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Just a few hours and it is DONE!!!

Happy Sunday!

First up:
To the Dads among us - and to those moms that fill BOTH roles - Happy Father's Day!!

And today is THE day for BC Stack.

If you already bought it - you will probably be happy to see the onslaught of emails stop ;-)

If you haven't bought and are simply waiting to see who adds
to their bonuses and who doesn't..I have to be honest -
I don't what more I COULD add to my bonus!

I am going to add the following to the Bonus:
My website averages 15,000 to 20,000 page views per month and is growing.
I am setting up a resource directory and will feature your listing for
6 months on the resource page! $149 value

This is in addition to:

A SOLO EMAIL BLAST to my list (11k+) for your next product launch -
anytime in the next 12 months!! Product can be personal use or PLR,
software or course - or digital product - your choice!

Value: $197

COMPLETE 2023 bundle:
Digital Planner, Printable Planner, and Lead Magnet - all different, unique designs but color-coordinated, so you can sell as a bundle
! Full commercial use rights!
Value: $57

Live Workshop - ALL NEW!!
"The Art of The Interview - How To Make Your Guests Love You and Your Audience Your Best Friend" (Date: TBA)

Value: $27

>>> In case you are wondering about the audience <<<

it is NOT just a PLR list by any means!!

I have also had several people reach out and ask what my list responds to and the answer is that this is a very intelligent, and discerning list with a wide range of interests.

So for those of you that are on the fence and want to know who that solo ad reach - here's a peek at my audience:
  • My readers are discerning and won't be interested in "push-button-make-a-million-overnight' schemes or software, but love courses, software and services that will GENUINELY make a difference in their business.
  • My readers are not afraid to spend money..,IF the product is WORTH THE PRICE. Selling readily available PLR as your own product is not going to fly and will just result in refunds.
  • We are all interested in an amazingly diverse set of topics from coloring books to planners, preppers to self-help, astrology to recipes.
  • We all LOVE great PLR products - written or low-content - but above all - we embrace almost anything in almost any niche as long as it is HIGH QUALITY!!!
  • We all love solid products related to traffic, SEO, marketing, and monetizing our products and websites.

If you are a software developer, content or course creator or plan to be anytime in the (relatively) near future -

then my bonus COULD be that
game-changer for you.

If you have a real, genuine product or plans for one - then this bonus is for you.

Here is the entire list of 65 products -
a genuine "Over-The-Top" Bundle event!

