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This Year I Hope Summer falls on Saturday
Hi, everyone!!

Hope this finds you all doing great and enjoying some less confusing weather then we are having! I think spring was last Thursday - sandwiched between one day that was 80F and the frost we are expecting tonight. Our tropical plants spent one day out on the deck enjoying the sun and are now piled back up in the living room again. Ah well - another couple of weeks, and I will be complaining about the humidity! LOL - nope - no pleasing me when it comes to Cincy weather!

We had a terrific PLUS Workshop today - this month's planner was the result of that ONE day of spring that we had last week - and I LOVE the way it turned out. The design is nothing like what I started out to create but was one of those times when the creation simply took over and went the way it wanted to go, and I really am pleased with the end result.

This actually turned out to be quite a large planner bundle, too, with 10 covers, a 32 layer PSD and multiple interior backgrounds, so LOTS of design and customizing options for you! I am still adding more stickers, and the lead magnet PLUS...since this drop was late due to my run-in with some unknown-but-not-COVID virus - I will be adding a NEW design which should be in your April download area early next week.

Also - in case you missed this morning's very brief announcement - I am ROLLING BACK the price on the PLUS membership from its current $47 to the launch price of $27.Full details on Monday ;-)

This is Tuesday - so scroll down to the book-worm Kitty to see what we have for you today!

And just a reminder to get your free gifts at Ellen Finkelstein's

Uniquely You Giveaway

Ruthie and I have a good one in there for you!

Two LIVE Workshops, sharing how we have built our lists through events, bundles and JVs, without spending a dime on ads - PLUS 2 beautiful planners (one from Ruthie and one from me!) - and full training on how to customize them for virtually any niche!

In these two live, interactive sessions, you will learn how to:
• build your list through bundles, giveaways and summits
• customize the included bonus lead magnets for each event's unique audience
be the contributor that gets invited back – again and again!
• the key to maximizing your efforts and optins
Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 7.17.43 PM

Val Wilson's Affiliate Marketing Niche Pack V2

Val Wilson is someone that most people have not heard of - he tends to keep his head down and just QUIETLY dominates leader boards. I truly do not know how big his list is - but I have seen him in the #1 slot on enough "final" leaderboards to know the guy is the real deal.

This bundle includes everything - from the giveaway report to a follow-up email sequence! - you need to start building your list - or an additional option to add to your current offers!
  • Rebrandable High-Quality Affiliate Marketing Report
  • Fully Mobile Responsive, High Converting 2-step Squeeze Page – proven to maximize conversions. All the legal pages are also included, too! Squeeze Page
  • Professional Redirect Page
  • A Full 14 Day Relationship Building Autoresponder Series
There are several OTOs but I highly recommend OTO #2 - Rebill Riches - it's the best list of recurring affiliate programs I have ever found!! Over 250 programs and I can promise you that you probably have not heard of half of them!

Val Wilson's Affiliate Marketing Niche Pack V2

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 5.05.19 PM
OJ James is another veteran in the IM space, but from the software side - he's not dropped a new product in quite a while, so I was all over this one!

No matter how you feel about social media - it's not going away, and our customers are there!

But when it comes to posting on social media - consistency is often more important than anything else, due in large part to the automated algorithms that the sites use! Great content posted once a month is NOT going to get you the same results that posting that daily cat meme will!!

Xcelerate is a one-time cost (under $20 right now!) 7-in-1 Social Media Traffic Automation Suite - Create, Publish and Schedule Content On All 7 major Social Media Platforms Simultaneously in Just 1 Click plus all of this:
  • Social Post Creator – Create any type of Social Post (Image, Video, Carousel, Stories)
  • Unlimited Auto Posting – Post on all 9 social platforms in 1-Click
  • Unlimited Auto Scheduling –
  • Pixabay & Unsplash Search PLUS Rich Image Editor
  • Track results with Google Analytics Tag & Facebook Pixel
  • Action Link Controller customize all your affiliate/buy links with ease go.

Tuesday Tutorials!

5 cat carrying books

Registration Is Open!!

The Kitchen Sink Presents Our Next Event:
The Vendor Showcase!

Yes, we have kept this one kinda quiet because we wanted it to be different
and uniquely OURS!!! And I think we have succeeded!

One afternoon - April 28th, starting at 12noon,
3 sessions, no sales pitches!
and as always - ALL LIVE!!


Nothing pre-recorded!
Live Q&A as always!

Just a deep dive into services that we love and use!

Guest Speakers:

12 noon EST
Ruthie Bowers, RitchieMedia.ca
ConvertKit Walk Through

2:00 pm EST

Eric Newdom, Bublup

4:00 pm EST

Shane Nathan, WarriorPlus

Click Here To Register!

Have a wonderful evening!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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