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Dear Friends,

Well, we survived our family Christmas Eve dinner, which was stressful this year, but there was no bloodshed which is a good thing. The hubby and I spent a quiet day at home yesterday, Bob watched football all day and I tried to make progress on some projects, but I was tired and the juices were not flowing easily, so I finally gave up and spent some quality time reading with a cat on my lap ;-)

But then I woke up this morning COLD...first thought was that the electric blanket had died...nope it was warm, so that meant it was working AND the power was on....so then I headed downstairs to check the furnace....and yep, looks like the furnace decided to die on us.

It's 20F outside so a bit warmer than over the weekend, but 50F inside and that is not warm - I am not the best or fastest typist under the best of circumstances - but with gloves on? LOL not doing so well here!!

And the hoodie is such a nice look for us old ladies....

Thank you again, 2022. Now, go away. Please.

But still business to attend to....and we are back to work at full steam starting mid-January

Zooming Around....

PLUS Live Workshop
Since I am not sure when the furnace folks will be here - and it is right below the office I am rescheduling tomorrow's workshop to NEXT Tuesday, January 2. With the way things are going - they will be banging and clanging down there just as we are scheduled to start....

The Affiliate Workshops - #3
Friday, December 30, 3:00 PM EST

Our final workshop in this series - we will be focusing on ways to create multiple streams of affiliate revenue for your business, including passive and evergreen income streams, and yes, we have real examples for you! Find your Zoom details in your Warrior Plus Purchase History ;-)

The Site Flippers Working Group
Thursday, January 19, 2:00 PM EST (first group meeting)
Monday, January 30, 2:00 PM EST (special guest speaker from Flippa)

We will normally meet just once a month, but this first month we have a Guest Speaker, so I would like to have our first 'exploratory' meeting before then, so we can map out our goals and needs for the first quarter ;-)

Zoom details will be emailed to group members before the end of the week.

The Podcasters Working Group
Wednesday, January 11, 2:00 PM EST

This will be our first meeting - the focus of the group is to support each other's podcasting efforts through cross-promotions, guesting and more! Registration details on the Podcaster Group page ;-)

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, January 12, 3:00 PM EST
Thursday, January 26, 3:00 PM EST

We return to our regular schedule!! Let's brainstorm some fun new ways to build our lists in 2023!

All of these events are listed on the Calendar too ;-)

That's it for now - I am off to find some hot coffee and a warm kitty.....



  • EPC Tracker for WordPress
    BEST BUY OF THE DAY!! I thought this was the same as David Perdew's Simple Click Tracker but it is not - it actually tracks your Earnings Per Click & Earnings Per Visitor at a fraction of the cost of the big services - if you have a WP site - you need this!!
  • Kevin Fahey's All Access Pass -
    Get a massive bundle of Kevin's TOP programs and trainings PLUS everything he releases in 2023!
  • PLR - The Pinterest Playbook!
    Another great PLR deal from Charles Harper - use for your own training, sell it as your product - or add to your website as content!
  • PLR - EKit's Boxing Week Blowout!
    This huge sale is a great way to fill in any missing gaps in your content calendar at rock bottom prices!
  • PLR - New Year's Mindset Mastery
    Craig Desorcy only releases a few products a year but they are always good - and this is no exception ;-)
  • Alessandro Zamboni's Christmas Deals 2022
    This is ALL of Alessandro's 2022 launches - 26 of them! - for only $17!!
  • BUNDLED UP! I bought V.1 last year and now V.2 is out - the 'expanded' version this year with products from some of the top Internet marketers - 77 products and 11 bonuses for only $12!!
  • WHAT'S MY RANK - from top WP developer Ankur Shukla comes the updated version of this easy to use plugin that makes tracking your keyword ranking SUPER easy!!


    Calling all crazy cat ladies - you know who you are - you HAVE to get this one!
  • 30 MINUTE AFFILIATE from Erica Stone
    This is EXCELLENT - can't wait to put the technique to good use in January!

EPC Tracker for WordPress

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 12.20.45 PM

EPC Tracker for WordPress

BEST BUY OF THE DAY!! I thought this was the same as David Perdew's Simple Click Tracker but it is not - it actually tracks your Earnings Per Click at a fraction of the cost of the big services - if you have a WP site - you need this!!

This is from a trusted WP developer, Matthew McDonald, and when I realized the additional data that you get from this plugin - I snapped it up! It's only $19.99 for the unlimited version right now - and according to the video this is a VERY short term sale.

