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Hey, everyone!!

Happy Saturday to all! As I have mentioned in previous summer newsletters, Cincy comes alive in the summer with music - there are free outdoor concerts almost every night of the week, and every weekend you can take your choice of events, festivals and art shows to attend...unfortunately, it also rains WAAAAAY more that I could ever have imagined - in fact, it only gets 3 inches a less than the town I went to high school in...in Oregon, which is known for its rainfall.

Ah well, its a great place to live anyway - one just needs to get used to being damp most of the time ;-)

The reason I mention this is that I am having storm-related internet issues, and my video uploads keep stopping mid-way through, so I don't have the latest Zooms uploaded yet. So hang in there - I will send out the bat signal as soon as I can get them uploaded!

And in case you are wondering about those graphics in the header today - those are part of a series of 5 covers I did a while back, and I am offering them today as a bonus for Nara's latest release ZODIAC WOMEN ASTROLOGY Coloring Pages, which also includes a DIGITAL ASTROLOGY PLANNER - these covers are PERFECT for this!!

Check it out here -
and your covers
are in your download area already!!

The Digital Planner INTENSIVE!!

Many of you have asked about the Workshops - they will be every Friday starting June 10, with one week off for the July 4th weekend in the US.
If you cannot attend live, you will have full access to the replays for the
foreseeable future!

There are no upsells, no extra cost for replay access.
This is it!

The price DOES increase June 1 to $77, and once we start the Workshops, the price will increase again to its 'evergreen' price of $97.

This is a minimum of 12 hours of live instruction, with Q & A at the end of each session.
Other courses in this niche are charging $300 -
I think this is a really, really good deal ;-)
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Mark and Michael are back with another amazing WordPress plugin, and you will see this one on my site by Monday, I promise! In the meantime? You can check it out on their sales page, too;-)

This light-weight little plugin lets you add eye-catching animated icons on your website in seconds - a tactic that is proven to increase conversions which means more sales ;-)

Watch the video above for the full explanation but this one is a winner! It makes my inner WP Geek so happy to see such a cool and useful tool and so cheap!

It also makes me wonder why I have never learned to code stuff like this myself??...hmmmmm.....
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From Content Sparks:
Low-Ticket Offer Lab

I LOVE this new PLR from Sharyn at Content Sparks because it is very much in tune with my philosophy of offering lower-priced products that your audience can actually afford! Low-Ticket Offer Lab is all about how to use low-ticket front-end offers to build an audience of buyers.

This is just a sample of what is included - it is MASSIVE!

  • Course Book (8764 words, 62 pages) – All the content and activity instructions you need to create a comprehensive self-study eBook, online course, bonus resource, or handout for a live workshop
  • Action Guide (44 pages) – A complete set of worksheets which helps your students take action on what they learn in the Course Book, so you’ll have happy, successful students.
  • Sales Funnel Page Templates (5 pages) – Fill-in-the-blanks text copy templates for opt-in and sales pages.
  • Email Templates: From Lead Magnet Opt-in to Low Ticket Offer (12 pages) – Fill-in-the-blanks email templates to encourage the subscriber to download the lead magnet and look at the low-ticket offer.
  • Email Templates: From Low-Ticket Offer to Core Offer (9 pages) – Fill-in-the-blanks email templates to encourage the low-ticket offer buyer to purchase the core offer.
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (2381 words, 20 pages) which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from the course. You and your students can use it as a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the course book every time. (TIP: Our customers love using the cheat sheet to identify what they want to customize in the course, and for sales copy snippets.)
Instructor Materials:
  • Slideshow (168 Slides) – Ready to fire up your recording software or share on webinars, online classrooms, and live presentations or workshops
  • Speaker Notes (in Slide Notes below slides) – Use the script under the slides (in the .pptx) to guide your presentations and recording. Ready to customize for your language.

Low-Ticket Offer Lab

Diva May Madness

10 Days of Amazing $10 Deals!!

The Digital Divas are back: Ruthie of Ritchie Media, Jan of Simple Happiness, Steph of Widlflower Digitals, Helen of I Love Planners and me!

And this time Jan, Ruthie, Helen and I have been shoved, pushed and herded over the finish line by the INCREDIBLY organized Steph to bring you the
Digital Divas May Madness 2022

Today's Deal:



Florida-themed travel journal and planner,
perfect for those planning a trip to the Sunshine State.

Regularly $27,
get it now for just $10 with coupon code JANMAY1

for only $10!!

Check it out here:
Digital Divas May Madness 2022

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Open A Shopify Store

Yadsia just launched a new 'quick-and-done' course that will show you exactly
how she has set up and grown her Shopify store to sell digital products beyond Etsy. What I love is that Yadsia has created a “lightning roadmap” to identify which lessons you need to watch first, in order to get your shop up and running TODAY. You won't spend days or weeks going through the material - you can take action now and get your shop live!!

The course is on sale for another 48 hours for only $37!!

    Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 2.14.36 PM

    Quirky Financial Planner

    From my friend Jan, SimpleHappiness.biz comes another in the very popular 'Quirky' series of products! This new Quirky Financial Planner includes
    • a ready-made cover with quirky script text, a blank cover and a belongs to page
    • 17 divider pages
    • 25 page templates with quirky header
    • ready-made decorated PDF pages
    • divider pages with script font texts in transparent background
    • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
    • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files provided
    • CANVA Templates also included so you can use whichever tool you prefer to make your printables your own
    Get full details here:

    Quirky Financial Planner

    And now back to fight with my uploads....arrrghhh....
    P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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