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Digital Planners Intensive

YES!!...I am really doing this....

Hey, everyone!!

Well, the Garth Brooks concert was amazing - AFTER a 2-hour monsoon delay!! Yes, the concert was outdoors, and we spent 2 hours standing in the concourse areas by the snack bars waiting for the lightning and rain to stop! But it was worth it - and without a doubt the largest concert event we have ever attended! And my goodness...the outfits we saw LOL!! That alone was worth the price of admission,,,but all in all - a wonderful evening!

And today is a CRAZY BIG DAY:

Insane offers for a fraction of their real value.
I love stuff like this ;-)

My first course, The Digital Planner Intensive goes live this am - details below or you can hop on over to The Digital Planner Intensive right now ;-)

If you are a member of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind then you KNOW that we rarely do a 2-hour Zoom - so chances are really good that the 6 Zooms are going to generate a LOT more than 12 hours of content LOL!

In fact, you. might want to pack a lunch on class days....

The Early Bird price of only $47 is good from Launch Day May 17th to June 1 and I WILL be raising the price after June 1, first to $77 and then to $97 ;-)

And the Digital Divas are back - with 10 days of $10 deals - and for some reason I wound up being first in line - so today you can pick up a brand new never-before-released "Pepertual Planner" for only $10!!

And last but not least...where on earth can you get 25 original Coloring Pages for $5?? Only place I know of is Ruthie's new membership - details below!

Yep - these are REALLY good deals!

Catch all the details below....

Diva May Madness

10 Days of Amazing $10 Deals!!

The Digital Divas are back: Ruthie of Ritchie Media, Jan of Simple Happiness, Steph of Widlflower Digitals, Helen of I Love Planners and me!

And this time Jan, Ruthie, Helen and I have been shoved, pushed and herded over the finish line by the INCREDIBLY organized Steph to bring you the
Digital Divas May Madness 2022

Every day is a new bargain you will not want to miss!

I am first up today with a brand new "Perpetual Planners" Design - never before released! - for only $10!!!

Check it out here:
Digital Divas May Madness 2022


The Digital Planner Intensive

It's here. Finally.

I am going to try and share everything that I have learned over the last 2 years of creating Digital Planners (and workbooks and Journals and Vision Boards and and and LOL!). As much of a total 'brain dump' as I can do!

6 LIVE Workshops, starting June 10th - and replays for life!

I wanted to do this in a LIVE format so that you can ask questions and hopefully get you over any stumbling blocks you may encounter along the way!

The truth is that we have barely scratched the surface with these types of products and there is so much more that you do with them - once you understand how to create and RE-PURPOSE the basic structures!!

The final session will be a 'clean-up'
Q&A to make sure everyone is ready to leave the nest and start creating on their own!

Not everyone will want or need to create digital products from scratch - it CAN be a lot of work! - but if you know how, then you can take better advantage of the templates you already have sitting on your hard drive, too!

You will have lifetime access to the replays, too - and I have added bonuses, too!

The best part? Sign up before June 1 -
and get $50 off the course!!

The Digital Planner Intensive

$47 for
6 weeks of LIVE WORKSHOPS!
Use coupon code:

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 2.53.13 PM

Coloring Patterns Monthly

This just may be the Deal Of The Month (next to my course, of course!) Get 25 fresh, unreleased Coloring Patterns every month for only $5 a month!!!

Use LAUNCH5 to get it for only $5 through the end of May!!

Coloring Patterns Monthly

And now off to have a nervous breakdown as I go through my first course launch!
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