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Happy Tuesday!

Under the heading of "be careful what you wish for": we have had nothing but rain for weeks. I kept hoping the sun would come out, and it did today...with a vengeance! High 90s, heat warnings and humidity so high it is like walking into a wall when you step outside.

On the positive side (cuz there always is one, right?) - my bougainvillea and plumeria are VERY happy ;-)

On the work front - tomorrow, members of the Kitchen Sink PLUS will be getting their SECOND 2023 Digital planner - this one will be the popular 2-page center coil spread, and I am very happy with the design as it is coming out. Next month, will be the Vertical 2023, and then we start in on the 'specialty' planners ;-)

BTW - if you have not checked out the May drop - I added an extra Lead Magnet (you have both a printable AND a digital Lead Magnet) PLUS an extra design for the printable planner ;-)

And this is probably a little crazy...but I am adding to my Bonus for BCStack ;-)

If you are a member of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind or have participated in or attended any of my Workshops or Summits over the past couple of years, you might be surprised to learn that I have a big dark secret: I am totally camera shy!!!

In my 'former' life, I did online software demos all the time - but I was never on camera with the software that we used. When Zoom came along - I SWORE I would never do one of those things!!

LOL...fast forward to today, and Zooms are a part of my daily life and have been a huge part of building my business and audience over the last 2+ years.

So much so that I am putting together a workshop called "The Art of The Interview - How To Make Your Guests Love You and Your Audience Your Best Friend", which will be part of a series of workshops on several different topics released in July - but I am going to include this in the Bonus bundle for BC Stack!

This LIVE (of course!) workshop will not be about the technical side of Zooom - I am not going to talk about lighting, clothing, or greenscreens.

Instead, this 90-minute Workshop will focus on:
  • the prep work that will guarantee your guest has a great experience - and will be happy to come back!
  • engaging your audience so they will be asking for the replay before the Zoom ends!
  • how to make sure you never have dead air ;-)
  • the difference between an interview and a 'sales pitch' - and how to make sure you control which one you get
  • how to get even the most camera-shy person to 'come alive' in your interview
  • how to get the guests you want
  • And more!!!
Honestly, at this point, I do not even know how many Zooms I have done over the last 2 years, but I have interviewed some of the biggest names in the IM biz: Neil Napier, David Perdew, Kristie Chiles, Connie Ragen Green and Debbie Gartner just to name a few, and have given dozens of Workshops - NOT including the Kitchen Sink Mastermind!

I have never done this Workshop before - but this one will be fun and I have LOTS Of tips to share - there is so much that goes on 'behind the scenes' before those Summit interviews - and I am going to share it all!!!

If you have already purchased the BC Stack, I will have the new workshop details set up tomorrow - you can access it via your BC Stack member area ;-)

And if you have not purchased it yet...why not??


More than 65 top digital marketers, podcasters, and content creators from around the world have once again come together to give you a "Stack" of their best trainings
worth over $16,000 - all for only...


What sets the BC Stack apart from every other Bundle is the work that Dan and Rachel put into this event to make sure that the trainings are fresh, current and "Best of Class". From podcasting to email marketing, blogging to sales funnels - virtually every thing you need to start, build or run a successful online business is included.

And I really think this year's bundle may be the best so far....
  • 65 full courses, programs and software, so you don't have to spend time trying to figure out which ones you need. No freebie optin teasers, discounts or trial memberships.
  • NEW THIS YEAR! 30 days of Office Hours where you can ask questions about what you're doing. Ask the experts who made the products "Is this right?" or "How will I make this work for my niche?" The best part of all? Access to all of these live daily Office Hours comes INCLUDED with your purchase of BC Stack!

    Here are some of my top picks...

  • Nick Loper's "Side Hustle Nation" podcast has had 20 million downloads. Get a 20-module course to grow your own podcast from this podcasting legend!!
  • Robert Brown (8-Figure Amazon Consultant): How to Leverage Simple Little Mug Designs (that you can make in 5 mins) - to sell hundreds of mugs per day on Etsy and Amazon . . Without paying for Ads!.
  • Troy Ericson’s Convert Inactive List Subscribers into Fans Again (he is a genius at this!!)
  • License for David Perdew's Web-Based Link Redirection tool & Tracking System.
  • Alex Sanfilippo shares 8 unconventional and unique ways to monetize your blogs and podcasts: "8 Ways to Monetize No One Else is Talking About.
  • Kristie Chiles's "TikTok (Without Being on Camera)" Course
  • Ken Bluttman's Email Marketing Course - this will walk you through Autoresponders, optins, campaigns, lead magnets, automation . . . all the parts associated with making money with email.
  • Master The Use of ThriveCart to Set Up Your Sales Funnels with Monica Froese
  • My good friend (her 4th year in the Stack!) Debbie Gartner is a whizz when it comes to her data - last year she made over $170k from her email marketing - and now she shares her Email Profitability Tracker so you can see how effective your emails are, and how best to spend your time!
  • Amanda Robinson is a top-performing Facebook Ads Expert - get her 4 Week Facebook Ads Bootcamp (this is AWESOME!!)
  • From our friends Tracy and Susanne (Piggy Makes Bank): 6 PLR (White Label) packs of Content, that's 120 Professionally Written Articles You Can Use Now!!
AND they're giving away ten $500 Business Grants . . .10 people will be selected to receive a $500 grant to help build their business!

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Prime planner selling season is right around the corner for 2023! Be prepared with a COMPLETE 2023 bundle: Digital Planner, Printable Planner, and Lead Magnet - all different, unique designs but color-coordinated, so you can sell as a bundle! Full commercial use rights!
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I will do a SOLO email to my list (11k+) for your next product launch -
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Live Workshop - ALL NEW!!
"The Art of The Interview - How To Make Your Guests Love You and Your Audience Your Best Friend"
See above for full description
Value: $27

Total 'Real World' Value of Bonus: $281.00

P. S.
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Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 7.33.50 PM

Logic Puzzle Mastery

This is a category that is not only evergreen but GROWING and that is rare! This web-based software (both Mac and PC friendly) is easy to use and create the top puzzle types for both adults and kids:
  • Grid Logic Puzzles - The most popular type!

  • Nonograms - use logic to figure out the the patterns

  • Symbol Math - Figure out the answers from pictures instead of numbers

  • Word Tetris - A challenging mix of Crosswords and Tetris

  • Kid Level Puzzles
I hope your day was amazing and if not - there is another coming up tomorrow!

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