So I played outside for a while, and now back on the computer again, but there are some good things happening that I wanted to share:

1) Mac Goodies from BundleHunt (but some are for PC users too!):
I am a lifelong Mac user - lived just down the street from their Cupertino campus, and my very first computer was a Mac. Wrote the first loan mortgage application in the old Filemaker software for it, too! So I LOVE these sales! This one lets you pick and choose what you want, and typically the discounts are huge - like 70% to 90% off the retail price.

The gem in this one is the IssueHub Pro one year membership - normally $299 - for $2.00 plus the $5.00 BundleHunt 'Unlock' fee. I also picked up Font Manager, Duplicate Finder (found a LOT of much needed HD space!) and DiskSensei, which is a really good tool for finding and cleaning up disk problems before they become major problems. Still a couple of more I am thinking about, and they send you a coupon for half off the unlock fee if you want to go back and shop again. Smart folks ;-)
BTW - this expires Sunday - sorry!

==>> BundleHunt Bargains

2) Free Guide From WordStream
I am always blown away by the amazing amount of quality free content you can find nine with a 30 second search....this report is from WordStream (amazing but slightly pricey service) - take advantage of their market knowledge without breaking your budget ;-) Download this today for free: 10 Online Advertising Trends Not To Be Ignored in 2019 (Insights from 28 Marketing Experts)

3) Free Fonts!!
Ok, so I know I can't be the only font addict on this list? Right? Yeah, I thought so. Did you know that FontBundles.net sends out a freebie Font every Friday?? Yep, seriously. Go here and get your freebies: FontBundles.net

Ending soon:
===>>> Christian Family Companion Planner & Journal

$2.00 Off Each Planner Set
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Have an awesome weekend!

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