Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hubby and I actually had our St. Paddy's Day meal yesterday, at the Yard House on the river, in downtown Cincy yesterday. Great fun, and great food! It's going to be a zoo down there today, so we moved ours up a day ;-)

Just a quick reminder to all that the Content Creation Bundle disappears today!
If you haven't purchased it yet - this is one of the largest bundles I think I have ever seen - it's massive!! even if you only use a fraction of the content, it's a great deal!

52 products for $27 - a one-time payment for more than $1700 worth of products! I started going through my bundle last night and I am honestly thrilled with this one - a LOT of work went into putting this one together!

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Of course, we have to have a bonus right?? When you pick up the bundle just
send me your receipt and we will send you a coupon for $25 for anything at PLRofTheMonth.Club - good for 90 days ;-) Just send your receipt to [email protected], with "BONUS" in the subject line.

And yes, you CAN use the credit on the new Christian Planner, too ;-)

The bundle ends Sunday, March 17....

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Have a great day!!

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