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Before I tell you about the Angela Wills SUPER SUPER Bundle - a word of warning! We woke up this am to find ourselves locked out of several of our WP sites - users and passwords were not recognized, so password reset did not work. A quick check of the database via PHPMyAdmin showed that the users had all been reset to 'Admin' (which we NEVER use!) and all of the email addresses were now set to a mail.ru address. The logs showed that this all happened at around 3am this morning. I quickly changed the email addresses and user names, and reset the passwords, logged in and ran a WordFence scan, which located 2 suspicious files, sys.php, and wp-system.php. Cleaned everything up, and then dramatically cut down on the number of attempts allowed before the IP is blocked! And - just got through checking a friend's site for her - and found a file innocently named "wp-admin.php"...except that it was in the wp-content folder...and the code it contained was definitely not standard WP code.
So - get yourself the free WordFence plugin and SCAN, SCAN, SCAN!!!

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

Now, on to Angela Wills' truly 'Over The Top' bundle. It's so massive that it is more than a bit overwhelming. There is really no way that you will use everything because not everything will be relevant to you and your needs. But, there are more than enough high-priced

Content & Copy Creation:
Angela Wills - Digital Product Creation 101 ($97)
Connie Ragen Green - Really Simple Sales Copy ($99)
Melissa Brown - Fill Up Your Audience With Snackable Content ($97)
Ruth Bowers - Creative Repurposing Too! ($47)
Sarah Arrow - Content Into Cash Live! ($247)
Lori Winslow - Content Creation Set ($35)

PLR (& How To Use It!)
Avery Wilmer - 42 Fun Ways to Use PLR Planner ($37)
April Lamarr - Implement Your PLR Workshop & Gift Cards ($97)
Maria Silvo - 30 Hand-drawn Hands Coloring Sheets with PLR ($27)
Gill Fernley - The 90-Day Business Planner PLR Pack ($37)
Norma Allen Esler - HomeFreePLR SuperPack ($27)
Stephanie Glibert - Planning Quote Posters Coloring Pack ($21)
Jenn Brockman - Mandala Grief Coloring Journal & Booklet ($32)
Maria Silvo - 30 Hand-drawn Hands Coloring Sheets with PLR ($27)

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

Taking Care of Body & Soul (Getting the mindset for success!)
Val Selby - Self-Care For Profits ($199)
Tishia Lee - Discover Who You Are Journal ($17)
Enid Rosa - Chakra Bundle ($47)
Mascha Weston - Mindful Meditation E-book ($27)
Peggy Everson - Personality Profiler Program ($169)
Anne Bolender - Your Personal Core Values Guide and Workbook ($27)
Clarissa Stroud - Brilliantly Brave - Confidence Building Workshop ($197)
Gail Seignious Thompson - Alkalize Your Body & Energize Your Life ($47)
Katherine Lieber - From Shame To Confidence Workbook & Challenge ($67)
Tomi Kareis - Mindset Month - Develop Your Positivity Skills Daily ($97)
Gillian Hood - Your Body Is On You Side Group Program ($197)

Branding & Marketing Help:
Sarah Wall - Branding For Beginners Bundle ($111)
Gabby Conde - Express Yourself: How Using Archetypes In Your Branding Grows Your Profits ($27)
Jennifer Burke - 30in30 Mighty Marketing Challenge ($147)
Julie Herndon - Your Social Plan - April Marketing Planner ($37)
Laura Host - Facebook Marketing Bundle ($197)
Debbie Benstein - Useful Resources For Reluctant Marketers ($47)
Cherry-Ann Carew - How to Plan, Set up and Price Your Coaching Program Planner and Workbook ($97)
Lexi Rodrigo - Sell Like A Saint ($47)
Kerrie Mullins-Gunst - Leadership With Authority Quick Course ($47)

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

Finding Your Audience:
Carma Spence - Creating Your Ideal Audience Avatar ($12.95)
Reba Collins - How To Define Your Ideal Customer ($37)
Veronica Chavez Stowe - 5 Day Hidden Niche Challenge ($15.97)

Graphics & Wordpress
Wendy LugoSantiago - Graphic Creation Like The Pros ($27)
Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff - Social Media Images for Facebook and Instagram ($37)
Stacy Myers - Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog Posts ($27)
Shannah Holt - Done For You Social Media Graphics ($29.97)
Renee Shupe - Expert Editing with WordPress 5.0 ($100)
Meg Goodman - Styled Stock Muse Stock Photography Bundle ($30)
Susanne Sukhram - Differentiate Your Graphics Live Web Class ($37)

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

Building and Monetizing Your List:
Tawnya Sutherland - How to Build a Money Making Email List Training Track ($97)
NOTE: My product alone is worth the $27 price tag for this whole bundle, trust me ;)
Kim Mills - Creating Lead Magnets That Work ($27.99)
Angelique Duffield - Easy Email Marketing ($67)
Lisa M Cope - List Building Bundle Of Your Choice ($47)
Domoina Ratsizafy - List Building 2019 Training Guide ($47)

Managing Your Business & Your Moola ;-)
Krishna Woods - Business Financial Planner ($27)
Kimberly Viera - Step-By-Step Online Business Action Plans ($90)
Nicole Teeter - Busting Your Money Blocks Planner ($12)
Teresa Miller - Freestyle Series Action Plan and Toolkit value ($49.95)
Mary Silver - 6 Weeks To 10K ($297)

Trying to Coordinate Your Home...and Your Home-Based Business?
Dr. Renee Cohn Jones - How to Get Your Children to Cooperate and Complete Chores ($47)
Elizabeth Hughes-Callison - My Household Budget: Home Organizational Journal ($19.95)
Eileen Roth - Stop Clutter In Its Tracks ($37)
Regina Lewis - You CAN Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant! ($8.99)

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

I know we seem to be going through a "BUNDLE-MANIA" period right now - but if you get even just a couple of courses or tools that help you out that would normally have cost more than the whole bundle, I consider it a win! And let's face it - any bundle that opens with Angela Wills and Connie Ragen Green can't be all bad ;-)

And of course......
Pick up the main offer ($27.00) and send
me your receipt for a coupon worth $25

for anything on our site, including the
Christian Family Companion Planner.

===>> Angela's Mega Humongous Bundle of Goodness

And if anyone needs help with their WP site and setting up WordFence - please let me know - happy to help!!


P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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