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Does this shirt make me look retired
Hi, everyone!

This past week has been hectic beyond belief, but I was still managing to stay on schedule....until my mom's little fur baby had an apparent stroke last Thursday. I am happy to report that as of this morning, he seems to have turned the corner and is making huge strides in improvement. He is eating again and even wanted to go outside this am for his morning 'constitutional'. The last few days have been hours of hand-holding by phone, ordering everything imaginable from Amazon and Publix to tempt him to eat, and talking Mom through visits to the vet.

So I had to prioritize the tasks at hand - available time went to finishing the bonuses and the PLUS drops, but the newsletter? LOL only so many hours in the day, and sometimes you need to prioritize.

AND...on top of that, someone in the PLR niche has apparently been telling people that I have turned over my company to 'someone who doesn't care', that no one is answering customer queries and issues, and that I am RETIRING!!


Whoever started this rumor - you need to get a hobby or a life. I addressed this in the FB group the day I first heard this, but then we had the furbaby emergency, and I have not sent out a newsletter in 2 days, so I wanted to address this here:

I am not retiring
Nothing could be further from the truth!!

I may be TIRED, and since I was tired yesterday too, I guess that means I am re-tired...
but I am not going anywhere. I have not turned the company over to anyone else, and I have no plans to!

In fact, considering that I am LIVE on Zoom at least 2 days a week...I don't even know how anyone could start this rumor.

And thank you to all of our amazing KS peeps for your comments and support!! You are THE BEST!!!


On the PLUS front:
This month is the 2-page center-coil 2023 ;-) I uploaded 10 covers last night, stickers this am, and the lead magnet is almost done. There are TWO versions of the printable again this month, as the graphics did not lend themselves easily to a 'layered' graphic, so you have a bonus printable instead. ;-)

The BC Stack Bonus:
I added a Solo Ad submission form yesterday, to make the process easier for everyone ;-) and the registration form for the Bonus Workshop is live as well. The 2023 Planner bundle should be done either later tonight or tomorrow.

I am really sorry about the delay but in this family - a fur baby emergency is all hands on deck. Mom is 87 and it's just her and Murray in Florida. Murray came to live with her before my Dad passed in 2016, and we don't really know how old he is. He just showed up filthy, and ribs showing one day, and moved in ;-)

His ribs have not been showing in a LONG time LOL

Zooming Around:

Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, Thursday, June 23, 2022
Open to all! Zoom details are in your member dashboard! Login or create a new account (Free!) HERE

Workshop #3 for The Digital Planner Intensive!
Friday, June 24, 2022
2:00 PM EDT

This week we are going to discover ways to create other products from your basic templates. If you want to work along - show up with your written content (PLR is fine) and the Workbook template, and we will create a new product together! This can be used in conjunction with a Challenge, courses - pretty much anything you can think of!

Still time to join!! Check it out here: The Digital Planner Intensive

A TWO Day Retirement Sale!

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 11.53.08 AM

Jan's Retirement Sale

No, Jan is not retiring either - but some of her products are!

et a whopping 290 pages of PLR content -
(all gorgeous) for only $19.95

To get the bundle discount, use coupon code:

Or you can get the individual packs for only $10 with the
coupon code: RETIRE17OFF
Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 11.45.29 AM
From Sue, Createful Journals

Createful Creating in Powerpoint

Sue is an excellent teacher and if you are wanting to learn the basics of Powerpoint - this is a great course, and this is the biggest discount I have seen from her!
  • Module One - Course Walk Through
  • Module Two - PowerPoint Tips & Tricks -This is the meat of the course where we go over design choices, making edits, creating templates, adding images, replacing images and more.
  • Module Three - Options for Selling Journals
  • Module Four - Setting Up Your Website - Moving on to exciting things, this module teaches you how to set up a sales page, download page and add your own buy buttons and connect everything to your email service.
  • Module Five - Marketing
  • Module Six - Advanced Training - Learn how to use tables to quickly create all kinds of templates, inlcuding training on how to use the Slide Masters
  • Module Seven - Publishing on Amazon KDP
  • Video walk through of how to upload your journal.
  • Module Eight - Publishing On Lulu
  • Module Nine - Fillable PDFs
  • Fillable or Editable PDF's are super popular. Learn how to create some simple forms and calendars using Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Module Ten - Creating Printables
  • Module Eleven - Digital Planners: This is a basic look of what a Digital Planner is, and how to create tabs and hyperlinks in PowerPoint.
  • Module Twelve - Bonus - Access to tutorials on how to use Photoshop.
  • Private Members Group

Use promo code: CREATEFUL
at checkout and pick this up for only $97!!