Kevin Fahey's All Access Pass

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 12.06.21 PM

Kevin Fahey's All Access Pass

I am a huge fan of Kevin Fahey but no, I did not pick up the All Access pass, because I have pretty much all of the 2022 products so not such a great deal for me LOL! But this bundle includes not only most of his 2022 releases but everything he releases in 2023 as well ;-)

Here is a look at what it includes from 2022:
  • All Access Pass Part #1: IM Coaching Series ($4,997)
  • All Access Pass Part #2: 10-Day Bootcamp (Value: $1,997)
  • All Access Pass Part #3: IM Checklist (Value: $2,220)
  • All Access Pass Part #4: Premium PLR Reports (Value: $886)
  • All Access Pass Part #5: IM VIP Training (Value: $297)
  • All Access Pass Part #6: Download PLR Products Lifetime Access With Ongoing Monthly Updates (Value: $297)
  • All Access Pass Part #7: 100K/Year Made Simple (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #8: Emergency Report For Marketers (Value: $27)
  • All Access Pass Part #9: Free Traffic Shotgun (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #10: Email Marketing On Fire (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #11: Easy Repetitive System (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #12: Traffic Five (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #13: Project Restart Training & Interviews (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #14: Commission Five (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #15: 500K Training (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #16: 20K Extra Training (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #17: List Building Masterclass (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #18: Free Affiliate Funnels (Value: $47)
  • All Access Pass Part #19: 15 Monetization Methods (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #20: IM Productivity Hacks (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #21: IM Newbie (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #22: IM Affiliate Funnels (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #23: Free Affiliate Funnels (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #24: IM Product Launching (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #25: IM Traffic (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #26: IM Video Masters (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #27: Genesis (Value: $97)
  • All Access Part #28: IM Coaching Guide (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #29: IM Emails (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #30: Consistent Sales System (Value: $97)
  • All Access Pass Part #31: 10X Traffic (Value: $97)

PLR - The Pinterest Playbook!

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 12.22.35 PM

PLR - The Pinterest Playbook!

Another great PLR deal from Charles Harper - use for your own training, sell it as your product - or add to your website as content!

20 high-quality Over-The-Shoulder videos cover the following topics..
  • 0001 - Introduction to Pinterest
  • 0003 - Cloud Based Integrations with Pinterest
  • 0005 - Using Adobe Express to Create Pinterest Image Content
  • 0007 - Using Canva to Create Exact Images
  • 0009 - Creator Emphasis on Pinterest
  • 0011 - Creating an Idea Pin
  • 0013 - Create and Uploading Bulk Pins
  • 0015 - Account Management Basics
  • 0017 - Basic Board Organization
  • 0019 - Basic Pin Customization
  • 0002 - Apply To Pinterest TV
  • 0004 - Install Pinterest on Your Mobile Device
  • 0006 - Using Canva To Create Video Content for Pinterest
  • 0008 - Using the Mobile Version of the Content Creation Applications
  • 0010 - The Pinterest Creator Hub
  • 0012 - Create an Idea with Pin Multiple Images
  • 0014 - Analytics Tab - Audience Insights and Trends
  • 0016 - Board Management Basics
  • 0018 - Create a Pin Basics
  • 0020 - Conclusion and Board Collaboration

EKit Boxing Week Blowout!

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 2.33.14 PM

EKit Boxing Week Blowout!

No two ways about it - this is the PLR sale to end all PLR sales!! Whether you want to snap up a few bundles you missed during the year or the entire bundle of goodies - you definitely want to check out this Boxing Day week-long sale from EKit!

You will find something for pretty much any niche:
  • Healthy Goals
  • 50 Personal Growth Coloring Pages
  • Leadership
  • Healthy Mindset for Kids
  • Comfort Zone
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Purpose
  • Visualizing Success
  • 365 Days of Affirmations
  • Love of Family
  • Wealth Mindset
  • Growth Mindset
  • Law of Attraction
  • Pets and Animals
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Kindness
  • Homeschooling Printables
  • Fun with Food
  • Love and Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Inspirational Card Deck Pack
  • Fitness and Health
  • Get Motivated
  • Marketing / Entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting
  • Inspiration
  • Dogs
  • Yoga
  • 30 Product Templates

PLR - New Year's Mindset Mastery

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 12.16.58 PM

PLR - New Year's Mindset Mastery

Craig Desorcy only releases a few products a year but they are always good - and this is no exception ;-)

The main report is 18 pages, 3,156 words with the Bonus report titled "Digital Detox" which adds another 3,000+ words to the bundle PLUS - you get Canva Cover Templates as well.

