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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I hope everyone had a great (and hopefully) long weekend. I did not get everything that I wanted to accomplish done over the last 3 days but definitely made a dent in my 'evergreen' to-do list. It never gets cleared away - the stuff just rotates positions ;-)

Kinda like my housecleaning chores LOL Thank goodness Bob likes to cook otherwise we would be at Mickey D's every night....

One of the key things I did manage to get done, though, was updating several of my lead magnets. Since I am in the process of adding quite a bit of content to my site, I want to make sure that I also have lead magnets that are relevant to the new content, while still showcasing my products, so I also made a list of the new ones I want to create.

I am also optimizing the posts with RankMath, which is one of the best and easiest to use plugins that I have used for content optimization. I like it mainly because it really holds my hand and walks me through the process, without making the article sound too stiff. I am about halfway through that process right now. And, yes, it also comes in a free version too ;-)

I have seen a steady increase in organic traffic over the past year, and continue to work on my website's SEO and speed. If you want to check your site - check out GTMetrix.com - no charge and it gives you a great look at what might be affecting your traffic and your rankings.

Once the articles are optimized, I will move on to the next step, which is posting them on the following sites that have proven to drive good traffic for me:
  • Linkedin
  • Medium
  • Slideshare
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
I know that I should have Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube on that list but I am focusing on the ones that are easiest for me to do right now.

I also try to do a press release at least once a quarter announcing my newest free product - and always pick up several optins through this.

Some free sites I use:

A good lead magnet takes work to put together - you want to make sure that you get a LOT of mileage out of the time you spend creating it!

Tutorial Tuesday

DiviLife.com - Creating a WordPress Carousel - Without A Plugin!
I admit I am a sucker for a great plugin - but they can also add 'bloat' to your WordPress blog and slow things down, so when I need a function on just a couple of pages versus sitewide - being able to do it with code is a great alternative!

• From SimilarWeb: a sneak peek of how Keyword Difficulty scores compare across industries and geographies:
  • Keyword Difficulty trends by geography and industry.
  • How to target organic keywords based on difficulty score.
  • How to build and optimize your SEO strategy using this metric.

• OptinMonster brings us a very relevant article that is near and dear to my heart: How To Make Money With Newsletters

• Last but not least: From Hubspot - 20 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2022
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 6.09.34 PM


Small business owners tend to think that only the 'big' guys can get sued or fined, and unfortunately that is not the case. There are companies that specialize in going after the 'little guys' because they are often the easier target - it's often cheaper to simply pay to make it go away rather than try to fight it.

One of the biggest issues right now has to do with ADA compliance, lawsuits are being filed right and left - and it's only going to get worse.

  • Here are just a few of the things this product will take care of:
    Accessibility Policy Statement
  • Epilepsy safe mode
  • Cognitive Disability Mode
  • ADHD Friendly Mode
  • Blindness/Visually Impaired Mode
  • Content Scaling
  • Readability Font
  • Dyslexia Friendly
  • Highlight Titles & Titles Text Magnifier & Sizing
  • And much much more!
As of right now, the price is only $37 for a 20-site license
but it is increasing soon - and if you work with clients or local businesses -
you can get an unlimited license as well!
This would make a great additional revenue stream!


Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 5.00.06 PM

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An all-new Bundle from Ruthie of RitchieMedia.ca, you can pick these up for only $17 with coupon code ZENFLOWER15!!
  • 15 hand-drawn coloring pages
  • JPG and PDF formats
  • 8.5 x 11 page size, print ready 300 d.p.i.
  • Commercial Use Rights

Get them now!
15 Zen-Style Floral Coloring Pages

Yes, I gotz a bonus for this one! Buy through my link and get Colorist Heaven #2! This includes 30 Motivational Affirmations PLUS 25 Fun & Funky Flora ‘n' Fauna Coloring pages - all original!!

Check it out here: Colorist Heaven #2

To collect your bonus:
Send your receipt to [email protected], with "ZEN" in the subject line, and I will send you a coupon for Colorist Heaven #2!

The BIG Idea Pin Guide

Erica Stone is one of my fave course creators - her courses are always professional, concise, and SPOT ON! Although I have not put this into play yet since it just came out, I know this will be no exception!

This course is about Pinterest's IDEA PINS, and according to Erica, they have three advantages:
  • One, Pinterest members are predisposed to buy things they see on Pinterest.
  • Two, Idea Pins can be repurposed as content on other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even your website.
  • Three, you can put product links (including many types of affiliate links) ON TOP of Pinterest Idea Pins as clickable button
And they CRUSH it on Pinterest!

In Erica's own testing, she pinned FOUR of herown website posts to an existing Pinterest profile tied to that same website and ONE Idea Pin.

The Idea Pin received 229% MORE Impressions than all four of her
regular pins combined in just 24 HOURS.

Yep, it may be time to head back to Pinterest.....
Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 3.46.30 PM
And now off to enjoy that fresh peach cobbler I made this evening ;-)

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