18 Free Traffic Generation Strategies Checklists

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.20.29 PM
If you are looking for seed material for great lead magnets - look no further! This new set of PLR checklists from Kevin Fahey is excellent!

Here are the topics covered:

  • Checklist 1 - Facebook Groups And Fan Pages
  • Checklist 2 - Facebook Personal Profile
  • Checklist 3 - Youtube Videos
  • Checklist 4 - Tiktok
  • Checklist 5 - Social Media Posting
  • Checklist 6 - Blog Posts
  • Checklist 7 - Login Special Offers
  • Checklist 8 - Banners Everywhere
  • Checklist 9 - Email Broadcasting
  • Checklist 10 - Email Signature
  • Checklist 11 - Pop Up Banners And In-Content Banners
  • Checklist 12- Homepages
  • Checklist 13 - SEO
  • Checklist 14 - Forums
  • Checklist 15 - Reddit
  • Checklist 16 - Linkedin
  • Checklist 17 - Pinterest
  • Checklist 18 - Guest Posting

As of this newsletter - it is priced at a whopping $7.55 for all of this!!

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.06.26 PM
From Alice and Yusef from EKitHub, comes the "Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates Club" designed to make it EASY for you to get GROWING more business.

There are two options available: a VERY low-cost monthly option (with a $1 Trial!), with a new topic and business-building resources every month - or the lifetime membership which delivers everything in a more 'expedited' fashion (the first 10 modules are ready to go right now!)

Each topic includes:
Monthly Strategy Focus with Easy-to-Follow Guide
Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates for Easy Implementation
PLUS....Tons of Sign-Up Bonus Gifts for a Strong Head Start

The First 10 Modules are Now Ready for Instant Download for Lifetime Access Members
  • Module 1: The Making More Per Sale Mindset w/ BONUS Creating a Recession-Proof Business Training + Workbook)
  • Module 2: Who is Your Ideal Customer That WANTS to Keep Buying from You?
  • Module 3: How to Make More Per Sale from Printables and Print on Demand Products
  • Module 4: Creating a Free Opt-In Offer That Turns into Paying Customers Quickly
  • Module 5: Traffic Traffic Traffic: How to Get Free Traffic Quick Action Guide + Templates
  • Module 6: How to Make Your Customers Look forward to Your Sales Pitches
  • Module 7: Mastering Upsells and Bump Offers to Earn More For Each Sale
  • Module 8: Creating Better Informational Content That Drives Sales
  • Module 9: Getting Started with Your Own Affiliate Program to Increase Sales
  • Module 10: How to Recruit Motivate Your Affiliates and Keep Them Promoting
Plus, These Additional Topics Will Be Added to Your Account as They Are Completed (Or Monthly, if You Choose the Monthly Payment Option
  • Module 11: Creating Synergy Between Your Marketing Efforts And Get More Results with Less Work
  • Module 12: Keyword Mastery: Understanding Keywords for More Traffic
  • Module 13: How to Build Your Business with Online Special Events
  • Module 14: Collecting Testimonials and Case Studies for Bigger Clout and More Sales
  • Module 15: Writing Effective Product Descriptions for More Engagement and Sales
  • Module 16: The Product Launch: Building Momentum and Maximizing Sales
  • Module 17: The “JV Page” That Gets Results and Boosts Sales
  • Module 18: Cultivating Relationships with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs for Mutual Benefit
  • Module 19: How to Adapt and Evolve Your Business Through Changing Times
  • Module 20: Wrapping it Up: Setting Up Your Business for Long-Term Success
Sign up for the lifetime option and pick up more than $300 in bonuses:
  • Sales Page Funnels Templates
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Outsourcing and Building Your Team Templates
  • Journal Templates
  • Planner Templates
  • Worksheets, Checklist and To Do List Templates
  • 365 Days of Inspiration Templates
Go for the $1 trial, and you will still get a nifty bonus - you'll get the $47 Sales Funnel Templates as your free gift.
See ya at the Kitchen Sink tomorrow!

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