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Hi, everyone!

First up - newsletters are going to be a bit hit and miss over the next few days, as I hunker down to get the 2023 bundle out the door, hopefully next week. I am not sure about the launch date, as I am trying to find something that does not conflict too much with other big events but I think that is pretty much hopeless....


The Andrew Tate Saga -
and What The IM Pundits Are Missing

My inbox has been filled with newsletters regarding this mess - so I had to dig in and see what this story was really all about...here's the elevator pitch recap:
Andrew Tate started out as a kickboxer who managed to spin his mini-celebrity status into a stint on the (ha ha) "reality" show Big Brother.

He also managed to get kicked off for a number of misogynistic comments and actions that violated the show's policies. Fast forward a bit and suddenly he has an online course on how to make money online, The Hustler's University, with 100,000 enrolled students paying him $49.99 a month!

Yep, $5,000,000 a month....built entirely on social media - all organic, no paid traffic. Almost 5m followers on Insta, 750k on YouTube, and similar audiences all across Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

And then the hammer fell as his listeners - apparently a lot of them still in the classroom - started repeating his VIOLENTLY misogynistic garbage at school and over the last two weeks, ALL of Tate's accounts have been shut down for violation of the various sites' community standards policies, and his Stripe account closed.

The outcry and warning from the IM world has been interesting - almost without exception the warning has been that he built his empire on RENTED property - social media - and with all of his accounts have been shut down, his marketing efforts, his audience connection, shuttered because he did not own any of his channels.

And the warning is very valid - you never want to rely on only one traffic method - paid or organic (hellooo Pinterest!) but the biggest and most serious issue that I have seen no one mention, other than in passing, is the loss of his Stripe account.

While losing all of your social media traffic is bad, I seriously doubt that he does not have the email addresses of those 100,000 customers that he has been billing monthly, and he no doubt has the money to BUY his own email server and software if no "legit" ESP wants his business. He did not lose his business overnight as a couple of articles claimed.

But the serious part is losing his merchant account - an asset, folks, that is maybe even more valuable than that email list, and no one is really talking about this.

Why? It's simple and most people do not realize this: if you have your Stripe account canceled for violation of policy or excessive fraud or chargebacks - or any one of dozens of other infractions - the payment processor (in this case Stripe) has the right to put the merchant on the MATCH list.

The MATCH list is essentially a "blacklist" of businesses that have had merchant accounts terminated previously or deemed a significant risk for payment processors.

Getting on the MATCH list is not that tough..getting OFF the MATCH list? Damned near impossible. It's a list you do NOT want to be on because it can haunt you forever. No company can have a C-level exec or Board Member that has ever been on the MATCH list.

So while losing his social media traffic is a hit for Tate - the death blow could be whether or not he will ever be able to accept MasterCard or Visa again!

And on Saturday - tips on how you can protect your own merchant account!


Upcoming Special Kitchen Sink Guests...
We don't have the exact date yet, but sometime in early October, one of my fave and most trusted WordPress developers, Mark Hess, is going to join us!!

And in case you missed it - Tuesday's Tutorials are at the bottom!
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 12.02.43 PM

WP Vid Engage WordPress Plugin

From Mark Hess and Michael Thomas comes this amazing video ad plugin, but it's not JUST another video ad plugin - you REALLY need to see this in action on the sales page! Visit here and then click on the little jumping red gif in the lower right-hand corner to see it in action!

You could use your own video for getting optins or just a welcome to your site - or you could use the sales video for a product you are promoting or...well, the options here are endless.

This one is a winner - check it out here:

WP Vid Engage WordPress Plugin

Yes, I Have A Bonus For This One!

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.14.54 AM
From Lynette of ThriveAnywhere (See Bonus Below!)

Build Recurring Affiliate Commissions

There are few things nicer in ANY business than seeing payments come in like clockwork for work you did months ago! This was a lesson I learned many decades ago from my brief foray into network marketing - hated the meetings every night but LOVED the concept of recurring income!

Thanks to Lynette's new workbook, you'll learn to set up systems to consistently earn you commissions from any product you are an affiliate for! Comes with generous rebranding rights, so you can use it to build your list or sell it as your own.

Updated 90 Affiliate Tracker Digital Planner - makes a great optin gift!! You can download it from your dashboard at Lynette's site MONDAY AUGUST 29 ;-)
Canva User? You Want This One!!

100 Business Survival Tips –
Social Media Graphics Bundle

This just might be the best deal of the day! From Sharyn at ContentSparks.com comes this unique social media bundle of 10 popular online business-building topics!

Here are the 10 topics included - and you get 10 Social Media Graphics + 1 Infographic for each topic! ALL IN CANVA!
  • Know Your Customers
  • Successful Business Planning
  • Preparing for a Disaster
  • Business Systems & Processes
  • Financial Survival
  • Building a Support Network
  • Monitoring the Market
  • Social Media & Online Reputation Management
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management

ICYMI - Tutorial Tuesday Redeaux!

Is A Podcast In Your Future?
If so, here are some great articles for you...
SEO & Traffic Generation
On Making Sales...

Debbie Gartner's
Blog Income Tracker

Unless you have been living in a cave over the last couple of years - you have probably heard of Debbie Gartner and her amazing climb from $200k+ in debt to $20++ in monthly revenue - from her BLOG!!

Now you have the chance to pick up the same spreadsheet that she's used for the last 5 years on her journey!
This is the spread sheet she uses every day to track her business and get out of huge debt!

This easy-to-use spreadsheet is on sale through midnight tonight!

Blog Income Tracker

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend!! It's right around the corner ;-)


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