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Hi, everyone!

I am just about getting whiplash from the drastic weather changes here! After a weekend of barely making it out of the is supposed to be in the 50s! huh?? NOT COMPLAINING!!! Seriously, just in case the weather gods are reading this today - very happy with the recent turn of events ;-)

Doing some virtual spring cleaning today and came across some lovely covers I did for a bonus back in 2020 - so some of you may have these but I am betting that most of you do not - download them here. There are 10 in the collection, and as always, you have full PLR with these.

I am happy to say that the new 2-page spread 'Perpetual' Digital Planner is coming along very well, and may even be available late this evening. By the time I am done with the series, we will have the Landscape, Horizontal and 2-page Center Coil Spreads, giving you tremendous flexibility for future products where a dated planner may not be the best choice.

And there are LOTS of uses where an undated planner is easier to work with, such as coaching, workbooks, wedding planners, family management and so much more.

PLUS - the biggest benefit is that your customer can buy and start any time of the year, and keep adding new templates, dividers, stickers and goodies to their planner, without worrying about having to start fresh every year! All they do is reload the original PDF and they have a clean ready-to-use planner, which can be inserted into the existing one or treated as a new one.

By adding the undated planners to your product line - you have beautiful planners to sell year-round, not just during the 'traditional' planner buying season.

And if you purchased the first release of the Perpetual Planner - the Workshop is scheduled for March 25th and the registration details are on your download page!

Affiliate Marketing On Crack (Course)

Benjamin Fletcher is perpetually on every major leaderboard, so when this we first released in August, I jumped all over this, and have never regretted the decision! It's an honest-to-goodness look inside his business, from how he chooses what to promote to how to put together a good bonus bundle.

This is just a very small sample of what this includes:
  • The 3 Niches that make the most commissions hands down
  • How to Build highly responsive Affiliate email lists For FREE (so simple, we can all do this)
  • The one type of offer nearly all affiliates, (except the top 3-10%) completely overlook
  • Why your competition isn't who you think it is
  • The triple-layered Bonus Stacking Method (this is how he repeatedly hits the top of the leader boards)
  • The self-serve Ad platform that has upwards of 234 Million users and how to infiltrate it. (very few affiliates know about this source let alone use it or even more...share it)
  • How to pick the best converting products (Works for any Niche)
  • 6 Affiliate networks rammed full of hot products that sell like sh*t off a shovel, these are truly little 'Aladdin's Cave's' (and you probably haven't heard of 4 of them!)
  • Why simple, butt-ugly ads still work
  • The best time to mail offers - most likely the exact opposite of what you have been told...

Passive Income Publishing (Course)

If you are in the Kitchen Sink Mastermind or any of our other groups, you know that a big focus for this year is setting up passive, EVERGREEN Income Streams - so Alessandro's latest course fits in perfectly with our other projects ;-)

This is about creating 11-30 pages word documents and making money with his
3 step 'secret' method, $0 to start this business, and according to Alessandro - you can do this in 25-30 minutes every day.

And YES! I did purchase but have not had time to go through this yet, but it definitely looks like something that fits well with my 2022 game plan ;-)

10-Day Content Marketing Plan (PLR)

Available for 48 hours ONLY - From Jonathan Teng and Jason Yu comes this very limited new PLR -
  • Module #1: 2680+Words Ready-To-Publish Report
  • Module #2: PRO E-Cover Graphics
  • Module #3: Lead Capture & Delivery Pages
  • Module #4: Affiliate Center Page
  • Module #5: 3 x Affiliate Promotional Emails
  • Module #6: 9 x Promotional Banner Graphics

Free Member Formula (PLR)

From Jason Oickle comes a great bundle that details exactly how to build authority with free membership sites - this is a GREAT LEAD MAGNET!!

  • 3100+ Word Report You Can Give Away
  • Mobile Ready Lead Capture & Delivery Pages
  • Professional Product Image Graphics
  • Editable Source Files Included
  • Fully Rebrandable PLR Rights Included
  • Start Collecting Leads Within The Hour
  • Download Instantly
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As you know - I am not a fan of 'lifetime' memberships, but this one has now been around for a while, and actually has several thousand customers. This is a combination video creation and storage solution, and at this price, it is a viable option that will let me drop the higher-priced Zoom plan that I have. It will also let me get my videos embedded on my site, and off Dropbox, which is something I have wanted to do for a while for several reasons.

This is just a BRIEF list of all that is included - it's loaded to the gills with features, and is all most of us would need:

  • 50 GB Storage Space
  • 60+ POPs Centers (America, Europe, Asia)
  • Multi-Lingual Videos and Subtitles Support
  • Embed Video on any website
  • Video Hosting, Streaming & Management
  • Player Customization
  • Import Videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Instagram etc
  • Video Editing with Timelines & Loom-like Video & Screen Recording
  • Picture in Picture Mode Recording
  • Instantly Transforms Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voice-Over


Use Coupon Code: mingo20 at checkout to get $20 off
(expires in 5 hours)

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Charles Harper's newest Release:
Lead Generation Masterclass

Learn and Teach the Exact Technical Process of Setting Up Viral Applications to Generate More Leads - this is just a small sample of what this one includes:
  • 0001 - Introduction to Upviral and Lead Gen Applications
  • 0003 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  • 0005 - E-Mail List Verify Integration
  • 0007 - Starting a New Campaign
  • 0009 - Campaign Sharing and Action - Custom
  • 0011 - Design Page
  • 0013 - Campaign Autoresponder Settings

20 videos in all with PLR too - use it yourself to learn AND sell it to make a profit!

Perfect companion to his Email Marketing Masterclass


Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 6.27.50 PM

Simple Fast Products

Matt Garett has spent years perfecting the art of launching and marketing of solid EVERGREEN products, and this is his complete A-to-Z guide on how to replicate what he does. This is a well-done course that covers:

• How to create evergreen products that sell
• How to get ideas and research products for any niche
• Scale to the sky - how to build your product funnels
• A simple tweak to the 'norm' that creates recurring offers
• Zero Cost methods - no expensive software needed to start
• The 'Pricing Bible' - this information will skyrocket your conversions

As of this writing, it is on a dime sale at $17.49

Simple Fast Products

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 12.32.07 PM

Michael Cheney's

7 Figure Affiliate System

Right now, Affiliate Marketing accounts for about 40% of my monthly income, via email marketing, social media marketing, and organic website traffic (growing!) - but the best part is that over the past year, it has helped to take the hills and valleys out of the month, and created a more consistent income stream.

Michael's method does not just focus on launches, but rather a systematic approach that includes finding products AND traffic generation. If you are in our Kevin Fahey Boot Camp, I think this is a very complimentary product!

It's only $9.97 and totally
worth 10x MORE!

Yes, this one warrants a bonus! I would love to do another Boot Camp to work through the course as a group and get everyone set up and working our way towards that goal of multiple evergreen revenue streams - and $ every single day!

So the bonus is a 3 Session "Mini" Boot Camp and we will work through the process and set up as a group! Bonus link will be in your W+ account WEDNESDAY!

Michael Cheney's
7 Figure Affiliate System

I hope we see Spring soon!! Stay safe and stay warm!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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