Happy Hump Day, Everyone!!

Although....does it really matter when you work from home? LOL, not for most of us..I usually have to look at my phone to see what day it is....but on to some really great free goodies today....

1) Our Best Free Font Source!!
For the most part, we've always tried to use readily available Google fonts in our planners & journals, making it easy for everyone to edit the PLR as needed. HOWEVER...we recently discvered a FONTastic new resource (sorry, could not resist) and I wanted to share it with you! The site is FontBundles.Net and they are probably the best resource that I have found to date for free fonts that allow for commercial use, as well as personal. This means that you can use the fonts in any product that you offer for direct sale. Moving forward, when we use one of these fonts in our Planners and Journals, we will include a PDF with links to all fonts included so you can download the entire font family with license so you can edit your purchases easily.

2) The Complete Guide to Image SEO
SEO ain't what it used to be, my friends...but it also is not quite as complicated as many of the courses want you to believe either. We have a quite a few oddball sites that rank well with little work and just crank out the proverbial 'passive income' for us month after month. This is a great course on the most recent Big G algos, and lots of other great content here too.

Last but not least:
3) Mick Meaney's Profit CoPilot FREE Traffic Course
Yes, Mick does have a paid course, but his free videos give such a huge amount of great info that I haven't even had a chance to check out his course yet! He truly gives out more info in his free course than many do in their uber-expensive paid courses!!
Check it out and sign up for the videos - it will be worth the extra bit of clutter in your inbox ;-)

And Don't Forget....Amanda Craven's
Cat Care PLR Sale Ends April 4!!

The response to Amanda Craven's, huge Cat Care PLR bundle, has been so good that we are adding to it: Buy the front end package and you will get the Pet Care Planner, Pets & Pastels, with PLR/commercial rights bundle as a bonus! THIS IS A HUGE PLANNER PACKAGE - between these 2 PLR products, you will have a great product for re-sell!


If you pick up any of the upsells, we will send you a $10 coupon good for anything at PLRoftheMonth.Club, good through the end of June. If you already purchased an upsell, and claimed your first bonus, just drop me an email and we will get the coupon out to you ASAP.

The Pets & Pastels Planner had some GREAT bonuses with it (such as the desktop mock-up scenes and more than 100 backgrounds!), so this is a huge bonus package and a phenomenal opportunity to get into a very profitable and FUN evergreen niche at a very low entry cost!
Just buy through the link below and send me your receipt! Oh - it's on a dime sale so price is going up, this is a sooner rather than later purchase if you are interested and want the best price! And....if you already have the Pets & Pastels Planner, we will be happy to substitute another product of equal value.

Amanda Craven's Cat Care PLR
Bonus: Pets & Pastels Planner!

And that's all she wrote for today!!

Have a Happy Hump Day!
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