The main product covers:
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Create a Vision for Success
  • Chapter 2 – Smash Through the Blocks Holding You Back
  • Chapter 3 – Sharpen Your Mental Focus
  • Chapter 4 – Learn to Love Challenges and Accept Failure
  • Chapter 5 – Establish Healthy Habits and Routines
  • Conclusion
The bonus Digital Detox report includes
  • The Benefits of Going Unplugged - What Is Digital Detox? (604 words)
  • Going Unplugged - 6 Signs You Need a Digital Detox (603 words)
  • Time to Unplug and Reclaim Your Mental Health - 11 Easy Ways to Digital Detox
    (685 words)
  • Win Back Your Time and Take Control of Your Mental Fitness – How to Get Started with Digital Detox. (616 words)
  • 72 Hours without Your Phone - How to Survive Digital Detox without Totally Losing It (581 words)


Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 12.38.17 PM

Alessandro Zamboni's Christmas Deals 2022

These are the kinds of deals I LOVE this time of the year - a chance to get a course creator's entire library of content for one low price! This includes everything Alessandro released in 2022 - 26 products! - for one little tiny price of just $17!!


Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 2.11.18 PM


77 products and 11 bonuses!
Dawud Islam normally does a holiday bundle of all of his products for the year - which I pick up every year, but this year he has added some of my favorite internet marketers - ALL of these folks hit the top of the leader boards all the time and all are top rated Affiliates on Warrior Plus - which means they are making some decent bank:
  • Kevin Fahey
  • Joan Altres
  • Jason Oickle
  • Eric Hammer
  • Jonny "The Leaderboard" Rose

At $12 and change - this is a STEAL ;-)


Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 3.36.20 PM


From Paul Coleman comes another very interesting and unusual case study of a product seller that has created a million-dollar business using Public Domain content for a hungry-buy-anything niche ;-)

It's an eye-opener!!

Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 3.28.06 PM


Tracking your website's rankings does not get much easier than this - and since I love the convenience of having everything in my WP dashboard - this is perfect for me!!
  • 100% Automated Rank Tracking - Zero Effort.
  • Instantly see your top 3 rankings, page 1 rankings, page 2 rankings and page 3 rankings for your entire site.
  • Track Sites on Any Google Domains & Regions
  • Track 100s of Keywords & Multiple Sites Easily
  • Completely Set & Forget, Get Rankings Daily...
  • No learning curve, no technical mumbo jumbo, even a 5-year-old can do this and track rankings for 100s of keywords in just a few seconds.

From Ankur Shukla, a very, very trusted WP developer -

$22 for 50 site LIFETIME license ;-)


Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 10.54.40 AM


Erica Stone is one of the best when it comes to creating no-fluff courses that you actually LEARN from and can take action with - and this one is no exception. Focused on short format videos, Erica covers all of the major platforms with techniques to drive traffic and make sales - and includes templates, too! (GREAT COMPANION COURSE if you picked up the MotioMatic Canva Video templates!)
  • How to find a niche with maximum profit potential & a rabid audience (there’s a niche for EVERYONE!)
  • The 5 types of content that result in STRONG video engagement
  • How to make affiliate sales with short videos on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Facebook Reels, Instagram, and Pinterest Idea/Video pins without a website
  • How to create content while remaining anonymous
  • What you must do on each platform to get the most views
  • How to create engaging and entertaining content that resonates with your audience
  • How to find hundreds of content ideas for your niche
  • How to create each video in just a few minutes
  • How and when to share your videos on multiple platforms
  • How to use relevant hashtags and trending challenges to increase the visibility of your videos
  • How to consistently post new content in just minutes a day


Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 11.17.40 AM


Ok I KNOW I am not the only crazy cat lady on this list - these are JUST TOO CUTE - and they come with an unrestricted Commercial Use License - so what more could you want?? Oh, how about 40 of these babies for just $17???

  • DFY Cat Call Coloring Pages Unrestricted PLR
  • 40 Premium Unique Black and White Coloring Images
  • 8.5 x 11 Coloring Book Page Size
  • PNG, SVG, PDF Files and Canva Template Included
  • 300 DPI to ensure High quality
  • Create Unlimited Print on Demand products
  • Use for coloring books, journals and more...
  • Full Unlimited Commercial Usage


Have you checked out the Kitchen Sink PLUS?

This amazing membership is an incredible bargain! Every month, members receive A DigitalPlanner, a Printable Planner, Lead Magnet, at least 10 Covers and additional graphics, Stickers, Drag And Drop Templates & Widgets to customize your planner layouts and a LIVE WORKSHOP! All designs are exclusive to the PLUS members, and all products come with full commercial use rights. All of this for only $27 per month!

You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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