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Ruthie Bundle
Hi, everyone!

No doubt you have only heard about Ruthie's Printable Publisher's Round Table and Bundle about 9,723.5 times today, give or take a bit ;-)

And now I am going to hit you up about it again LOL! The bundle is AMAZING - a couple of more products have been added since I did the header! - but I wanted to make sure that you register for the Printable Publisher's Round Table because it sometimes gets lost in the excitement around the bundle, and it shouldn't because it is AWESOME!!

Today's topic was "Getting Off The Launch Hamster Wheel" and there were some absolute gems! These sessions are LIVE so you have a chance to pop your questions into the chatbox, and get feedback from the panel - all real, active product creators.

Sign up here for the remaining 2 sessions
Apr 6, 2022 02:00 PM
Apr 7, 2022 02:00 PM

I promise you won't be sorry!

We also did a fun interview last week, and Ruthie revealed how she started on the Bundle journey - watch it here!

And, yes, things do tend to get a little crazy around Ruthie's Printable Publisher's Round Table and Bundle launch as everyone announces CRAZY huge bonuses, and this year is no different. And truthfully, it gets worse as the deadline approaches because people will up the stakes and increase their bonus.

And I freely admit that I have done this in the past as well, cuz, well, it's fun, and I really like to support Ruthie because she does so much for everyone the rest of the year.

But this year - I won't be increasing my bonus. I can't. It's already 'over the top' and there is really no way for me to make it bigger!!

It's already HUGE and it is a LIMITED EDITION 2023 DATED Digital Planner with matching PRINTABLE Planner AND Lead Magnet - but what makes this really special is that the DESIGN IS UNIQUE TO THIS BONUS!

It will not be sold on its own - EVER. The only way you can get this bundle is through Ruthie's event ;-)

This planner will have a minimum of:

  • 5 covers
  • 10 new templates
  • Fully hyperlinked including daily calendars to each corresponding page (this is usually around 11,000++ links!)
  • Stickers because I love doing these!
And several new design features that I do not want to giveaway this far ahead of the release ;-D

I have also decided to add a LIVE WORKSHOP the week after the planner is released that will be a GENERAL Q&A on working with Digital Planners - so bring whatever questions you have from how to change the tab colors to adding new content to ???

At this point, I am getting pretty good with these things - so if I don't know the answer - I am sure I can get it for you ;-)

The Bonus will be available in your member area by the end of the month as I am working on the 2023 dated planner - plenty of time to hit the upcoming planner season. You will be the first to get my 2023 releases and a unique, limited edition design!!

Printable Publisher's Round Table and Bundle

New!! NAMS Summit!!
Creating Long-Term
Income Streams

April 11-14

In the latest series from David Perdew and Jen Perdew-Houk, you will have the opportunity to hear from some of the most successful people in the eCommerce world, including:
  • Alice Seba
  • Brian Anderson
  • Anthony McCarthy
  • Ron Douglas
  • Neil Napier
  • Paul Counts & Shreya Banerjee
  • Mike Hilton & Brad Hartwig
And yes, I jumped in immediately!

Financial Management For Small Business Owners
(Checklist Vol. 52)

Without a doubt, one of the longest - if not THE longest-running - PLR "series"! From Kevin Fahey, comes the latest in his popular 'Checklist' series. All Checklists come with generous PLR rights and in 5 formats:
  1. Re-Brandable Document Files
  2. Printable PDFs
  3. Interactive Mind Maps
  4. Google/Excel Spreadsheets
  5. Interactive Checklists
BTW - if you want to get into the Printables niche - financial printables are one of the HOTTEST selling niches, and are EVERGREEN, so you can literally build an entire business around this niche!!

Check out the topics:
  • Checklist #1 - Creating A Projection Of Your Cashflow
  • Checklist #2 - Creating A Budget
  • Checklist #3 - Setting Up The Right Insurance
  • Checklist #4 - Reviewing Your Financial Plan
  • Checklist #5 - Setting Strategic Management Tasks For The Business
  • Checklist #6 - Preparing For A Business Loan
  • Checklist #7 - Compiling A Profit & Loss Statement For Your Business
  • Checklist #8 - Investment Management & Maintaining Good Business Credit
  • Checklist #9 - Undertaking Strategic Financial Risks
  • Checklist #10 - Financing Your Business
  • Checklist #11 - Establishing Sound Book-Keeping Techniques
  • Checklist #12 - Setting Up Good Financial Habits For Your Business
  • Checklist #13 - Reviewing Regulatory & Obligatory Requirements
  • Checklist #14 - Tax Management
  • Checklist #15 - Conducting A Monthly Checklist Of Financial Items
  • Checklist #16 - Understanding The Accounting & Financial Basics Of Your Business
  • Checklist #17 - Reviewing Your Financial Affairs As The Business Owner
  • Checklist #18 - Selecting A Cloud Accounting Software & Hiring An Accountant

Financial Management For Small Business Owners

From Cindy Bidar:
List Building With Bundles

I believe heart and soul in this method!! This is EXACTLY how I built my business and our AMAZING Kitchen Sink Mastermind!!!

This new course walks you through the process of finding events to putting together your offer to getting invited back ;-)

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 11.33.04 AM

WP Blog Defender

Definitely a 5-star recommendation!

This is only available at this one-time price for a couple of more days, and then it looks as though they are putting it on a monthly license. The bundle includes 17 videos and 3 premium plugins - this is one of the best deals you are going to find for locking down and PROTECTING your website - and your livelihood - that you will find!

YES!!! Let's do a live workshop and walk through the setups together - I love this stuff!! Zoom details will be in your download area at JVZoo - having to juggle a couple of things to squeeze this one in!!

From Nicole at Content Drafts

Digital Decluttering:
Simplify your Online Life for More Sanity and Less Stress

  • 10 question self-assessment quiz you can use as a Lead Magnet
  • Epic Blog Post/Short Report "25 Things You Can Do Immediately to Declutter your Digital Life Without Completely Disconnecting"
  • 5 professionally written blog posts with an average word count of 530 words.
  • 15 questions to generate discussions in your community
  • 6 posts optimized for Twitter and 6 posts written for Facebook.

This is the kind of content that can be utilized to drive organic traffic to your blog OR add it to your Digital or Printable planners to create a totally unique workbook. OR build your list by turning this into a Challenge!

Use Coupon Code DECLUTTER at checkout and get this for only $17!!
Digital Decluttering:
Simplify your Online Life for More Sanity and Less Stress
Have a wonderful evening! I am off to forage for some carrot cake ;-)
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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