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Watercolor Noahs ark
Hi, everyone!

We are off to another soggy weekend here - rain actually started yesterday morning and has really not let up since then. Based on the level of the pool water, we have probably had close to 3 inches in the last 30 hours and the thunder started early this am and is still rumbling out there.

I have a very large orange cat attached to my shoulder and expect she will be there the rest of the day, making work a bit difficult. Cat people will understand this.

I counted no less than 6 emails with an "It's National-Something-Or-Other-Day" in my inbox today, all different! - from one that irritated me - National Root Beer Float Day because now I want to go get one - to the adorable "National Wiggle Your Toes Day" (thank you, Cathy & Emma!). It's even International Sports Card Trading Day, just in case you care...

There are 365 days in the year, and I would be willing to bet that every single one of them has multiple 'holidays' attached to it these days - and every single one indicates a potential niche for a product of some kind! Sports card trading? A journal and log book to track sales, purchases, card details, etc. National donut day? A recipe book or even a journal of gourmet donuts - makes a great match for the gourmet coffee journals out there!

The list goes on and on - but the thing to remember is that these holidays are usually COMMERCIAL holidays, meaning that they are consumer-driven, and no company is going to go to the effort and cost of creating and promoting the holiday unless there is a buyer intent attached ;-)

So, now that the research has been done - you can step in and take advantage of that buyer intent ;-)

Just Zooming Here and There....

The calendar is updated for August - and it is a BUSY one! Check out everything we have coming up here: Calendar for August

And the replays for both the PLUS and Kitchen Sink Mastermind are both posted on their respective pages ;-)

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 4.25.50 PM


When I watched the demo video of this one, my first reaction was "OMG!! That is SOOOO COOL!" and then my skeptical side kicked in and said "Um, yeah, that IS cool...but is it legal?"

So, here's the scoop on this: this is one of those programs that lets a person get your list magnet or freebie without having to go through a registration or optin process - but you get their best email address (ie Google or Facebook, etc) thanks to this software's capabilities...

BUT my concern was that it does not specifically state that they are being added to a list and you are going to email them at some future date....

However, it IS legal to email ONE TIME, and if you use this correctly and give the customer the chance to sign up for your newsletter after they have their lead magnet (ie you send them the download link), product or gift, I think there is a much better chance of actually winding up with a legit email address.

This DOES include emailing and an autoresponder system - but I will most likely use my regular ESP for the newsletter subscribers so I am not working on two systems for the newsletter.

Yes, I purchased, and I plan on using this for upcoming bundles, giveaways etc, because I am tired of bounced emails from events! I also have some other traffic ideas in mind and I will be happy to share them as I test them out ;-)
5buckblowout promo 600

Ruthie's Birthday Sale Is Here!


It's almost over!! This week is Ruthie's birthday and she has been working her tail off this week to come up with OODLES of gorgeous new products for her birthday sale!

Pick them up for $5 each or the bundle for $61 - this is an amazing bargain!!

And yes this includes those gorgeous coloring pages, too! Think outside the box on those - they make beautiful separators for planners and journals - you can leave them 'as is' or colorize them to make each one truly unique ;-)

Stock up now and you have enough graphics to get you through the rest of the year!!


Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 7.39.18 PM

I Love My Dog Journal


I Love My Cat Journal


Jan has her furbaby journals on a flash sale!! These are so adorable!
Pick up the dog journals for just $12.95 this weekend (instead of the regular $27) with coupon code DOGSPECIAL or the bundle of two dog journals for $17 with coupon code DOGBUNDLE.

And you can pick up the adorable Cat Journal for just $12.95 (instead of the regular $27) with coupon code CATSPECIAL

Get a bundle of original kitty and puppy papers - 2 designs, each in 20 different color combos, so a total of 40 papers that you can use as you please!! Your bonus is in your member area at Jan's site!
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 7.58.28 PM
Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 6.03.50 PM

Content Sparks


If you are hesitant about running a challenge - Sharyn just posted a great article on her blog: Should I do a Challenge?

Challenges take work, but they DO work! It's a great way to engage with your audience, build your credibility and pump up your business and certainly less daunting and time-consuming than live workshops, summits, or boot camps - but you need to be very organized with everything in place before you start to have a successful one.

Sharyn's Challenge Kits are the shortcut to success with your challenge and can even be re-purposed for courses, workshops, and boot camps.



Simple Click Tracker


The link above will take you to an in-depth walkthrough of the use and set-up of Simple Click Tracker (NOT A PITCH-FEST!!). There are so many features built into it, and it's constantly being updated and improved because David uses this himself to run his business! LOL - take a look at the number of links in David's dashboard if you have any doubts! David has more than 7,000 links in his own dashboard so he defintiely uses it!

Use MELODY100 to get a $100 discount on the Agency Bundle, which allows you to install the Single Site License on any client site - this is a great side revenue stream if you work with Clients!

A big thank you to David for taking the time to do this for us - greatly appreciated!
Off to forage for dinner - sounds appetizing, doesn't it?

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