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I look out the window, the sun is shining, there is a soft breeze blowing the daffy-dils around...and then I step outside, and discover it is actually a *balmy* 40 degrees, and I run back inside. Perception vs reality rears it's ugly head again....sigh. Spring ain't really here yet.

First off - a quick reminder, Teachable's 'Women Who Create Summit' started today and runs over the next 2 days. Attend free sessions from leading female entrepreneurs and coaches, starting early am and ending usually with a 9pm EST session. All free, and all quite awesome.

Now...about the title of this newsletter - home biz burnout. It's definitely something that most of us face when we work from home. I know that many home biz owners are happiest when they have a very defined work vs home time, keeping the two totally separate. For me, I always found it more stressful trying to separate things than living what I refer to as an 'integrated' lifestyle, meaning that I may be answering emails on my iPad while cooking a lovely lunch for my hubby and me, or taking calls while floating in the pool in the summer. I do NOT like having 40 emails to respond to because I ignored them all day. I find it easier to deal with them in small batches during the day, even when I am out of the office 'playing'.

I know people that prefer the structure of working a regular set schedule, while I like being able to pick my own hours, which may mean working from 5am to 11am one day, and 3pm to 9pm the next day - or a marathon design frenzy that lasts for 18 hrs.
And yes, after a product launch, I generally step away from the computer and do something really physical and non-mental/creative, and that can be anything from cleaning out a closet or going for a major hike, just need to get moving! ;-)

Which brings me to today's great reads:
How To Avoid Burnout When You Are A Writer

How To Avoid Burnout When You Work From Home (#10 is my fave!)

Is Working From Home Making You Miserable?

The truth is - working from home is NOT for everyone. And it's rare that I meet anyone that is 'middle of the road' about it - you either love it or hate it. Me? I love it and would not go back to corporate life for anything. I have been self-supporting and working from home since before it was a 'thing', going on 25 years now, since dinosaurs roamed the web ;-)

The bottom line is that working from home means something different to almost everyone, and it's critical to your long-term success and happiness to find the 'version' of work from home that meets YOUR VISION!! Do what fits you and don't let anyone else tell you different!

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Until manana - have an amazing day, and enjoy whatever it is you are doing today!

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