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Hi, everyone!

As many of you know, I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and my mother lives in The Villages, FL. Late yesterday, she called to tell me that she fell and broke her right wrist, so I spent most of the day lining up various services, ordering groceries, etc etc.

My carefully planned schedule just went out the window. Thankfully, I was not terribly attached to it since it rarely seems to hang around for long - usually just long enough to tease me into thinking I actually have one....

There are indeed a lot of compelling reasons for working from home but most of the reasons I hear have to do either with being home with your kids - or being able to travel the world, footloose and fancy-free.

For me, the decision was initially partially health-based, but also I was living in Silicon Valley at the time and was simply sick of corporate politics and 15-minute commutes that took 2 hours. This may seem silly but I really think no sentient being should have to arrive at the office 2 hrs early to avoid sitting in their car for 2 hours!

Believe me, I appreciate the fact that my commute is 12 steps from the bedroom to the coffeepot although the traffic jam of 3 kitties piled up at the foot of the stairway waiting for breakfast can be a bit challenging some mornings...

But as time evolved, and my parents had health issues, being able to work online was a lifesaver - I do not know how many hours I spent on my laptop in airports and hospital rooms after my dad had his stroke, and there is no way I could have kept a J-O-B when I spent almost 4 months in FL when my mom had her knee replacement surgery.

As frustrated as this online stuff can be sometimes - it is within the reach of ALL of us, and the rewards and benefits are often so much more than can be measured in the $$$ that we earn.

We are so very very fortunate to live in a time when we can sit in our homes and build a business that can be rewarding, both financially and creatively, and still be flexible enough to handle the vagaries of our lives.

I know how tough it can be starting out in any new venture, and if you started, as I did, pretty much at the beginning of the COVID quarantine, I think its been doubly tough dealing with the stress of a new business and everything else that has been going on.

I don't mean to ramble but I know this is not the easiest path to take, and I just want you to know that it IS worth it. "Location independent' can be so much more than simply being able to 'see the world'! And please don't take that wrong - because I love to travel and have seen a good portion of this planet - but for me, as the only caretaker, it's meant being there when needed, without negative financial consequences, and that means a lot at this stage of my life.

Get discouraged? Need someone to chat with? Come and join us over at the Kitchen Sink Mastermind Facebook group - the door is always open and the peeps are always friendly ;-)


Zoomin' Around:

Thursday, March 24
3:00PM EST
Michael Cheney Boot Camp – Session 1
(Find your access details in your Purchase History at WarriorPlus or on your download page) This will be fun as we dive into the first part of the course, and lay out the gameplan for the rest of the Boot Camp ;-)

Friday, March 25
2:00PM EST
Perpetual Planner Workshop
(Special bonus for buyers of the new Perpetual Planner - Zoom details are on your download page) If you are new to the world of Digital Planners, you won't want to miss this one - we will do a deep dive into working with and customizing your new planners! And yes there will be replays and open Q&A at the end.

Tik Tok MANIA!!!

Tik Tok is where the action is these days - and we now have TWO fantastic trainings that work very well together!! VERY timely for those of us in the Traffic Boot Camp right now!

1) Learn TikTok with Kristie Chiles's Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success
Kristie's TikTok videos got over 22,000 views in less than a month - and you can do these videos without showing your face!!

The bundle includes:
#1 - A 81 Page TikTok Planner (Personal Use) (yes!)
#2 - A Lovely TikTok Printable - 4 Best Tips To Your Map To TikTok Success

2) LIVE!! TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier
Sharon has had phenomenal results with her foray into TikTok and in this 2 session Workshop series, you will leave with a working Tik Tok profile and some working knowledge of how you got there! Seriously, the topics covered are extensive - check it all out:
TikTok Workshop with Sharon Kinnier

I think this may be the
bargain of the week!

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 12.48.12 PM


I've been looking at this one and a couple of others for awhile now, and finally pulled the trigger this am, thanks to this new one-time pricing offer!! This one product does more than anything else I have seen and at price points that won't break your budget!

Provely was first launched in 2015, so this has been around a while - but it has been completely re-vamped and Version 2 is only available as a one-time payment for 4 days. This is from Mark Thompson and I highly recommend anything that he does!!

And yes, I did go for the totally unlimited option (unusual for me) but passed on everything else ;-)

  • Create all of the conversion-creating notifications in seconds on your site:
    Social Proof with Live Conversions Notifications
  • Low Stock
  • Urgency/Timer
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Live Visitors Currently on Your Site
  • Announcements
  • Add scarcity, social proof and more, anywhere on your page.
  • Social Links
  • Videos
  • Newsletter Optins and more


Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.48.29 AM

Extreme ADZ

Yes, I admit that I have other software programs that are similar but they all have different graphics and features, and I really fell in love with some of these! This one also works with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok too!
  • Preview 3D Animations Instantly by hovering over the template
  • Choose from 100,000’s music background soundtracks by entering any “keyword”
  • “Drag n Drop: image editor. Easily resize & Crop in a few clicks
  • Social proof - Simulate likes, add your profile pic
  • Add emojis to your ad for even more engagement
  • Add hashtags to your ad
  • Turn on/off 3D sound animation with 1 click
  • Clone existing videos with 1 click - easily create your own templates
  • Videos export within minutes!
  • Create UNLIMITED videos!

Extreme ADZ

And now off to re-watch the Michael Cheney course and get ready Session 1 - this is going to be fun!!
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