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Well, I guess I spoke too soon yesterday - woke up this morning at 4am to thunder and lightning! Sunshine is now the liquid form today....again....

Cookie crumbs....
Yes, there have been endless discussions of third-party vs first-party cookies over the past few weeks. I KNOW the difference between the two - but I also have some pretty tight info from some 'insider' sources that say that many affiliate cookies that we would technically consider first-party cookies are in fact being blocked, the same as third-party cookies. Not the intention of the various privacy and other updates that have taken place - but still apparently happening, nonetheless.

Technology ain't always perfect, folks.

But the bottom line is this: it doesn't really matter whether we are talking about third-party or first-party cookies - all that matters is the result of whatever is happening. Yes, the economy is down - but after a LOT of testing by a LOT of people - this seems to be more than 'just' the economy.

There have been several changes since late last fall - from IOS to Chrome to Gmail - that, possibly together, seem to have had a serious impact on Affiliate earnings. I am not going to detail all of the testing that has been done or the conversations and research that have taken place - just suffice it to say that this is not my opinion alone. This is also feedback from well-known IMers, with lists many, many times larger than mine, and discussions with Affiliate managers from several large networks.

Nope, not just talking about the PLR space where we mostly use aMember to track our affiliates - I am talking about some big Affiliate networks, and what the folks that deal with large-scale affiliate sales every day are saying.

If you are mailing once a week, and only promoting one or two programs in each email - you probably have not experienced it to the same extent as people who mail daily and promote multiple programs every day. I send out 300,000 to half a million emails per month - I have a lot of data to pull from.

My take? I am not going to argue with anyone. I am not going to defend what we are experiencing. I am done talking about it publicly. I and others have done a LOT of research, and a LOT of testing, and we are seeing what works and what doesn't.

If you want to bury your head in the sand and insist that it is 'just the economy' that is tanking Affiliate sales, that is your choice. Please do not try to make it mine.

And that is the last that I will say on the topic.
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This new giveaway, organized by Kimberly Crowe, of Entrepreneur's Rocket Fuel and Speaker's Playhouse is focused more on tools and training to build your business and your income.

Some of my picks:
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  • The Art Of Co-Opetition (Workshop) - Making Money WITH Your Competition
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Learn, Teach and Sell The Process of Setting Up
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The JV Marketing Playbook (PLR, too!)

As you have probably noticed - I truly love doing Joint Ventures! Why? Because it not only builds everyone's business, it also forges friendships and relationships that will be there for years as you work together towards your common success!

This is great and useful content - whether for yourself to learn and grow your network or for your readers.

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Have a wonderful week!!

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