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me today....just want to sleep

cool cat

Hi, everyone!!

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that I did something I have not done in a long time - I took most of the day off and played.

Well, today, I did something else that I haven't done in ages and ages: I woke up sick! Seems to be a full-blown head cold, stuffy nose and sore throat. COVID test came out negative but will do again tomorrow to be sure as the family is coming for Easter Brunch Sunday, and want to make sure that I am not contagious!

So tonight? To bed early, lots of healthy supplements, and fluids, and hopefully, feel better tomorrow because we have some busy days ahead!


The Kitchen Sink Presents Our Next Event:
The Vendor Showcase!

Yes, we have kept this one kinda quiet because we wanted it to be different
and uniquely OURS!!! And I think we have succeeded!

One afternoon - April 28th, starting at 12noon,
3 sessions, no sales pitches!
and as always - ALL LIVE!!


Nothing pre-recorded!
Live Q&A as always!

Just a deep dive into services that we love and use!

Guest Speakers:

Eric Newdom, Bublup

Shane Nathan, WarriorPlus

Ruthie Bowers, RitchieMedia.ca
ConvertKit Walk Through

Registration Opens Monday!!
New Today!
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.41.14 PM

WP Link Ninja

I just bought this today, so have not had time to play with it yet, but vendor has been in the industry forever as John Thornhill's 'right hand' so I have confidence it will work as promised - but that is NOT the reason I bought this....

At first glance, I thought this was just another link cloaker, which is nice but what I really love is a nifty little feature called "Collections Pages"...which is a tool to quickly and easily create a page of CLOAKED links and there are a LOT of nifty ways to use these quick to create little pages - but the one I like the best?

Create a list of everything you promoted in your newsletters over the week - with cloaked links to make sure you get your commissions....and post it on your website as your weekly "quick check" to help your readers find something they saw earlier in the week so they don't have to go back and find every one of your emails....

And last but not least - it comes with RESELL RIGHTS!!!
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 5.40.00 PM
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 5.40.09 PM

Content Gorilla
(Yes, I really DO purchase these things!)

Content Gorilla was something totally unique when it was launched 2 years ago, and with its latest update - it has leaped ahead again! This is NOT a content 'scraper' - instead, it allows you to access the closed caption feature on many YouTube videos and - to stay legally compliant, it focuses on the videos with creative commons rights (this license allows you to use the video and content freely). This means that you have content on almost any topic at your fingertips in seconds!

And the new version does SOOOO much more:
  • Create blog posts or In one click, download your content in text or PDF format and publish it wherever you want, however you want.
  • Artificial Intelligence Content Writing
  • Includes 50,000 AI processed words PLUS An Additional BONUS 50,000 AI words during the launch special!
  • Unlimited Closed Captions Words From YouTube - Quick Convert YouTube Content Into Blog Post!
  • Internal linking to increase SEO - automatically searches your blog for posts related to the one you’re just about to create and when it finds something related, it automatically adds a link at the bottom of your post so your visitors will stay on your blogs longer.
  • Moneyphrasing - Hyperlink specific keywords (or phrases) in all published articles on one/all of your websites.
  • Article Outline Creator
  • Content Calendar
  • SEO Scoring
  • Create content in 105+ languages
  • Fetch featured image
  • Auto-add relevant images
  • Find & Replace feature with Built-in Grammar Correction
  • Social Content Syndication
  • Use on up to 10 websites
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

Get the full list of features here:

Content Gorilla

A live Workshop walkthrough, including how to optimize your blog posts for the Search Engines! PLUS: I will optimize one article or blog post for everyone that picks up Content Gorilla! The Workshop will be

The Workshop will be Friday, May 6th - Zoom details will be in your JVZ account Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 7.24.54 PM

Printable Labels Empire

If you like making stickers but want something less competitive - I think this may be exactly what you are looking for!

Alessandro is back with something that looks like so much fun that I am going to be adding it to my roadmap too!

Inside “Printable Labels Empire” Webinar, You Will Discover:
  • ​How The Method Works, Step By Step.
  • ​ The 4 Top Sub-Niches To Choose For Easy Profits.
  • ​How To Legally Steal Keywords And Rank Better To Sell Way More.
  • Many Projects Created Live With You From Start To End.
  • ​ Tips And Tricks For Making This Business Perfect.
  • ​ How to Send Files Automatically To Paying Customers.
  • ​ An Incredible Bonus.
  • And much, much more!
A side note - one of my grandfather's favorite gifts from us was a set of personalized wine bottle labels - he always said he appreciated the time and thought that went into creating something that was just for him ;-)

New Video PLR from Charles Harper:
PowerPoint Tutorials

Charles has just released his new Present Your Ideas with PowerPoint Video PLR. I plan on adding these to one of my blog's member areas, and creating a workbook to go along with it from one of my planners, so I have a complete course! Easy to do with Charles' products because they are so well done. This will be a great way to educate my PLR customers on the finer points of PLR while creating an evergreen revenue stream ;-)

You get:
  • 20 High Quality over the Shoulder Videos
  • 20 Companion Audios
  • Fully Customizable Lead Magnet Page
  • Lead Magnet Video Workshop
  • Full Transcripts
  • E-Covers and Sales Graphics
  • Sales Page and Thank You Page
  • Sales Video and Script/Outline
  • PLUS – As a bonus: PowerPoint 1.0 Video course with Resell Rights
This training isn’t geared toward creating planners and journals, it will really give you a good foundation if you want to create low content products with PPTX.

It’s on a dimesale and was at just a little over $7.50 as of this newsletter - really a steal when you look at other PowerPoint courses!!
Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 4.15.31 PM

Mother's Day is not far away!!
Jan's Weekend Flash Sale!

Mother’s Day Journal

There's a Flash Sale this weekend over at SimpleHappiness.Biz, - pick up Jan's Mother’s Day Journal and the matching Recipe Journal. Get one or both on sale this weekend - Use coupon code LOVEMOM to purchase them individually for $9.95, or get the bundle for $14.95 with code MOMDEAL

Special note: Both have recently been updated to include Canva versions.
And now off to take my vitamins, aspirin and water jug...and off to bed!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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