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Yep, I know it's 'hump' day but I was at the Cincinnati Zoo last night to see the Christmas lights (It's amazing!) and had this 'up close and personal' moment with a giraffe - so you are getting a giraffe instead of a camel today.

That was probably more than you really wanted to know but oh well! It was a very impromptu trek because the weather turned out better than originally anticipated, so we zipped out after my last Zoom yesterday. We had a wonderful time and it was definitely good to get out and walk for a bit...well, actually we walked for almost 3 hours, so we definitely got our steps in!

Tomorrow we launch The Meet The Content Creators: V3!!
This is our third event in the Meet The Content Creators Series, with all new Contributors! Thanks to a WarriorPlus Glitch, some sales have already been made (it is doing very well despite not actually being live!) so I think this one is going to be a winner!

If you would like to promote the event - sign up here - and be sure to mention that you saw it in the newsletter!

Otherwise - watch for the newsletter tomorrow!

Zooming around....

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, December 1, 3:00 PM EST

Affiliate Marketing - Live Workshop #1
Friday, December 2, 3:00 PM EST

This is the first in our series of 3 LIVE Workshops, where Ruthie and I, with the help of our Moderator/Ring Mistress, Steph, are doing a deep dive into affiliate marketing from both the affiliate and the vendor sides - the good, the bad, and the oftentimes downright ugly side of one of the most popular ways to make money online! If you have ever been on one of our live sessions - you know that we pull no punches, and don't sugarcoat a darned thing.

We both love affiliate marketing - but it is NOT the overnight-make-zillions-a-month solution that many people try to make it out to be!!

To find your login details - check your WarriorPlus purchase history!

And if you would like to join us - we have rolled back the prices to the launch prices only until our first Workshop on Friday - check it out here: Affiliate Marketing LIVE

Also rolled back until Friday -
The 2023 DFY Planner Biz Big Bundle – One planner, 30 templates and 5 designs, all in both printable & digital formats

OTO 1: The Mega Customizing Bundle – A mega-pack of digital papers and stationery pages created by Stephanie and I to coordinate with the planners



AI UNLIMITED - $11.99!!

⭐ The NAMS December Deals 2022 - MEGA DEAL!!
2 days only to get 20 of their top-selling products INCLUDING the 'best-of-class' Simple Click Tracker for a super discounted price!

Viddle Interact is almost here - register to win a free copy and Early Bird Bonuses!

$9 for $9 - This is an AMAZING Deal!! (PLR)
YT Empire Building from Matt Garrett
The Authorpreneur Masterclass from Charles Harper (PLR)
Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: Brain Health (PLR)

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 1.46.42 PM

Viddle Interact

I am a long-time fan of the original Viddle and still use it - and anxiously waiting to see what the new version has added!

Register HERE for the December 2nd webinar to see the new features and get the Special BONUS for all webinar subscribers >> Video Marketing Checklist - a step-by-step checklists to harness the power of video!


Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 2.23.27 PM
Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 2.23.34 PM


Create your own AI Images and put yourself or your cat or your favorite chair in the context!

You will not have to pay for credits, subscriptions or anything else to have the video & step by step training and create your own unlimited images.

Course is only $11.99 right now ;-)

9-for-$9 Cyber Monday PLR Special

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 1.22.08 PM

9-for-$9 Cyber Monday PLR Special

BRAND NEW, one-time PLR special that is giving away 9 full-length, never-before-released premium reports with complete PLR rights. 9 reports, complete with bonus presentations, e-covers and social graphics for only $1 each. Normally $261.00, pick this up today for only $9....but....

This PLR bundle is great but it is the 'bonuses' that are the deal here - additional products from top PLR names:
Justin Popovich
Dr Loy Puckett
Eric Holmlund
Chad Eljisr
Jenn Brockman
Jonathan Teng and Jason Yu
Faith Lee
Paul Myers
Paul Counts
JR Lang
Connie Ragen Green
Francis Ochoco
Carmen Chan

And MORE!!!

Get it here:

9-for-$9 Cyber Monday PLR Special


Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 2.33.20 PM
From Matt Garrett and Alex Copeland, comes one of the most complete courses I have seen to date on building a lucrative and successful YouTube channel! Whether you want to create a full-time revenue stream or use it to drive traffic to your main websites (great for both traffic and SEO) YT should be in ALL of our marketing plans for 2023.

At $16, this is a steal ;-)



Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 1.33.50 PM


It's no secret I am such a fan of all of Charles Harper's work, and this is no exception, as Charles lays out an easily executable plan to add book writing to your marketing
and branding strategy. Excellent series - as always!



Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 1.03.28 PM
NAMS December Deals 2022 - MEGA DEAL IS BACK!!

This is the first time in 2 years that David and Jen have offered their famous "December Deals" bundle! Every week day through December, a new deal will be available for 24 hours, with a few deals being available throughout the weekend.

BUT... for the next 2 days only - you can get all 20 of these deals INCLUDING their best-selling Simple Click Tracker for a super discounted price!

Check it out - this is probably one of the best deals of the season

NAMS December Deals 2022


Have you checked out the Kitchen Sink PLUS?

This amazing membership is an incredible bargain! Every month, members receive A DigitalPlanner, a Printable Planner, Lead Magnet, at least 10 Covers and additional graphics, Stickers, Drag And Drop Templates & Widgets to customize your planner layouts and a LIVE WORKSHOP! All designs are exclusive to the PLUS members, and all products come with full commercial use rights. All of this for only $27 per month!

You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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