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I don't need an inspirational quote, I just need coffee
And it's Tuesday already!!

So many things going on this week, both family and business - on one hand, it's exciting to see the grandsons heading off to football practice, but also a bit sad as this means summer is winding down, and I feel like we missed most of it due to crummy weather this season. But the garden is gorgeous, and we saw an incredible buck in the backyard last night, and then a doe and her two nursing fawns this morning. I know that we will probably be downsizing this year, so I am really enjoying everything as much as can this year!

And About Those Bonuses....Reality vs Perception..

I've had quite a few readers reach out to me about Ruthie's recent newsletter regarding the use of bonuses, and for the record - I DO agree with her.

While I do still occasionally offer more or less generic bonuses, I started offering a lot more product-specific bonuses last year, such as Workshops or longer-term multi-session Bootcamps, in large part because I wanted to encourage people to actually USE the products that there were purchasing.

They are also fun and a great way to get to know your audience better ;-)

But those types of bonuses are very time-intensive, so you can't do them for every great product that comes along, and not everyone is able to or wants to do this. Not everyone wants to get in front of the camera every day!

I get that. And because of that - there are indeed times when generic bonuses are still going to be your best option as an Affiliate Marketer. But use common sense because after a while - buyers get 'bonus blindness' - which leads to these massive and often useless - piles of bonuses to get buyers' attention.

But from the CUSTOMER side - here's some advice:
We are ALL guilty of buying things that we don't open for 6 months, and the same holds true for the bonuses. I have seen some HUGE bonuses for products lately that looked amazing, except that I have been at this for a long time, and I know that they were actually old products from one of those crummy PLR/MRR sites, so totally NOT amazing!

Check out your LAST bunch of bonuses before you buy through the same affiliate again - make sure that the bonus is really worth making that purchase. If the last one was not as good as you had hoped, then shop around this time and try to find a bonus offer that you actually need or that complements your purchase.

I have had so many people ask how they can get access to a bonus workshop or Bootcamp because they bought through someone else's link, and the bonus was meh!!

My response is always the same - it's not fair to the customers if I sell it outside of the offer. Later? Probably but it will be a couple of months or more down the road.

On the other hand - I think we have ALL purchased a product to get the bonus - and the bonus was of more value than the product purchased.

The bottom line? We all bonus shop - but bonuses should be GOOD bonuses, and preferably bonuses that add value to the product that we are promoting. Whether generic or product-specific - try to evaluate your bonuses with the same careful scrutiny as your purchase!
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Content Sparks


This may be called the Summer CHALLENGE Sale - but Sharyn has put some of her best COURSES up for a HUGE 60% Discount, along with the matching Challenge, aka 'mini-course'!

If you want to start creating some long-term passive income - this is an awesome sale to get started! The Complete Course Kits are normally $297 - and are knocked down to only $118.80 now, while the 5-day Challenges have dropped to just $38.80
  • Run a Profitable 5-Day Challenge – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • The 5-Day Challenge Success Blueprint Complete Course Kit
  • Streamline Your Business with Templates – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business Complete Course Kit
  • Build an Audience of Buyers on Social Media – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Build Your Audience Using Social Media Complete Course Kit
  • Keep Your Customers for Life – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Keep Your Customers for Life Complete Course Kit
  • Create a Quick Cash Boost for Your Business – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses Complete Course Kit
  • Starting Your Own Freelance Business – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Start Your Own Freelance Business Complete Course Kit
  • Run a Live Video Event That’s Guaranteed to Engage Your Audience – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Live Video Marketing Complete Course Kit
  • Growing Your Audience with Virtual Summits – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Virtual Summit Success Complete Course Kit
  • Low-Cost Marketing Tactics to Implement in Your Business This Week – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Low-Cost Marketing Strategies Complete Course Kit
  • Quick Ways to Add Passive Income to Your Sales Funnel – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Easy Passive Income Complete Course Kit
  • Turn Prospects into Paying Clients – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • From Prospect to Paying Client Complete Course Kit
  • Easy Ways to Get Publicity for Your Business – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • How to Attract Free Publicity Complete Course Kit
  • Reasons You Need a Social Media Strategy – 5-Day Challenge Kit
  • Create Your Social Media Master Plan Complete Course Kit
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Ruthie's Birthday Sale Is Here!

Two years ago, I had no idea who Ruthie Bowers was, which is actually kind of funny because our paths online are very similar and I KNOW that we had to have crossed paths somewhere along the way! Today, I consider her a very dear friend and a valued business associate, not just because of her talent as a product creator, but also because of her generosity of spirit and her ETHICS!

This week is Ruthie's birthday and she has been working her tail off this week to come up with OODLES of gorgeous new products for her birthday sale!

Pick them up for $5 each or the bundle for $61 - this is an amazing bargain!!

And yes this includes those gorgeous coloring pages, too! Think outside the box on those - they make beautiful separators for planners and journals - you can leave them 'as is' or colorize them to make each one truly unique ;-)

Stock up now and you have enough graphics to get you through the rest of the year!!
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Simple Click Tracker


And yes, per the above "mini-rant" - this is a RELEVANT Bonus
that was requested by several readers:
Since I have been using SCT for a couple of weeks, I
will be happy to do a LIVE walk-through and help you get it set up!

I've tried 3 different similar products over the last 3 months, and I can honestly tell you that Simple Click Tracker knocked it out of the park in multiple areas: results, stats, and SERVICE!! SCT is heads and shoulders above everything else I have tried, and I am thrilled with the results I've had.

So I reached out to David, to ask a few questions and he volunteered to do a video walkthrough of Simple Click Tracker for us!

This is an in-depth walkthrough of the use and set-up of Simple Click Tracker (NOT A PITCH-FEST!!). There are so many features built into it, and it's constantly being updated and improved because David uses this himself to run his business! LOL - take a look at the number of links in David's dashboard if you have any doubts!

Use MELODY100 to get a $100 discount on the Agency Bundle, which allows you to install the Single Site License on any client site - this is a great side revenue stream if you work with Clients!

A big thank you to David for taking the time to do this for us - greatly appreciated!

Start A Printable YouTube Channel Training

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 6.42.38 PM
I love this because it is original and DIFFERENT, and is a GREAT concept. Want to drive organic traffic to your Etsy store or your website - build out a YouTube channel and watch Google send you waves of love and $$$

Start A Printable YouTube Channel Training

Carmen also has a great companion planner which is super helpful in staying organized and making sure all of the details are done correctly:
YouTube Planner PLR Canva Template

This course uses TubeAtlas by Dave Guindon - if you don't have it - check it out here: TUBE ATLAS

Have you checked out the Kitchen Sink PLUS?

This amazing membership is an incredible bargain! Every month, members receive A DigitalPlanner, a Printable Planner, Lead Magnet, at least 10 Covers and additional graphics, Stickers, Drag And Drop Templates & Widgets to customize your planner layouts and a LIVE WORKSHOP! All designs are exclusive to the PLUS members, and all products come with full commercial use rights. All of this for only $27 per month!

You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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