If you don't know Ellen, now is the best chance ever to get to meet her - and you want to because she is a highly respected internet marketer, that quietly makes $$$$ without tooting her own horn.

In a rare moment of holiday craziness, she has two of her top courses on sale for just $1!!!
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Kelly McCausey just released her FREE "One Sheet Project" - the one sheet you need to get booked on podcasts, stages and more in 2023!!

Kelly claims that her one-pager (above) got her booked on 30+ podcasts in one year, and based on my personal experience, I can tell you that this is probably true!

In my prior 'life' in the international payments industry, I have spoken at more than 2 dozen conferences all across the US, and internationally: Canada, London, Barcelona and Costa Rica. And every conference asked for a very simple one-page bio like Kelly's!

This is an awesome freebie that EVERYONE needs whether you want to do podcasts, virtual events, live events or ??? - this is an awesome tool to have in your toolbox - ready to go!


Kam Fatz is back with another of his terrific newsletter series! Goal Getters is an email series of 14 unbranded newsletters about goal setting - perfect for this time of year!

The email series includes tips and tactics on how to set goals, how to strategize for success, how to set up benchmarks, a 10-step plan on getting results, common mistakes people make, and much more. It's also perfect content to turn into a lead magnet or add to your journals or planners for 2023

BONUS: It also includes a custom affiliate program 'black book', and FULL PLR license!

PLR - The Pinterest Playbook!

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PLR - The Pinterest Playbook!

Another great PLR deal from Charles Harper - use for your own training, sell it as your product - or add to your website as content!

20 high-quality Over-The-Shoulder videos cover every aspect of Pinterest from creating pins to mastering your marketing calendar!

    EKit Boxing Week Blowout!

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    No two ways about it - this is the PLR sale to end all PLR sales!! Whether you want to snap up a few bundles you missed during the year or the entire bundle of goodies - you definitely want to check out this Boxing Day week-long sale from EKit!

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    PLR - New Year's Mindset Mastery

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    PLR - New Year's Mindset Mastery

    Craig Desorcy only releases a few products a year but they are always good - and this is no exception ;-)

    The main report is 18 pages, 3,156 words with the Bonus report titled "Digital Detox" which adds another 3,000+ words to the bundle PLUS - you get Canva Cover Templates as well.

    The main product covers:
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 – Create a Vision for Success
    • Chapter 2 – Smash Through the Blocks Holding You Back
    • Chapter 3 – Sharpen Your Mental Focus
    • Chapter 4 – Learn to Love Challenges and Accept Failure
    • Chapter 5 – Establish Healthy Habits and Routines
    • Conclusion
    The bonus Digital Detox report includes
    • The Benefits of Going Unplugged - What Is Digital Detox? (604 words)
    • Going Unplugged - 6 Signs You Need a Digital Detox (603 words)
    • Time to Unplug and Reclaim Your Mental Health - 11 Easy Ways to Digital Detox
      (685 words)
    • Win Back Your Time and Take Control of Your Mental Fitness – How to Get Started with Digital Detox. (616 words)
    • 72 Hours without Your Phone - How to Survive Digital Detox without Totally Losing It (581 words)


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