Happy Monday!

I hope you had an awesome weekend! Ours was drizzly wet but the daffodils are in full bloom, the deer and the turkeys are playing in the front yard, and the
Canada geese are nesting on the pond! Such a change from my 2 hour commute in Silicon Valley! LOL!

There's a free event taking place tomorrow, and through March 28th, courtesy of the folks at Teachable. For the next 3 days, get your creative juices geared up with the 'Women Who Create Summit'. You can attend free sessions from leading female entrepreneurs and coaches, spaced nicely throughout the day so that you can still get something else done - and even sessions at 9pm, just in case you need that late-evening downtime after the kids and hubby are asleep ;-). Cherry pick the sessions you want to attend but DO attend - I can promise, based on past events, that this will definitely be worth it!

And did I mention it was all gratis?? As in NO COST??
Click here to register: 'Women Who Create Summit'

Ending Tonight:
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Go crazy this week and do whatever it takes to hit your goals - STRETCH!!!

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