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As I have mentioned before, I subscribe to OODLES of newsletters, and spent a bit of time catching up with them this am. I found some great reads to pass on to you all - and as always, when we share resources like this - no affiliate links here - just good content worth sharing.

First up - this one just totally resonated with me, and I am sure that it will with many of you as well, because, let's face it - not everyone understands those of us that work from home or WHY we chose this lifestyle (part-time or full-time, we ARE a different breed of cat, folks!)
===>>> Why Being Different Can Make You MIllions (Or At Least Thousands)

Next up: An EXCELLENT read on Sumo.com, that looks at the factors that affect that little ol' thing called the 'button', aka the lifeblood of your sales cycle! BTW - there is also a free download checklist to optimize your conversion rates that you do not want to miss.
===>>> 24 Best Call to Action Buttons to Sumo-Size Your Conversions

Last but not least - from TCK Publishing - a great overview of book promotion sites - I have mentioned TCK before, and seriously there is SO much free content here it's an amazing resource:
===>>> Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites for Paid Kindle Books $0.99 and Up

And of course.....

===>>> The Christian Family Companion Planner & Journal

The Planner contains 20 different templates that cover everything from daily spiritual reflections to meal planning. There are 6 different styles, and a HUGE bonus package of additional design elements and backgrounds. We have been asked to extend the Early Bird Special since there were several really tough to pass up bundle deals this week, so we are extending it through Friday ;-)

2 more planner styles will be added later today (almost done!) and 2 more before the end of the week. These will be added to the Super Bundle as well, so if you already purchased, they will be in your download area.

===>>> Christian Family Companion Planner & Journal

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