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Hey, everyone!!

After every new product, I always need to give the old hands/wrists a bit of a rest, so I have taken it easy over the last couple of days, and cut my keyboard time to just 10 hrs a day ;-) LOL yes, I know that still seems like a lot - but if I were painter would anyone think anything about it? Nope, not likely, and really what we do is not much different, is it? No matter what - I doubt the long days will go away - whether working or gardening, I am not one for sitting around doing nothing...and what others seem to think is work is not necessarily work to me ;-)

My 'down time' was spent getting our pots planted and the tropical plants moved outside - and some of them are HUGE!! When I first moved to Cincy, I was horrified to see that people bought hibiscus, monsteras, and bougainvillea plants to enjoy for the summer, and then let them die!! NO!!! That broke my Californian heart!

LOL 22 years later - I have a house full of tropical plants that I cart in and out every summer and fall....so I was thrilled that my youngest faux son, who just bought a new house, wanted one of my 'baby' Monsteras, which I had been nurturing all winter in the living room. This one is cuttings from my 20-year-old plant, that was overrunning the dining room, and I am really happy to send it off to a good home. He loves plants, so I know he will take care of it - and it is really gorgeous if I do say so myself! I was shocked to see what people are paying for these things - it could wind up being my retirement plan....

We also saw the new Top Gun ( a very spur-of-the-moment decision) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah, a little hokey, and sorta not quite totally believable (surprise!), but that was totally ok by me. It had a happy ending which I think we all need right now.

Staying Fresh In Your Business:
The Art of The Pivot

    In the business world, to pivot usually means to shift to a new strategy, often entailing massive changes to brand and direction.

    Online? Mmmmm not so much ;-)

    For small businesses, especially creative-based companies like most of ours, a pivot can be a great way to refresh to refresh your product line, and more importantly, your mindset and attitude towards your company.

    Because, let's face it, when a company strategy meeting means you talking to...yourself...it's easy to get burned out. That title of CEO sounds impressive but when it actually means Chief EVERYTHING Officer - it's important to stay fresh, inspired, and interested in your business.

    Pivoting is a great way to do this - and it does NOT have to mean a complete 're-do' of your entire business or product line.

    Here's some great examples of pivoting that can refresh your attitude AND your bottom line:
    • Expanding a single feature of a product into a standalone product.
    • Or bundle the top features of several products together to create one 'all-in-one' bundle product.
    • Put a totally different spin on existing products and launch to a totally new audience.
    • Changing the platform you currently work with for product creation.
    • Dive into a totally new marketing method - Pinterest not working for you? Try Medium or Linkedin and some written content rather than just relying on the visual
    There are certainly plenty of other examples of pivoting that are not included here, but at least you now understand that pivoting encompasses numerous directions for a startup.

    How Do You Know That It Might Be Time For A Pivot?

    It's different for everyone but here are some hints that you might need to shake things up a bit:

    1. You are not enthusiastic about your business or products anymore
    2. You are back to dreading Mondays - and your commute is only down the hallway
    3. You have not mailed your list since.......(fill in the time but if it is more than a week....just sayin'!)
    4. Sales are plateaued or maybe even down and you are just staring at the computer screen instead of plotting, planning, and brainstorming.
    5. Your to-do list is not converting to your done list on a regular basis because it just all seems like too much work.
    6. Has your perspective changed? Have your goals, vision, and values changed since you entered your current niche? Being a niche customer vs a vendor are two very different things. If you find you like being the customer and hate being the seller - it may be time to look at changing your path to something that may be both more enjoyable and more lucrative.
    I tend to pivot every couple of years in my business, and am in the process of doing that right now - nothing drastic but adding new products to the mix that will complement the existing products AND make it easier for my PLR customers to customize and change my digital products. I plan to expand on what we can create with the core products, and hope to have some announcements in a few weeks on the new ones!

    And yes, I am super excited about this new direction as it opens up whole new audiences for everyone!

    I think this would be a great topic for our next Kitchen Sink? June 9th?

    Let me know!

    Zooming around!

    Thursday, June 2, 2:00 PM EST
    Kevin Fahey Follow-up – Free Traffic Shotgun
    Follow-up has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 2, 2:00 PM EST
    Details are on the group page ;-)

    June 7th, 2:00 PM ES
    Workshop #2: How To Be The Bundle Contributor That Gets Invited Back!

    Join us as Ruthie shares the tips and tricks to get accepted into the best bundles and giveaways and most importantly - how to get invited back ;-)

    Register in advance for this meeting
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    Tube Atlas

    Price Increase Tonight!
    this is David Guindon's latest release Tube Atlas, an amazing software that quickly uncovers thousands of Niches & Keywords, top-trending searches, and hidden markets in just minutes!

    You can quickly find the best performing videos for unlimited channels, and generate
    powerful hashtags that actually produce results...

    There are actually 12 different research tools PLUS - you can install on 10 different computers if you have a VA or 9!

    At $37 - this is the bargain of the week!
    This will be increasing to $67 tomorrow.

    Tube Atlas

    Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 5.11.22 PM
    Michael Cheney - love him or hate him - the man is brilliant at marketing and I read his newsletters, belong to his FB group and snap up his products. Just watching his follow-up email sequences is a college degree in email marketing.

    His latest release, Partner & Profit, just launched today, and I picked up the FE and bump offer and the Double Your Traffic Fast OTO (I think it was #3) but I have to admit that they were all tempting. I have used several of the tactics from his last product and my page views are up by 30% in the last 30 days! Fist pump!!
    Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 5.29.49 PM
    WP PopUnder is the latest release from Mark Hess and Michael Thomas, two of my fave WordPress peeps as you know. Although it leverages some 'old school' marketing tactics... it's added a very unique new twist that literally guarantees more traffic to any offer you want to promote.

    In all honesty - Mark's video explains this so much better than I can here - I strongly recommend you check out the video above to see what this does - I think you will see the $$$ potential as much as I did!
    Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 2.12.07 PM
    If you want great content to create unique digital or printable planners or workbooks - Kevin's checklists are spot on! Create lead magnets with one or two checklists or bundle several together on a similar topic! These are super easy to work with and Kevin is one of the best in the IM biz to work with!
    Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 7.51.52 PM
    If you have problems trying to come up with newsletter ideas - this is a winner!

    From Kam Fatz comes the '14 Day Quick List Building Challenge', an excellent PLR bundle of 14 Email Newsletters on a very popular evergreen topic: List Building!

    This is 12,670 words of PURE value on the secrets of list building - use it in your newsletter, run a challenge or create a Lead Magnet to give away!!

    • The Complete 14 Day Quick List Building Challenge 14 Email Autoresponder Sequence (12,670 words!)
    • The 14DQLBC Affiliate Program Black Book is a selection of MADE TO FIT affiliate programs for this email sequence so that you can begin using the sequence quickly!
    • The "How To Use 14DQLBC" Training Video that show you exactly how to use these emails to make money!
    • LEGENDS OF LIST BUILDING is an in depth video case study studying list building tactics of one of the greatest list builders in modern times!
    Have a wonderful evening - enjoy the long days of sunshine!

    The Digital Planner INTENSIVE!!

    The price increase is just a week away! This is 12 hours ++ of LIVE Hands-On training on creating Digital Planners - by someone that is doing this on a daily basis!
    Namely, ME!!

    AT $47 - you won't find a better deal anywhere ;-)

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