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We had company today...

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 7.38.16 PM
Hey, everyone!!

Although I moan and groan about the weather in Ohio, I treasure the time I have gotten to spend here at my log home, dubbed "The Cabin" by friends and family.

Last night, just after dusk, I saw something in the trees at the edge of the pond, which turned out to be the white tail of a doe. Just as I figured this out, she turned and I could see that she was nursing a fawn, not much bigger than one of my kitties!

This afternoon, I walked down to the pond and startled a Great Blue Heron that had been fishing in the reeds. We have seen them a few times over the years but this is the second time in just a couple of weeks so I am hoping that it might hang around a bit more this summer. Magnificent bird!!

Kinda makes that commute down the stairs and through the traffic jam of kitties worthwhile ;-)

Zoom...Zoom ...ooops??

It looks like many members of the Kevin Fahey Free Traffic Shotgun Workshop group are not coming back from the long weekend right away, so I am moving tomorrow's scheduled meeting to Thursday - same time, same Zoom details ;-)


The Digital Planner Intensive - Price Extension!

I have had quite a few folks reach out and ask if I would extend the $47 price as they get paid on the first of the month, and I am happy to do so. The price will remain at $47 through June 5th, and will increase to $77 until we actually start the first session on June 10th, the price will go to $97 at that point.

I've also had a lot of questions about just what the Digital Planner Intensive course will cover, so I thought I would answer the most common ones here:

1) Will there be replays available?
YES! And you will be able to watch them as often as you want

2) Do we get PLR to the course?
To the videos, no, those are for personal use only, but there will be templates included and you will get full PLR to those.

3) Will we learn how to hyperlink a digital planner?
Yes - that is the entire key to creating a digital planner, journal, or workbook!

4) What software do we need?
I will be working in Keynote, but you can use PowerPoint (PC) or Affinity.

5) Can I use Canva?
You can create your graphics in Canva, but it is not suitable to create an entire planner - sorry!

6) Can I use an old version of PowerPoint?
No, older versions will not export your hyperlinks correctly to PDF, which is what you will need to deliver to your customer in most cases.

7) Are you really going to teach us to create a REAL fully hyper-linked digital planner?
Yes, no secrets! We will start with mapping your planner & working with master slides, then on to hyperlinking a calendar and what you need to deliver to your customer - and everything in-between. The last session will be an open Q & A so that you can get all of your questions answered.

Also, I will be adding to the course over the coming months, as I try out new techniques and create new products - everyone that buys now will get the updates too!

Sign up now:
The Digital Planner Intensive


In our recent Create A Workbook Workshop, we discussed using PLR to create a workbook that can be used as part of a Challenge, and Kam Fatz just launched a terrific 14-part PLR product that is PERFECT for this concept - at the ridiculous price of $5.99!!!

Included in this bundle:
  • The Complete 14 Day Quick List Building Challenge 14 Email Autoresponder Sequence (12,670 words!)
  • The 14DQLBC Affiliate Program Black Book is a selection of MADE TO FIT affiliate programs for this email sequence so that you can begin using the sequence quickly!
  • The "How To Use 14DQLBC" Training Video that shows you exactly how to use these emails to make money!
  • LEGENDS OF LISTBUILDING is an in-depth video case study studying list building tactics of one of the greatest list builders in modern times!
  • An Official PLR License so that you can NOT ONLY use these emails to your advantage but you can SELL THEM!
Get the full details now:
14 Day Quick List Building Challenge With Full PLR

BTW - if you participated in this Workshop - don't forget to download your Workbook Template on the Workshop page (and the replay is posted too!)


Special offers ending....

• Cindy Bidar just launched the PERFECT companion piece,
Opt-In Funnel Quick Start Guide, to the two courses I had already recommended this week, as Cindy's focuses on the OPTIN funnel, rather than the SALES funnel process in Matt's course (below)
This is the "nuts-and-bolts" kind of training that Cindy excels at - AND, it's an amazing bargain at just $9.50. Like SEO - this is one of those skillsets that you NEED to know and you will never regret learning it. It comes with video walkthroughs, checklists, worksheets, and a Trello board. All you have to bring is your lead magnet.
Use code FUNNELQS to get that $9.50 price!

BONUS: Buy through my link and receive the updated "Blogging for Dollars" Lead Magnet. Just send your receipt to [email protected] with "BONUS" in the subject line.

• Looking for General "From the GROUND UP" training on virtually everything related to internet marketing? Then you definitely want to check out David Perdew's NAMS training - on a SUPER SALE through the end of the month! This is the grandfather of all training programs and one that you will refer back to time and time again in your IM journey!

• If you have not picked up Debbie Gartner's courses yet - her best-sellers are on sale this weekend (Debbie knows her stuff - her $20k monthly income is based on organic traffic to her blog!) :
The BIG SEO Bundle: Easy On-Page SEO + Easy Backlinks for SEO
Get $30 off through Memorial Day with MEMDAY84 at checkout

Journey to the Center of Amazon
Use MEMDAY77 at checkout for $20 off through Memorial Day.

