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Spring is not here...but Ruthie IS!!!

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 8.16.39 PM
Hi, everyone!

I hope this finds everyone looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend! My week pretty much went off the rails (yeah, I know - when does it ever stay ON the rails, right?), so I am going to be playing catch-up on some things, and need to get some things done around the house in preparation for the big family Easter Brunch. I was kinda thinking the grandkids were too old at this point to want to come over for chocolate chip waffles and so we would not be hosting brunch this year, but I guess I was wrong!

And since I am not exactly the most diligent person when it comes to housecleaning - I have a few things to tackle over the next couple of weekends.....or not LOL

Looking back over this past week, we really had some great Zoom sessions, and the feedback has been awesome! Some of you have already jumped right into new niches for your affiliate marketing and wow - I am impressed at the progress you have already made!!

It's inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by action takers, and I love the dynamics of the groups! Everyone is supportive, sharing, and generous, and I truly appreciate the time that you all take out of your schedule to join us.

And in between Zooms - I hope you will come and join us over at the Kitchen Sink Mastermind Facebook group - the door is always open and the peeps are always friendly ;-)

BTW - if you have not checked out Provely - the re-launch price ends tonight and it really is a great deal - not cheap, but compared to other comparable products, it is a total bargain. And it has the added benefit of coming to us from two veterans of the IM world, Matt Callen and Mark Thompson. Details are below Ruthie....


Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 8.05.36 PM
We have snow predicted for Saturday, so Spring is still not here - but Ruthie's latest bundle almost makes you forget!!

These are gorgeous!! Spring may not be here in Cincy yet - but I can fake it till we make it with Ruthie's gorgeous new pack! This is my fave pack to date - really beautiful!! I think the colorized versions (shown above) would be perfect in your journals and planners! Dividers, month pages, covers, even stickers - really gorgeous!

Zen Style Spring Coloring Pages (Black & White)

Zen Style Spring Coloring Pages (Colorized)

OMG!! This integrates with AMember!! YEA!!
Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 7.25.57 PM


Provely was first launched in 2015, so this has been around a while - but it has been completely re-vamped and Version 2 is only available as a one-time payment for 4 days. This is from Mark Thompson and Matt Callen, both long-time and highly respected software developers. I highly recommend anything that he does!!

  • Create all of the conversion-creating notifications in seconds on your site:
    Social Proof with Live Conversions Notifications
  • Low Stock
  • Urgency/Timer
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Live Visitors Currently on Your Site
  • Announcements
  • Add scarcity, social proof and more, anywhere on your page.
  • Social Links
  • Videos
  • Newsletter Optins and more


And yes, I did go for the totally unlimited option (unusual for me)
but passed on everything else ;-)

30-Day Online Business Blueprints PLR (Vol 3)

The latest in this series from Tiffany Lambert - I have picked up every one! They are perfect content for niche blogs! You can use the reports for lead magnets, break up the content into articles, or break each report into smaller articles to use as "PILLAR POSTS' to improve your SEO - and at this price - you cannot beat the value!

Report #1: 30 Day Content Marketing Blueprint
(8-page, 3,250-words)

Report #2: 30 Day Website Traffic Blueprint (
8-page, 3,171-words)

Report #3: 30 Day Self Publishing Blueprint (7+ page, 3,100-words)

Report #4: 30 Day Multi Media Blueprint (7+ page, 3,024-words)

Report #5: 30 Day Social Networking Blueprint (7+ page, 2,987-words)

30-Day Online Business Blueprints PLR (Vol 3)

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 7.38.15 PM

Extreme ADZ

Yes, I admit that I have other software programs that are similar but they all have different graphics and features, and I really fell in love with some of these! This one also works with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok too!
  • Preview 3D Animations Instantly by hovering over the template
  • Choose from 100,000’s music background soundtracks by entering any “keyword”
  • “Drag n Drop: image editor. Easily resize & Crop in a few clicks
  • Social proof - Simulate likes, add your profile pic
  • Add emojis to your ad for even more engagement
  • Add hashtags to your ad
  • Turn on/off 3D sound animation with 1 click
  • Clone existing videos with 1 click - easily create your own templates
  • Videos export within minutes!
  • Create UNLIMITED videos!

Extreme ADZ

And off for a bit of downtime - reading the latest Nora Roberts - my guilty pleasure!
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