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Hi, everyone!

Weather roulette is alive and well here in Cincinnati and even our weather apps cannot keep up - one says hot and sunny for the next 3 days and the other is predicting rain and thunderstorms every day. Either way, the bottom line is miserable.

But the bougainvillea and plumeria are loving it.

First up - a quick clarification on warning #2 from a couple of days ago - software that creates the 'morphed' faces is fine to use and has some very legit uses (it can save you a fortune in stock images, for example). The problem is not with the morphing software - it is with the vendors that use those images to create fake testimonials!

FaceSwap, which launched last week, is from Ted Gross, and while I did not promote it - I have heard from others that I trust that it is an excellent product - and USED CORRECTLY - can save you a lot of money in stock pics!

Morphing is not bad - using it to fake testimonials is.

Another thing that I have noticed recently that you want to be very careful with is making promises regarding results or income to your potential customers.

I think we all realize that we cannot promise that anyone will make a certain amount of money in the next 90 days, or lose 50 pounds in the next 6 weeks, but even the more open-ended promises, such as being able to quit your job or make a lot of money (without naming an amount) can get you in trouble with the FTC.

For one thing, we have no idea what our customers' circumstances, skillsets, or work habits are. In most cases - someone who works 8 hours a day is likely to be more successful than someone that works 1 hour a day. A person with a computer background or a web designer is likely to find the path to online success easier than someone that has been an accountant for the last 20 years. Maybe.

To many of you, this may seem like common sense (yea!) and yet, I see promises like this made every day on the sites of people that should probably know better.

The safest route is to lay out what your course or product offers and focus your sales pitch on the content (12 hours of over-the-shoulder video), the end goal (learn to train your aardvark!), and make no monetary promises or guarantees (You will make gazillions as a Certified Aardvark trainer is a no-no!)

Sounds so simple - yet I see this mistake being made every day - and it can be a VERY expensive one - so best to just steer clear in the first place, and do it right from the beginning 🤗

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 3.47.06 PM

The BIG Idea Pin Guide

Erica Stone is one of my fave course creators - her courses are always professional, concise, and SPOT ON! Although I have not put this into play yet since it just came out, I know this will be no exception!

This course is about Pinterest's IDEA PINS, and according to Erica, they have three advantages:
  • One, Pinterest members are predisposed to buy things they see on Pinterest.
  • Two, Idea Pins can be repurposed as content on other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even your website.
  • Three, you can put product links (including many types of affiliate links) ON TOP of Pinterest Idea Pins as clickable button
And they CRUSH it on Pinterest!

In Erica's own testing, she pinned FOUR of herown website posts to an existing Pinterest profile tied to that same website and ONE Idea Pin.

The Idea Pin received 229% MORE Impressions than all four of her
regular pins combined in just 24 HOURS.

Yep, it may be time to head back to Pinterest.....
Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 3.46.30 PM

100 PLR Videos With

Charles Harper's
Annual 4th of July Sale

This HAS to be the best sale for this holiday weekend! Get all of their expert PLR content from the first half of 2022 for pennies on the dollar! More than 100 Videos with PLR plus products created as Bonuses for less than $8 as of this newsletter!

Get it now:

Annual 4th of July Sale

Barb Ling's
MMO Summer $5 Dollar Dossier

It's been a while since Barb Ling released a product on her own - she has been partnered with Dennis Becker, and together the two of them have launched dozens of products over the years, and are considered icons of the MMO world.

Barb describes herself as an "acquired taste" but I love her quirky sense of humor, her from-the-heart writing style, and the way she breaks things down to their most basic and simple parts. She is painfully honest about everything - including her own failures and missteps.

Her re-entry as a solo act is the MMO Summer $5 Dollar Dossier
and shows you the only 3 Simple Steps Need to Leapfrog to 6 Figures/Year.

No fancy software. Just logic and 21 years of experience behind her. AND Lots and LOTS of free resources shared as well - Barb is the research Diva!!

A great read and oodles of knowledge for just $5.00

MMO Summer $5 Dollar Dossier

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 4.27.45 PM
  • 108 Canva Templates in 4 Sizes - Total of 432 Pages
  • Sticker Set - Month/Day/Numbers
  • 12 Quote Stickers
  • 10 Digital Papers
  • 10 Instagram Ready Images
  • 10 Pinterest Ready Images
  • Instructions on Using the Templates
  • Commercial Use License for the Templates

Createful Canva Calendar Collection

CCCC50 gets you 50% off!
(should automatically apply at checkout)
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 5.35.47 PM

Ukraine Relief Bundle

This is a wonderful bundle of 25 products for only $27 - and all profits will go to support Save The Children Children's Emergency Relief Fund for Ukrainian children. Many products come with Commercial Use Rights, too, and all feature a cheery and beautiful yellow and blue or Sunflower motif to honor Ukraine!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone - no newsletter tomorrow as I am putting the finishing touches on the 2023 planners launching the end of this week, and then to a concert and fireworks!!

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