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Would ya look at that??? Grandma is on Tik Tok! Yes, I finally got a little video done, got it up on Tik Tok (NOT THAT EASY!!) and it suddenly dawned on me that the grandkids are going to think that is the funniest thing in the world...grandma (aka "Mama Mel") is on Tik Tok.

Who woulda thunk??

In all honestly, creating the video was the easy part - it was the account opening, and uploading, and all of that stuff that was NOT easy!!

I would love to say that oohhhh...this was so easy to do but the truth is I went through Kristie's course to get the basics done, and will be on Sharon's LIVE Workshop tomorrow as well, as that one is a live hands-on situation, where I can ask questions, and YES, I DO have questions! This is one of those cases where floundering around is not going to do anything except waste time so I am quite happy to have shortcuts available to me!

I finally decided after some AMAZING success stories in the PLR and Low-Content space that it was time to dive in and see what we can do with it! And if you bought the Kevin Fahey Free Traffic Shotgun course last month but have not attended the Boot Camp sessions - doing a Tik Tok video was our homework assignment from our last session! Once again - the power of our amazing group activities to kick us all in our collective tushes to take action - LOVE IT!!!

If you missed the two recent Tik Tok launches - here they are:

1) LIVE!! Starts TOMORROW!! TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier
Sharon has had phenomenal results with her foray into TikTok and in this 2 session Workshop series, you will leave with a working Tik Tok profile and some working knowledge of how you got there! Seriously, the topics covered are extensive - check it all out:
TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier

2) Learn TikTok with Kristie Chiles's Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success
Kristie's TikTok videos got over 22,000 views in less than a month - and you can do these videos without showing your face!!

The bundle includes:
#1 - A 81 Page TikTok Planner (Personal Use) (yes!)
#2 - A Lovely TikTok Printable - 4 Best Tips To Your Map To TikTok Success

These two products work beautifully together, and each brings their own tips and strategies to the process.

All I know is that between Tik Tok and my StreamReel software, I feel like I made some MAJOR headway in the right direction this week - in spite of 2 hours on the phone every day with my mom and raccoons fighting on the roof.

All night.

4 nights in a row.

And yes, down to the basement tonight....

LOL ain't never a boring moment around here....


And don't miss the Tutorial Tuesday reads at the bottom of the newsletter - some very interesting articles including how to make mega $$$$ selling ordinary products viz...TIK TOK!!


Zoomin' Around:

Thursday, March 30
2:00PM EST
Kevin Fahey Free Traffic Shotgun Boot Camp – Session 5
(Find your access details in your Purchase History at WarriorPlus or on your download page) Don't forget your homework assignment - a Tik Tok Video!!

Thursday, March 31
3:00PM EST
Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Open to all - your login details are in the member dashbaord ;-)

Still baffled about Crypto?

Barb Ling has just launched one of the best products I have seen in ages that actually explains what Crypto is and how to get involved - safely - that I have seen to date. I love Barb's style - it is best described as, well, BARB!! - and will keep you laughing while she is subtly teaching you a complex topic in a simple and friendly way.

BANDB: Bitcoin and Beyond: Crypto Made Simple

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 11.28.59 AM

This is a new release from Abhi Dwivedi, and while I have not had time to go through it yet - I have many of his other products and they all work as advertised, so I snapped this one up as soon as it was available!

The basic version is all that most people will need as it includes a TON of features but in a nutshell: this lets you stream live to Facebook Profiles, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, YouTube Channels, Twitch, and 4 Custom RTMP, and much, much more - including but not limited to:
  • Add multiple guests in the broadcast,
  • Share your screen,
  • Schedule the Broadcast to a future date,
  • Create & LIVE Stream videos of up to 30 minutes
  • Create & Run Upto 100 LIVE Streams (Live or Pre-recorded)
There are several OTOs, but the basic version lets you do so much that most people won't need any of the OTOs.

I actually purchased 2 of the OTOS (unusual for me, as you know) - the first one is for unlimited length videos and includes Instagram & Tik Tok, so that was a no-brainer for me (HELLO!!! Some of those Workshops are 3 hours long...), and then the very last one which lets you add interactive buttons and opt-in forms over the videos. And you know how cheap I am - but I really felt that they were a super-smart addition to the core product and fit well with my long-term plans.

I am really excited about this product because this is a great way to maximize the time that I have spent on these Workshops, without taking hundreds of hours to post them all over the web!!

Check it out here: StreamReels.

Quick Reads for a
Brief Tutorial Tuesday!

• From Elegant Themes:
9+ Best Domain Name Extensions for SEO

• From BuzzSprout:
How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Podcast

• From Medium.com:
A VERY interesting piece on driving traffic for eCommerce via Tik Tok: I made a $15k profit last month from this simple household item (no ad spend)

• From the Big G itself, The Think With Google Newsletter -
Trends on Google Travel and Local Search
See you all tomorrow!!
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