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Happy Spring!!

YES!!! It is finally here, and it actually LOOKS like spring today!! It's gorgeous out and we will be going out for a walk later this afternoon ;-)

Patience does have its virtues...sometimes...

Update For PLUS members -
I uploaded monthly calendar stickers in 2 different color combos for both 2022 AND 2023, AND month "word art" in 2 styles as well, and we will look at how you can use these either to customize your planners or as a bonus or upsell in our upcoming Workshop on Tuesday ;-)

To TikTok or Not to TikTok?
We've been discussing TikTok a LOT lately because we are seeing some major success for PLR & Low Content peeps - and no, they are not dancing around holding their planners either! Kristie Chiles just launched a brand new 81-page personal TikTok planner this am, yes, I picked it up and yes, I am loving it - check it out here: Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success

And low-content people are indeed seeing some BIG numbers - followers, views, subscribers AND sales - on TikTok - without showing their face on their videos.

This has reached a point where we cannot ignore it anymore and I think it will be less work for better results than other channels. Time to get in, folks!

Organic traffic is a BIG target for us this year - from MULTIPLE SOURCES!!!

I know there are 'experts' out there selling courses that tell you to focus on Facebook or Pinterest or SEO - but here is the hard cold truth:

ALL of these traffic sources change up their algorithms on a regular basis, based on their own internal strategies and goals. If you rely on just one channel for your traffic - sooner or later you ARE going to get hit, and things are going to get scary.

Now, in almost every case, the traffic will eventually come back - but it could be a few weeks or a few months, and in the meantime? You could be starving to death.

It may not be easy, but I always have at least 3 sources of traffic at any given time, and more in the wings 'simmering', as a buffer against a major change at any one source.

You can check out Kristie's Planner here:
Fabulous TikTok Planner + TikTop Map To Success

The coming week is a busy one with lots of Zooming around coming up:

Tuesday, March 22
3:00PM EST
Kitchen Sink PLUS Monthly Workshop
(Zoom details are on your monthly download page)

Thursday, March 24
3:00PM EST
Michael Cheney Boot Camp – Session 1
(Find your access details in your Purchase History at WarriorPlus or on your download page)

Friday, March 24
2:00PM EST
Perpetual Planner Workshop
(Special bonus for buyers of the new Perpetual Planner - Zoom details are on your download page) If you are new to the world of Digital Planners, you won't want to miss this one - we will do a deep dive into working with and customizing your new planners! And yes there will be replays and open Q&A at the end.

Price Increase Tonight


Awesome product!!!

If you are serious about getting organic traffic - this is definitely the tool that will get you there. Combined with some decent content optimization (think Yoast, AIO, or RankMath) and you can rank for enough keywords and long-tail phrases to make a serious impact on your traffic.

Price goes up to $67 tonight!

  • Connect with 24 different social media and Web 2.0 properties
  • Set & Forget one-time or recurring campaigns to bring in warm traffic
  • Syndicate your content to generate traffic on-demand
  • Generate Up to 200 Backlinks a month
  • Automate 10 RSS Feeds
  • Generate leads & sales with a proven method
  • Power Up every single link or content piece you create, and
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Make money by offering this as a service!
And before you ask - I picked up the FE, OTO and the one that offered the two-tier linking (very important!), not sure which option that was, but well worth it based on my past experience.


Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 6.51.27 PM


This is a great way to re-purpose your blog content and product reviews, both for backlinks to improve your SEO, promote your products, or your affiliate marketing campaigns!

PDF Dynamo is a cloud-based software that creates a great looking PDF from your content, including images, and call-to-action buttons in seconds then submits them to social media and PDF directories.

As of this writing - it is only $7.95 with coupon code 5OFFPDF


Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 7.09.48 PM
Charles Harper is back with The Wordpress Playbook and one of the best courses ever - whether you want to sell this or just use it yourself - I cannot recommend it highly enough! It's on a dime sale and still under $8 at this time, but it is going up!
  • 0001 - Quick Start Introduction
  • 0003 - Securing the SSL
  • 0005 - Akismet Set Up
  • 0007 - Backup - Updraft
  • 0009 - Turn Your Site Into An Online Forum
  • 0011 - Setting Up a Paid or Free Membership
  • 0013 - Protect Your Membership Page Content
  • 0015 - Zapier Connections - Part Two
  • 0017 - Create an Online Course Platform
  • 0019 - Gamify the Site Experience - Part Two - Earn Points
  • 0002 - Using Plugin and Theme Search
  • 0004 - Wordfence
  • 0006 - Privacy
  • 0008 - Rollback
  • 0010 - Creating and Hiding Your Long Links
  • 0012 - Setting Up an E-Mail From Your Hosting
  • 0014 - Zapier Connections - Part One
  • 0016 - Incorporate Your Podcast
  • 0018 - Gamify The Stie Experience - Part One
  • 0020 - Automate Your Plugins Without Zapier

The Wordpress Playbook

2 For One!!

It had to end sometime!! Since I launched the PLUS membership, new members always get the current month's products PLUS the previous month as a bonus. This
will be the last month that you will be able to get two months when you join!

I just uploaded the new "Perpetual" Digital Planner (above) which features a 2-page center-coil spread with the much-requested "Page flipping" effect, and the printables will be uploaded shortly. Our next Workshop is next Tuesday, March 22!

Get full details here:

The Kitchen Sink PLUS

And out for a walk in the pretty afternoon!
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