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Happy Monday!

So I am totally confused...Cyber Monday was supposed to be when all of the online businesses ran their version of the brick-and-mortar Black Friday sales.

Except that this year, the e-commerce world started BF sales the week before Black Friday....and hardly anyone seems to be doing any Cyber Monday sales....

And seriously, I hope this is not a trend that returns next year. Sales that go on for too long lose their 'special' appeal, and their sense of urgency. I used to love the old K-Mart "Blue Light Specials" where they would wheel the rotating big blue light on its little cart to whatever aisle held the item that would be on sale for the next 15 minutes.

The excitement was palpable as you watched people flock from one side of the store to the next - and every deal sold out in the allotted 15 minutes. And yeah, the store managers would watch from their second floor offices as us lemmings ran from deal to deal ;-) But it was fun, and it was exciting, and it made us all feel like we were really getting a bargain!

But when you put your entire store on sale every other day - or hold a "Flash" sale every weekend - your customers get 'banner blindness' and every sale is less effective...and the discounts become expected rather than anticipated....

Special discounts and sales should be just that: special!! Events that your customers look forward to and anticipate...and feel good about!

When everything is on sale all of the time...sales become the ordinary, the expected, and instead of offering a great deal to our customers, we are showing that we do not value our own products and services - so why should they?

I love a GOOD sale - and that means one that only happens occasionally, one that makes me feel really good about making the purchase., and one that I know will not be repeated a week from now.

One sale that will NOT be repeated is the Digital Divas Ocnocember Blowout 2022 "Second Chance" offer! The second chance will end Tuesday, and then it is gone forever!!

Zooming around....

Kitchen Sink PLUS
Tuesday, 2:00 PM EST
Our monthly Workshop - this month I will share some quick tricks to make public domain images 'yours' so you can avoid worrying about licensing issues and still have a product that is unique to your designs - even if you do not have an artistic bone in your body ;-) As always - Zoom details are on your November product page

So back to shopping now - because the best sales are coming to an end tonight!!


⭐⭐⭐ The NAMS December Deals 2022 - MEGA DEAL!! 2 days only to get 20 of their top-selling products INCLUDING the 'best-of-class' Simple Click Tracker for a super discounted price!

The TimeFreedomBusiness Black Friday Sale is on! 18 different products at 75% off (use promo code: 75)
• Coach Glue's Black Friday Course Blow-Out!!
Get Your Keywords Together - a much lower-priced alternative to Niche Site Academy.
⭐ From Dave Guindon - deep discounts on his 'Best of Class' Software:
Keyword Atlas
Craft Inspector
Pin Inspector
Tube Atlas (12 new features added)
RANKMATH!! My fave post optimization tool - this is an AWESOME sale and the bonuses are INSANE!!

==> WordPress Deals
Elegant Themes - all new offers for Cyber Monday!

⭐ • 50% OFF 7 Award-Winning Products DPapa's Black Friday Special


Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 1.03.28 PM
NAMS December Deals 2022 - MEGA DEAL IS BACK!!

This is the first time in 2 years that David and Jen have offered their famous "December Deals" bundle! Every week day through December, a new deal will be available for 24 hours, with a few deals being available throughout the weekend.

BUT... for the next 2 days only - you can get all 20 of these deals INCLUDING their best-selling Simple Click Tracker for a super discounted price!

Check it out - this is probably one of the best deals of the season

NAMS December Deals 2022




This is a fabulous Faith-based bundle from JoDitt! 29 products for only $24 - including two of my newly updated Daily Journey in Faith planners - now available in Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF. I have just updated this entire product line and will be re-releasing the updated versions shortly at $12 per design - so this is a great deal!

Sale ends midnight Tuesday!

A rare sale....

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 2.40.13 PM

75% Off Sale!

The TimeFreedomBusiness Black Friday Sale is on! You can pick and choose from 18 different products and get 75% off using the promo code below. Or...