• From Matt Garett -
Simple Funnels Systems
For some reason which I have yet to figure out - the PLR/Low Content niche seems adverse to funnels. But I have news for you - FUNNELS WORK! Outside of our niche? Funnels are expected. But funnels do NOT need to be 22 products long (ugh...another one??) to be effective ;-)

• From John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson - 60 Minute Warrior
This is the complete A to Z video walkthrough of setting up a product and offer on Warrior+Plus!! If you want to launch your product here but find it confusing or intimidating - YOU NEED THIS! W+ is a great place to build your rep and your list but it is not the easiest thing to set-up - this will get it done!!

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 12.32.00 PM
While on the topic of traffic - BrandElevate is something entirely new and while I have purchased it, I have not had the time to try it out yet - but it seems like it could be very promising. And the bonuses? I think I may have bought this more for the bonuses cuz seriously - they are that good.

Essentially, this is an automated platform to find and locate influencers but without having the expense or hassle of having an agency in the middle!

The included database covers more than 3 million influencers across multiple niches and all major networks - including the curated list of top-performing Influencers. You get to reach out directly, negotiate your deal and then set up the campaign from your own dashboard.

BrandElevate includes everything from the campaign setup, management and tracking to building mini-social media stores

BTW - if you are not convinced that you need this - check out the bonuses that are being offered - they are worth as much if not more than the basic product!!!

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 12.59.22 PM
From Katrina Wills of BlueWrenPLR.com comes this gorgeous new set of Canva Workbook Templates, inspired by the understated elegance of Sydney's Neutral Bay.
Using Canva, you can easily customize the 30 pages with your brand colors, replace the images, add more pages, delete pages, duplicate pages, or re-order the pages for a lead magnet or workbook that is unique to your business.

The thirty pages/templates (A4 in size) include:
  • 3 Front Cover pages
  • 2 About Me pages
  • 2 Contents pages
  • 2 Section pages
  • A variety of one and two column layouts
  • A 2 Question worksheet Informatics pages
  • A Comparison page Quote,
  • Highlight and Customer Appreciation pages
  • A Next Steps/Back Cover page
Diva May Madness

We are back but for 4 days ONLY!! Get Those Amazing $10 Deals That You Missed The First Time!!!!

Yes, this is your last chance to stock up those amazing deals we brought you over the last 10 days - but only for the next 4 days!

Here's the whole list - in order of appearance on the page - so you don't miss a thing:

#1 Perpetual Digital Planner - Ocean (MELODY WIGDAHL)
Fully hyperlinked undated “perpetual” digital planner includes two-page spread and linked index page and tabs.
Regularly $37, get it now for just $10 with coupon code MELMAY1

#2 182 Unique Digital Covers Bundle (HELEN ROSS)
Cover art images that can be used for planners, journals, posters, card decks, dividers, and much more.
Regularly $37, get it now for just $10 with coupon code HELENMAY1

#3 12 Week Daily Gratitude Journal (STEPHANIE HANSEN)
12 Week Daily Gratitude Journal in a quirky doodle design with daily gratitude pages and weekly summary and reflections.
Regularly $27, get it now for just $10 with coupon code STEPHMAY1

#4 Mandala Collage Coloring Pages (RUTH BOWERS)
Dress up your planners and journals with these 15 unique and intricate mandala collage coloring pages.
Regularly $29.95, get it now for just $10 with coupon code RUTHMAY1

#5 Florida Vacation Planner (JAN SMALL)
Florida-themed travel journal and planner, perfect for those planning a trip to the Sunshine State.
Regularly $27, get it now for just $10 with coupon code JANMAY1

#6 Printable Lead Magnets (MELODY WIGDAHL)
Two gorgeous lead magnets, a 90-Day Revenue Tracker and a Joy Journal, to help grow your email list.
Regularly $27, get it now for just $10 with coupon code MELMAY2

#7 Digital Design Kit (HELEN ROSS)
Design journals, planners, workbooks, and so much more with the 190+ unique files in this kit.
Regularly $37, get it now for just $10 with coupon code HELENMAY2

#8 Mixed Stationery Kit (STEPHANIE HANSEN)
Mermaid-inspired marble watercolor designs that come in a blend of basic and border stationery styles.
Regularly $27, get it now for just $10 with coupon code STEPHMAY2

#9 10,000 Steps Challenge (JAN SMALL)
10,000 steps fitness challenge with 30 days of motivation. Great lead magnet for bloggers or coaches in the health and wellness niche.
Regularly $27, get it now for just $10 with coupon code JANMAY2

#10 Zen-Style Hearts Coloring Pages (RUTH BOWERS)
10 unique hand-drawn zen-style hearts coloring pages, gorgeous decorative coloring elements for journals and more.
Regularly $25, get it now for just $10 with coupon code RUTHMAY2

Check it out here:
Digital Divas May Madness 2022

That's it for tonight - have an amazing week!

The Digital Planner INTENSIVE!!

The price increase is just a few days away! This is 12 hours ++ of LIVE Hands-On training on creating Digital Planners - by someone that is doing this on a daily basis!
Namely, ME!!

AT $47 - you won't find a better deal anywhere ;-)

You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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