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Hey everyone!

In 1999, I moved from San Jose, CA - the heart of Silicon Valley, literally within walking distance of eBay! - and moved to Cincinnati, OH. Long story as to the why (irrelevant to this story), but 6 weeks after I arrived, I met my now-hubby and partner, and "life as I knew it" changed forever LOL!

Why? Because I married into a sports-oriented family, and while they love pretty much all sports - they are crazy-passionate about football. I spent 3 years following the youngest faux-son around the country when he played college ball (FUN!!) and now I have twin grandsons that both had their first varsity game last night, and it was awesome.

And it was only 5 minutes from home...but that won't be the case most of the season.

It was also 85F and you know that won't be the case most of the season...I will be bundled up from head to toe by the end of the season - I have to stick out my arms so you can tell if I am walking or rolling by November...

But it won't matter, because we will be at every game, and that means that every Friday for the next 3 months or so - my Friday ends at 3 or earlier, depending on the drive ahead...and whether or not tailgating is on the agenda. ;-)

It's why we do what we do: so we can set our own schedule, be where we WANT to be and, ultimately, be in charge of making the decisions about what matters and what doesn't.

My business matters - but there is rarely a task that cannot be delayed by a day - but my grandsons' games? Nope, that is going on whether I am there or not - and I choose to be there ;-)

So we won't be having any Friday afternoon workshops for a while!!

A Facebook Oddity.....
I get a lot of requests from people that I do not know to 'like' their business pages. I ALWAYS decline these requests and have actually had several people reach out lately and ask WHY I declined!

I think the better question is why would a total stranger think that I WOULD like their business page??

A few have actually gotten a bit peeved that I declined their request...sorry but I will not lend anything remotely like an endorsement to something I am not at all familiar with!


Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Yes, the replay of Book Bolt's Founder, Neil Lassen, is posted - you can find it here:
It was AWESOME and the new Book Bolt Studio could be a game changer for many of you - you really need to see it action, and Neil does a great demo.

Special Offer from Book Bolt:
Check it out here
and take 20% off with code melody (yes, even if you already have an account). If you have any issues, drop me a note at [email protected] and we will get it taken care of ASAP)

Zoom Zoom!

Monday is the Amp Up Your Business Summer Workshop #4 (Paid event)
Amp Up Your WordPress Blog with FREE Plugins!
2:00 pm EST

Helen Ross (ILovePlanners.com) takes the 'stage' to share her branding expertise - Helen has successfully built several different brands across multiple industries, and truly understands the concept and importance of branding.

Special Pricing Ends Sunday!

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 7.58.46 PM

Ultimate Ads for WordPress

It's one of the toughest things to do - figuring out how to monetize that blog! There are so many ways and so many things we COULD do - but it's overwhelming and confusing so we do nothing. From Matt Garett and his team comes the updated version of the best Ads plugin on the market for your blog! It's easy to use, easy to configure and can be used pretty much anywhere on your blog.
  • THEME ADS - The Ultimate Click Magnet Instantly add up to 5 different ad widgets on any WordPress site and quickly choose where, when and how many to show. You can easily make them look like a regular post and send traffic to any link you want.
  • AD BAR - Add multiple lines, banners and graphics to your header bars. AND you can add them to the top or the BOTTOM of your page...
  • POP UP MESSENGER - This fantastic tool allows you to easily add messenger ads that mimic real Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp notifications!POP UNDER - When your visitors click on anything on your blog - this plugin will open up your ad or link BEHIND their current browser window. This strategy works exceptionally well for affiliate offers, as well as squeeze pages - making them a super powerful way to build your list!
BONUS: Let's do a walkthrough to set up all of the various ad types for your blog! Just send your receipt to [email protected] - SUBJECT LINE "ULTIMATE ADS"

Ultimate Ads for WordPress

Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 5.32.47 PM

Yes, Free Traffic DOES Exist...And This IS How You DO It!

+ROI Authority Method

For many years, I built sites that ranked well on Google and I made revenue (good revenue) from Adsense and other Ad programs until someone offered me a nice price for that network and I said "hand over the money, and thank you very much!"
With my latest business, I have focused more on list building than SEO but I have always loved SEO - it's fun, it's a bit challenging but ultimately VERY rewarding.

Combined with other list-building activities? It's a massive win for you, that will build a steady stream of consistent revenue.

I snap up everything I can on SEO, so when Alice's partner, Yosef, launched his course, +ROI Authority Method, I did not hesitate to jump in!

Yusef is offering a FREE Content Creator's Guide so you can dip your toe in the water first - but don't wait too long because this price will be going up soon!

Get the Free Content Creators' Guide HERE

Check out the Full Course HERE
That's it for today - lots to get done - 2023 planners coming out shortly!! A HUGE Bundle at a tiny tiny price ;-)

Have you checked out the Kitchen Sink PLUS?

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