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PLR That Is Near and Dear To My Heart....

Making A Fresh Start Confidence (PLR)

In 1999, freshly divorced, I moved from San Jose, California to Cincinnati, Ohio. I knew no one here, and had not even seen the apartment I had rented online! I got off the plane with just a couple of days of clothing, an air mattress, and my computer. I slept on the air mattress until my furniture arrived 3 days later.

I had $75 left in my bank account and a credit card with a $4,000 limit. I was back in business the day after I arrived and the cable guy left (wireless was pretty much non-existent back then). I was selling payment services to businesses in this new thing called 'eCommerce'....3 weeks later, Jakie, a little black and white tuxedo kittie moved in. 3 weeks after that - I met Bob ;-). 2 years later I bought a home, affectionately called The Cabin, on 5 acres just a few minutes from downtown Cincy, and in 2001, Bob and I married.

My life today would not have happened had I not had the confidence (and a bit of courage) to start over, to give myself the gift of a fresh start. And sooner or later - whether in business or our personal life - almost every one of us will need to make a Fresh Start at something!!

This is an excellent pack of content that Includes 5 Articles, 5 Emails, eBook Compilation, 5 Social Media Posts and 5 social media images. It's well-written
and on target:
  • Don’t Feel Guilty About Wanting a Fresh Start
  • 3 Reasons People Don’t Make Change - and What to Do About Them
  • Can Cleaning Your Closet Lead to a Fresh Start?
  • Believe in Yourself, Even When it Feels Like No One Else Does
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Windshield Rather than the Rearview Mirror
Tip for using this content:
This would make a fantastic Journal for someone going through the process!!

Making A Fresh Start Confidence (PLR)
Happy Hump Day, everyone!

And yes, that is pretty much my philosophy - although I do like a taco or two thrown in there for variety. And chocolate, of course ;-)

What a busy day this was! Started out with a fantastic Zoom on Tik Tok, taught by Kitchen Sinker Sharon Kinnier, and it was excellent! She was so patient as we all worked our way through phones and desktops and got our accounts set up!

Then a short break and we followed up with the Free Traffic Shotgun Boot Camp and
dove into creating a Tik Tok video using Canva. And YES! I actually showed everyone how I made my video on Canva in about 15 minutes which is pretty amazing because it was the first thing I have EVER created on Canva, so that should tell you how easy it was!!

In fact, it was MUCH easier than setting up my Tik Tok account - I can honestly say the recent courses from Saron and Kristie saved me oodles of time! Yes, I know teenagers do this all of the time but we are doing these for business purposes so we need to put a little thought into the setup!

So once again - thank you, Sharon, for all of your help today!! You rock!

If you missed the two recent Tik Tok launches - here they are:

1) LIVE WITH REPLAYS!! TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier
Sharon has had phenomenal results with her foray into TikTok and in this 2 session Workshop series, you will leave with a working Tik Tok profile and some working knowledge of how you got there! Seriously, the topics covered are extensive - check it all out:
TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier

2) Learn TikTok with Kristie Chiles's Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success
Kristie's TikTok videos got over 22,000 views in less than a month - and you can do these videos without showing your face!!

The bundle includes:
#1 - A 81 Page TikTok Planner (Personal Use) (yes!)
#2 - A Lovely TikTok Printable - 4 Best Tips To Your Map To TikTok Success

These two products work beautifully together, and each brings their own tips and strategies to the process.

Upcoming next week:

April 4 - Ruthie Bowers' big Bundle event, always one of the best because just about everything in the bundle is a new release, no tired old products that you have seen in the last 4 bundles ;-) She also is coming back with her popular "Printables Publisher's Round Table" Discussions, always a great place to hear from others in the Low-Content space, and get your creative jices going. Keep your afternoons open next week - the sessions are Tuesday through Thursday, at 2:00 PM EST each day.

Look for access details in the next couple of days!

The Tutorial Tuesday reads are at the bottom of the newsletter - some very interesting articles including how to make mega $$$$ selling ordinary products viz...TIK TOK!!

Zoomin' Around:

Thursday, March 31
3:00PM EST
Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Open to all - your login details are in the member dashboard ;-)

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 11.28.59 AM

This is a new release from Abhi Dwivedi, and while I have not had time to go through it yet - I have many of his other products and they all work as advertised, so I snapped this one up as soon as it was available!

The basic version is all that most people will need as it includes a TON of features but in a nutshell: this lets you stream live to Facebook Profiles, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, YouTube Channels, Twitch, and 4 Custom RTMP, and much, much more - including but not limited to:
  • Add multiple guests in the broadcast,
  • Share your screen,
  • Schedule the Broadcast to a future date,
  • Create & LIVE Stream videos of up to 30 minutes
  • Create & Run Upto 100 LIVE Streams (Live or Pre-recorded)
There are several OTOs, but the basic version lets you do so much that most people won't need any of the OTOs.

Check it out here: StreamReels.

Quick Reads for a
Brief Tutorial Tuesday!

• From Elegant Themes:
9+ Best Domain Name Extensions for SEO

• From BuzzSprout:
How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Podcast

• From Medium.com:
A VERY interesting piece on driving traffic for eCommerce via Tik Tok: I made a $15k profit last month from this simple household item (no ad spend)

• From the Big G itself, The Think With Google Newsletter -
Trends on Google Travel and Local Search
See you all tomorrow!!
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