  • Dan Miller's "How To Start a Business in Just 15 hrs per Week" ($97 Value)
  • Kimberly Crowe's "Launching Your First Virtual Event" ($197 Value
  • Carmen Chan's "Selling Printables" ($67 Value)
  • Neil Napier's "Content Gorilla 2.0 ($197/year Value)
  • Justin Gentry's "10 Hour Business Course" ($97 Value)
  • "Dream Big" James Lam's 3 Day Workshop ($5500 Value)
  • Lori Lloyd's "Profitable Website Building 101" ($349 Value)
  • Melanie Benson's "How to Become the Top Expert in Your Niche" ($752 Value)
  • Angela Feser's "Audience Building Blueprint" ($744 Value)
  • Dr. Yam's "Design, Build & Sell Your First Offer" ($147 Value)
  • Nada Lena Nasserdeen's "Becoming more Confident" ($97 Value)
  • Cate Rosales's "Becoming a Blogger in 2022" ($147 Value)
  • Nick Loper's "Growing a Podcast Audience" ($97 Value)
  • Al Jensen's "Book Yourself to Speak" ($197 Value)
  • Sara Cwiertniewicz's "Becoming a Successful Freelancer" ($197 Value)
  • Donna Kozik's "50 Action Steps to Publish a Book Fast" ($199 Value)
  • Becky Beach's "Self Publishing on Kindle" ($47 Value)
  • Jessica Mele's "Learn How to be an Affiliate Marketer" ($47 Value)
  • Peachi William's "Plan Like A Brand"" Class ($597 Value)
  • Cousett Hoover's "Building a Complete Course in a Box" ($297 Value)
  • Hani Mourra's "How to Automate Your Audio and Video Repurposing" ($997 Value)
  • Melody Wigdahl's "How to Build a List of 11K in 18 months" ($97 Value)
  • Low Content Book Publishing ($39 Value)
  • Amanda Robinson's "Facebook Ads Bootcamp" ($49/month Value)
  • Colin Yearwood's "How to Sell Coaching" ($67 Value)
  • Cat Griffin's "Instagram Marketing Resource Kit" ($49 Value)
  • Paul Klein's "Building a Membership Site" ($97 Value)
  • Tom Poland from Leadsology's "Killer Referrals Machine" ($795 Value)
  • Chad Fullerton's 1.5 Hour Sales Funnel and Marketing Training ($399 Value)
  • Tracy & Susanne's "6 Complete PLR Modules" ($342 Value)
  • Robert Brown's "Ugly Mug Millions Book & Course" ($299 Value)
  • Dawniel Winningham's "How to Use Other People's Money to Grow" ($299 Value)
  • Chris Panteli's "Ballistic Backlinks" ($297 Value)
  • Lucrezia Iapichino's "From Legalese to Legal Ease" ($297 Value)
  • Angela Wills's "Creating Forever Clients" ($297 Value)
  • Jay Fairbrother's "The Pricing for Profits Masterclass" ($297 Value)
  • George Kao's "Joyful Productivity" for Coaches and Creatives ($199 Value)
  • David Perdew's "Simple Click Tracking & Redirecting Premium Software" ($197 Value)
  • Frances Vidakovic's "Optimize Your Business to Make it Easier" ($127 Value)
  • Converting Inactive Subscribers Into Active Fans ($97 Value)
  • Debra Lloyd's "Protecting your IP" ($99 Value)
  • Jessika Phillip's "Complete Strategy to Marketing Live Video" ($67 Value)
  • Alex Sanfilippo's "Monetizing in Unconventional Ways" ($74 Value)
  • Kathleen Korbel's "Amazon Influencer 101" program ($67 value)
  • Anita Dykstra's "Pinterest Management Optimization" ($97 Value)
  • Nkem Awache's "SEO for Content Writers" ($47 Value)
  • Katie Hart's "Pinterest Based Quiz Funnels" ($37 Value)
  • Kristie Chile's "Mastering TikTok (without showing your face)" ($47 Value)
  • Ken Bluttman's "Email Marketing Course" ($67 Value)
  • Debbie Gartner's "Email Profitability Calculator" ($47 Value)
  • Monica Froese's "Thrive Cart Sales Funnel" ($97 Value)
  • Heather Ritchie's "Linkedin for Solopreneurs" ($67 Value)
  • Caroline Vencil's "How to Build a Flash Sale" ($97 Value)
  • Leanne Scott's "Tripwire and Sales Funnel Class" ($97 Value)
  • Aikyna FInch's "Social Media and Live Streaming Power Course" ($75 Value)
  • Kate Danielle's "Easy Breezy Branding with Canva" ($37 Value)
  • Nicole Dean's "Content Planner" ($47 Value)
  • Stacy Zant's "Setting Up Your Lead Magnet" ($97 Value)
  • Connie Ragen Green's "Really Simple Short Reports" ($99 Value)
  • Krystal Proffitt's "How to Increase Your Connections and Visibility" ($99 Value)
  • Jennifer Henczel's "How to Build Micro Memberships" ($97 Value)
  • Michelle Sandler's "Building a Program and Sales Page that Sells" ($97 Value)
  • Kerry Beck's "YouTube Marketing" ($97 Value)
  • Nuria Corbi Currasco's "Easy Book Mockup Creator" ($ Value)
  • Sue Guiher's "Mastering the Art of Conversation" ($197 Value)
  • Misty Week's "Public Relations Summer School" ($96 Value)
How to access your bonus:
You will see a BONUS LINK in your BC Stack member area
(NOT THE DOWNLOAD PAGE) after you purchase -
that will take you to the BONUS PAGE with full instructions
on how to claim everything!
(And I will be adding the Workshop registration to the page shortly)
Have a lovely evening and let's all have an incredible week!!
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