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Hi, everyone!

It's almost here! Tomorrow is our very first Vendor Showcase! This is a very unique event because everything is free - even the REPLAYS!!

This is another event coordinated and organized by the peeps in The Kitchen Sink Mastermind, an amazing and wonderful group of people that have been meeting now for more than a year. In that time we have sponsored giveaways, bundles, summits and holiday events, all with the goal of expanding our audience and building our lists.

But this event is different because it's ALL FREE!! Even. the. replays. (For at least 30 days and probably 90 days!).

Click Here To Register!

No charge for anything. Ever.

People have asked me why we are doing this - because even free events always charge for the replays, right?

But we wanted to do something different. We want to BE different.

It's simple: we want to let you meet and interact with the companies, tools, and services that we all need and use to run our businesses WITHOUT the massive sales pitch webinars.

Because, frankly, I am tired of them. LOL sorry, I know they work, and I know at some time in the future, we will probably host more, (because hey! they DO work), but that is NOT what The Vendor Showcase series is about.

It's about having the chance to meet the companies and service providers that will help you run your business. It's about becoming an educated and informed business owner - no matter what stage your business may be in ;-)

Will you still get a 'special' deal?
Sometimes, if it is appropriate...but many times - as with 2 of the 3 presentations in the first Showcase - there is nothing to offer a discount on....

Sometimes the presentation is just for the LEARNING EXPERIENCE ;-)

And long-term - that is our goal:
to provide insight into the resources that we ALL need to start, run and GROW our online businesses - in a true non-sales pitchey, educational format.

And ALWAYS - free!!

Can't join us tomorrow? No worries - you can come back for the next 30 days and listen to the replays - free of charge!

And just a reminder - this is the FIRST in a series of Vendor Showcases that we will be hosting in the coming months.

And don't forget to check out our Sponsors Directory!
Our sponsors have all kinds of free gifts and great deals for you - just register for what you want!!

Here's our Vendor Showcase schedule:

April 28th:
12:00 Noon EST
Ruthie Bowers, RitchieMedia.ca
Topic: Setting up ConvertKit - from the perspective of a long-time (5 years!) user!

2:00 PM EST
Eric Newdom, Bublup.com
If you are not familiar with this amazing - it can change the way you do almost everything!!

4:00 PM EST
Shane Nathan, WarriorPlus.com
One of the oldest and best marketplaces online for digital products! THE place to launch your first product if you don't have a list or affiliates!

Zooming Around!!
We've made this super simple for everyone - you can use the same Zoom session details for every event, every day! All sessions will be 1 hour long, with 60 minutes between sessions

Click Here To Register!

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.39.48 PM

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly - with PLR

Starting a newsletter should not be that hard....but it is...unless you use shortcuts - and there are very, very few that I recommend. The Internet Marketing Newsletter by Nick James is one of them.

I don't use the newsletter 'as is' but I promise you that you have benefited from this subscription over the last 2 years ;-) The writing is professional and high-quality, but more importantly - it's actionable and not full of hype and 'push button' garbage.

It's real.

And Nick has just added an AMAZING new feature:
Along with the 32+ page newsletter every single month you’ll also receive an Audio PLR interview with a leading online marketer, product creator or influencer … at no extra cost - with full private label rights!!

Names like Bill Glazer, Armand Morin, Terry Dean and Mike Filsaime...I don't know anyone else that offers a value quite like this one!

Check it out here:

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly - with PLR

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 7.17.43 PM

Val Wilson's Affiliate Marketing Niche Pack V2

Val Wilson is someone that most people have not heard of - he tends to keep his head down and just QUIETLY dominates leader boards. I truly do not know how big his list is - but I have seen him in the #1 slot on enough "final" leaderboards to know the guy is the real deal.

This bundle includes everything - from the giveaway report to a follow-up email sequence! - you need to start building your list - or an additional option to add to your current offers!
  • Rebrandable High-Quality Affiliate Marketing Report
  • Fully Mobile Responsive, High Converting 2-step Squeeze Page – proven to maximize conversions. All the legal pages are also included, too! Squeeze Page
  • Professional Redirect Page
  • A Full 14 Day Relationship Building Autoresponder Series
There are several OTOs but I highly recommend OTO #2 - Rebill Riches - it's the best list of recurring affiliate programs I have ever found!! Over 250 programs and I can promise you that you probably have not heard of half of them!

Val Wilson's Affiliate Marketing Niche Pack V2

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 5.05.19 PM


OJ James is another veteran in the IM space, but from the software side - he's not dropped a new product in quite a while, so I was all over this one!

No matter how you feel about social media - it's not going away, and our customers are there!

But when it comes to posting on social media - consistency is often more important than anything else, due in large part to the automated algorithms that the sites use! Great content posted once a month is NOT going to get you the same results that posting that daily cat meme will!!

Xcelerate is a one-time cost (under $20 right now!) 7-in-1 Social Media Traffic Automation Suite - Create, Publish and Schedule Content On All 7 major Social Media Platforms Simultaneously in Just 1 Click plus all of this:
  • Social Post Creator – Create any type of Social Post (Image, Video, Carousel, Stories)
  • Unlimited Auto Posting – Post on all 9 social platforms in 1-Click
  • Unlimited Auto Scheduling –
  • Pixabay & Unsplash Search PLUS Rich Image Editor
  • Track results with Google Analytics Tag & Facebook Pixel
  • Easily customize your Affiliate/CTA links with the Action Link Controller


Tuesday Tutorials!

5 cat carrying books
Hope to see you all tomorrow!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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