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Hi, everyone!

I have a couple of caution warnings for you today - one is actually a 'Do Not Buy" waning, to be honest - something that I almost never do, but I think it is necessary in this case!

Cautionary Warning #1:
This is my "Do Not Buy" alert! There is an offer that is being promoted by several well-known IMers, and on the surface - it sounds really good - but there is a major issue with the product. For legal reasons, I am not including a link to the sales page - but trust me, if you get a promo for this one, you will know it's the one I am writing about!

The product is 500 WordPress themes - and being the WPjunkie that I am, I definitely took a close look at it.


I noticed right away that I recognized several of the themes from the Envato.com Themeforest marketplace...which means that these generally sell for $49 and up, for a single site license. Envato does not have a resell right option - and I really doubt this person shelled out the money to buy resell rights from all of these different theme authors...

The licensing for WordPress themes sold on ThemeForest is a bit complicated but in a nutshell, whether you have the Regular or Extended license, it does not allow you to resell the themes on their own (not installed on a client website) or in a bundle like this product.

So...I have reached out to both the Seller AND Envato to see if this is a valid product or not. If it is - then it is an AMAZING deal - and if not....whew!! Potential lawsuit averted...I will keep ya posted!

Cautionary Warning #2:
Last week while reviewing several recently launched products, I found a software product that looked interesting...so as I was digging into the sales page, I thought one of the testimonial pics looked familiar....a quick Google image search showed that the image had actually been used in a PR piece for an AI software that merges headshots to create 'new people'.

Okay, I can understand that this AI software might be fine for generic ads or videos - but for testimonials? MAJOR NO-NO!! There are very strict FTC requirements for such things, and while you CAN use a stock photo with a REAL testimonial, this must be disclosed on the sales page. And of course, it was nowhere to be seen on this one.

And no, the software never made it into my newsletter because that pretty much shot this person's credibility as far as I was concerned.

Testimonials are wonderful tools - but fake ones? Nope. Not gonna get me to hit the buy button. Ever.

And I am definitely not going to recommend that you do either!!

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.25.22 PM
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This MAY Still be Live!!

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 7.08.35 PM

I just checked and as of the writing of this newsletter -
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And colorful is a great way to describe Leonie...from her clothing to her language - she is colorful in EVERY aspect of her business and life.

She is also a woman that has sold MILLIONS of dollars in planners, workbooks, and courses - while still having a life.

This is someone we can all learn from - and yes, I have most of Leonie's courses and all of her workbooks ;-)

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Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 5.35.47 PM

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Become Socially Electric:
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  • Geriatric Chronic Subdural Hematoma
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  • Common Eye Problems in the Elderly
  • Altered Mental Status In The Older Population
  • Common Nursing Home Complications
  • Vascular Disease in the Elderly
  • Intestinal Complications in the Geriatric Population
  • Common Types Of Wounds in the Elderly

    Bonus included in this bundle: Dr. Loy's Special Health Affiliate List Spreadsheet - a complete list of the hottest health affiliate programs available in one place!!
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Premium Medical Content By Doctor Loy: Geriatric Health
Don't forget - no Intensive Workshop tomorrow as we all enjoy a long holiday weekend ;-)

Have fun and stay safe!

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