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Hi, everyone!

The sun is out, the wind has died down, the lovely yellow daffodils are blooming and it feels like spring!!! And yes, I am ignoring the weather report cuz I really do not what to see what is heading our way in a few days....LOL

If you have been on this list for any time - then you know I love finding new ways to build my lists and to generate traffic. Paid traffic is faster but my focus has always been on organic traffic, through everything from content to backlinking strategies.

And before I go any further - let me be very clear about one thing: there is no such thing as free traffic. You will always pay for traffic either with $$$ or your time, and usually, it's a combination of both. And truthfully, sometimes your budget & schedule will make paid ads the better option, and while other times, those more budget-friendly but labor-intensive options are the right choices for you. Never make the mistake of thinking that you should only do one or the other - each will have its time and place in your business at some point in time.

I have to admit though, that I am biased towards organic traffic methods because the effect is cumulative, growing with every optimized article or new backlink, whereas your ad traffic ends as soon as your credit card is maxed out!

Although traffic generation can be a bit intimidating in the beginning, it really doesn't have to be - it's just a series of new skillsets to be learned over time.

Last week, for example, in the Free Shotgun Traffic Bonus Boot Camp, we optimized 3 different articles using the RankMath plugin and showed how a few quick tweaks can make a huge difference in how the Search Engines (aka Mother Google) views our content while still keeping it very reader-friendly. With the right tools, such as RankMath or Yoast, the process becomes quick and easy instead of daunting and overwhelming.

Backlinking is an important part of any healthy organic traffic strategy and should include a good mix of social media profiles, articles on your own blog, and other sites (Medium and Linkedin are great for backlinks!). Contrary to popular belief, even sites that do not give you a 'do follow' link will still be recognized by Google, and will contribute to the overall authority of your site.

One key thing to remember when creating backlinks to your website is that Google looks for NATURAL links, so mix it up with those backlinks, and make sure that at least 30% are simply using your website's domain name, and not your keywords! And do try for variety with your keywords - overusing the same ones will look spammy to Google!

Last but not least, not all backlinks are created equal, and avoiding those spammy backlinks (you know the Fiverr peeps that sell 500 backlinks for $5?) is super important when mapping out your linking strategy.

Needless to say, having the right tools is a huge help, and Syndranker just re-opened to the public today. I have a long and very positive history with the software and so snapped it up when the doors opened this morning!



Back in about 2017, Joshua Zamora launched Syndranker, a groundbreaking software for getting your content shared across Social Media sites and getting better rankings in the search engine! In large part due to the backlinks created with Syndranker, I sold that site for a very nice chunk of change. Unfortunately, I also passed my account along to the new owners, and Syndranker was closed to the public, so I was not able to get a new account. Recently, Neil Napier invested in Syndranker and the product is not only open to new members again - but it's been updated with a lot of new features!

  • Connect with 24 different social media and Web 2.0 properties
  • Set & Forget one-time or recurring campaigns to bring in warm traffic
  • Syndicate your content to generate traffic on-demand
  • Generate Up to 200 Backlinks a month
  • Automate 10 RSS Feeds
  • Generate leads & sales with a proven method
  • Power Up every single link or content piece you create, and
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Make money by offering this as a service!
And before you asked - I picked up the FE, OTO and the one that offered the two-tier linking (very important!), not sure which option that was, but well worth it based on my past experience.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 12.06.52 PM
A new health bundle from FireLaunchers - this is a huge bundle at only $7.60 right now, with a price increase tomorrow! More than 25,000 words of content, this is a great deal!
  • Module #1 – Premier Training Guide on Wellness Wheel (25,000 words)... Value: $1500
  • Module #2 – Well Designed Sales Page copy Value: $800
  • Module #3 – Customer Sales Video Value: $570
  • Module #4 – Professionally Designed Graphics Value: $253
  • Module #5 – Animated Banners Value: $243
  • Module #6 – Professionally created expert Email Templates Value: $36
  • Module #7 – Professional Minisites Value: $89
  • Module #8 – Legal Pages Value: $89
  • Module #9 – Social Media Graphics Value: $60
  • Module #10 – PDF Graphics Value: $60
  • Module #11 10 Unique Articles Bundled into One Value: $250

+3 Fast-Action Bonuses…

    • Bonus #1 – Cheat Sheet Value: $20
    • Bonus #2 – Mind Map Value: $10
    • Bonus #3 – Top Resource Report Value: $20

Wellness Wheel

Affiliate Marketing On Crack (Course)

Benjamin Fletcher is perpetually on every major leaderboard, so when this was first released in August, I jumped all over this, and have never regretted the decision! It's an honest-to-goodness look inside his business, from how he chooses what to promote to how to put together a good bonus bundle.

This is just a very small sample of what this includes:
  • The 3 Niches that make the most commissions hands down
  • How to Build highly responsive Affiliate email lists For FREE (so simple, we can all do this)
  • The one type of offer nearly all affiliates, (except the top 3-10%) completely overlook
  • Why your competition isn't who you think it is
  • The triple-layered Bonus Stacking Method (this is how he repeatedly hits the top of the leader boards)
  • The self-serve Ad platform that has upwards of 234 Million users and how to infiltrate it. (very few affiliates know about this source let alone use it or even more...share it)
  • How to pick the best converting products (Works for any Niche)
  • 6 Affiliate networks rammed full of hot products that sell like sh*t off a shovel, these are truly little 'Aladdin's Cave's' (and you probably haven't heard of 4 of them!)
  • Why simple, butt-ugly ads still work
  • The best time to mail offers - most likely the exact opposite of what you have been told...

Passive Income Publishing (Course)

If you are in the Kitchen Sink Mastermind or any of our other groups, you know that a big focus for this year is setting up passive, EVERGREEN Income Streams - so Alessandro's latest course fits in perfectly with our other projects ;-)

This is about creating 11-30 pages word documents and making money with his
3 step 'secret' method, $0 to start this business, and according to Alessandro - you can do this in 25-30 minutes every day.

And YES! I did purchase but have not had time to go through this yet, but it definitely looks like something that fits well with my 2022 game plan ;-)

And don't forget - Session 3 of the BONUS Free Traffic Shotgun Boot Camp is tomorrow at 2:00 PM!! See ya there!
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