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Hi, everyone!

It's that time of the year again - Ruthie's Printable Publisher's Round Table and Bundle sale is here!!

This is my fave bundle for 2 reasons 1) This is where I kinda got my start in this space, and 2) Ruthie has been ruth-less (get it??) in maintaining a high standard of quality for the event.

Unlike most bundles, this one is focused on our Low-Content Niche, and the majority of the products are created new for the event. I have an all-new Digital planner for this one, in the undated "Perpetual" Planner format.

And of course - there HAS to be a bonus right?

In the past, I have usually done a coupon but this year I wanted to do something different and REALLY huge: My bonus is a bundle package consisting of a 2023 DATED Digital Planner with matching PRINTABLE Planner AND Lead Magnet - but what makes this really special is that the DESIGN IS UNIQUE TO THIS BONUS! It will not be sold on its own - EVER. The only way you can get this bundle is through Ruthie's event ;-)

The Bonus will be available in your member area by the end of the month as I am still working on the 2023 dated planner - plenty of time to hit the upcoming planner season, and you will be the first to get my 2023 releases!!

Register HERE to get on the list for the launch!

And of course - you want to register for the live Round Table sessions too!! These are Tuesday through Thursday, every afternoon at 2:00 pm EST - sign up HERE

We also did a fun interview last week, and Ruthie revealed how she started on the Bundle journey - watch it here!

From Nicole at Content Drafts

Digital Decluttering:
Simplify your Online Life for More Sanity and Less Stress

  • 10 question self-assessment quiz you can use as a Lead Magnet
  • Epic Blog Post/Short Report "25 Things You Can Do Immediately to Declutter your Digital Life Without Completely Disconnecting"
  • 5 professionally written blog posts with an average word count of 530 words.
  • 15 questions to generate discussions in your community
  • 6 posts optimized for Twitter and 6 posts written for Facebook.

This is the kind of content that can be utilized to drive organic traffic to your blog OR add it to your Digital or Printable planners to create a totally unique workbook. OR build your list by turning this into a Challenge!

Use Coupon Code DECLUTTER at checkout and get this for only $17!!
Digital Decluttering:
Simplify your Online Life for More Sanity and Less Stress

Tiffany Lambert's

30 Day Online Business Blueprint Series

Whether your goal is to build your list with great lead magnets or increase your traffic with solid content - these bundles from Tiffany Lambert are the perfect starting point!

Each bundle includes 5 reports, approximately 15,000 words with full rights. You can break them up for blog content (think Pillar Posts made easy!), compile them into an ebook to sell or give away the individual reports to build your list. You can even add them to your planners as bonus content or create workbooks with them! (And yes, I have all 3)

Check them out:
30 Day Online Business Blueprints - PLR Vol 1

30 Day Online Business Blueprints - PLR Vol 2

30 Day Online Business Blueprints - PLR Vol 3

Another 3-day sale!!
This one is the "Early Bird" discount sale for the infamous

This year 10 BC Stack buyers will be awarded a
$500 Grant to help grow their business.
Plus this year's BC Stack comes with a free
6-Week "How To Academy" to get you help and get all of your
questions answered!!

This year, I will be doing an in-depth LIVE Workshop showing how
to create an entirely new type of Digital Planner -
using a fun and unique 'object' linked dashboard!

And YES - I WILL have a bonus and EarlyBirds will still get the Bonus!

And if you would like to promote the event as an affiliate - click here for details!!
And because so many have asked -
here are those VERY popular Tik Tok courses again....

1) LIVE WITH REPLAYS!! TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier
Sharon has had phenomenal results with her foray into TikTok and in this 2 session Workshop series, you will leave with a working Tik Tok profile and some working knowledge of how you got there! Seriously, the topics covered are extensive - check it all out - the first live workshop was last week but there are replays avaialble and it was EXCELLENT!
TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier

2) Learn TikTok with Kristie Chiles's Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success
Kristie's TikTok videos got over 22,000 views in less than a month - and you can do these videos without showing your face!!

The bundle includes:
#1 - A 81 Page TikTok Planner (Personal Use) (yes!)
#2 - A Lovely TikTok Printable - 4 Best Tips To Your Map To TikTok Success

These two products work beautifully together, and each brings their own tips and strategies to the process.
Have a wonderful day!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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