Get the BEST DEAL and grab them all in the bundle for only $97 which breaks down to just $5.38 each.

EACH of the products in the bundle are valued between $47 - $127 with a total retail value of $1566!

Here's the list of the 18 marketing kits & workbooks that are available for 75% off:
  • 5 Figure Mentorships: How to Create a Fun & Easy 1:1 Coaching Program You Can Run from Your Phone
  • How to Plan & Structure your Product Releases Like a Boss
  • 7-Day Offer Creation Map: How to Plan, Create, and Sell Your Next Offer Fast
  • Booked Out: How to Fill Your Schedule with 1:1 Clients You Love
  • How to Journal Your Way to Success Like a Boss
  • From Cold to Sold: Your Kick-Butt Sales System for Attracting New, Better Paying Client
  • Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Freedom: How to Grow Your Business, Get Clients, and Make Money so You Can Ditch the 9-5 for Good
  • How to Plan Your Funnels & Tripwires Like a Boss
  • Offers that Sell: Pricing & Packaging Your Services for More Sales
  • How to Start & Grow a Membership Site Like a Boss
  • How to Craft Your Profitable Free Coaching Session
  • High-End Sales with Facebook Messenger Chat
  • How to Sell Your Offers on Repeat with Webinars
  • Epic Client Discovery Sessions
  • How to Sell Everyday Like a Boss
  • How to Plan & Schedule Your Emails Like a Boss
  • Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Client Happiness Team: How to Support our Clients with First Class Customer Service
Hurry! The sale won't last long.

Get 75% Off With Promo Code: 75
(Expires Monday, Nov. 28th at Midnight EST!)




This is definitely a 'must have' in my WordPress arsenal and the BF special this year is crazy - bonuses and hefty discounts on tons of great products, themes and services.

If you want to quickly write blog posts that rank, this is one of the best tools I have found so far. You also get AI credits to help you write the content in the first place.


Dave Guindon has a stellar reputation as a developer of outstanding software that simply works and he has them on sale:

Tube Atlas - Youtube Research Software - $30 Off
Keyword Atlas - Keyword Research Software - $30 Off
Pin Inspector - Pinterest Research Software - $30 Off
Craft Inspector - Etsy Research Software - $30 Off


A chance to get 50% off all of Dpapa's most popular products:
  • Flip Flop Profits Vol 2
  • Spectra App
  • NFT's Cracked!
  • Cinematic
  • Pin Bank
  • Bing Bang Profits Reloaded
  • Trafficzion Cloud
  • Liquid Crypto Gold
Use coupon code BFDPAPA50 at checkout!

Elegant Themes Cyber Monday Sale!!

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 12.50.00 PM
Yes ET is back with new bundles, new deals and new offers!! I picked up some great plugins during their BF sale and I will be getting a couple of more here!
Check it out here!

Elegant Themes
Cyber Monday Sale!!


Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 12.37.54 PM


This is probably one of the best Black Friday deals available - these DONE-FOR-YOU courses sold for $297 apiece and you can pick them up now for $47 apiece OR....the BEST DEAL - $97 for the whole bundle!!


If you missed out on Niche Site Academy, "Get Your Keywords Together" is very good, and a fraction of the price at $47. Written by one of Mike's students and a very successful 'mommy blogger', Trinity Owens, this guide focuses on how to find and rank for the keywords you want using FREE tools ;-)

Please note that this is NOT as complete as NIche Site Academy but it is an excellent budget-friendly resource to get you started with the basics needed to increase your traffic by ranking for your best keywords - without breaking your budget ;-)


Have you checked out the Kitchen Sink PLUS?

This amazing membership is an incredible bargain! Every month, members receive A DigitalPlanner, a Printable Planner, Lead Magnet, at least 10 Covers and additional graphics, Stickers, Drag And Drop Templates & Widgets to customize your planner layouts and a LIVE WORKSHOP! All designs are exclusive to the PLUS members, and all products come with full commercial use rights. All of this for only $27 per month!

You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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