Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

First of all, thank you for all of that have asked how the car saga is going - thank you for your concern, and I am sorry to hear that this is NOT such an unusual tale! We are getting close to some sort of resolution - but with some serious out of pocket and a car payment, to boot. I am NOT a happy camper!! Yes, needed a new car - but always nice when you get to pick the time to do it!

In the meantime, you know that I am a newsletter 'junkie' - last count was about a zillion, give or take one or two ;-). This morning, Rob Cubbon of RobCubbon.com had a piece on his experience as a Notebook/Zero Content book publisher on Amazon - and a link to his free course on how to create and publish notebooks on Amazon.

And since the course is FREE.....the price is totally in everyone's budget today ;-)
Check it out here (and this is NOT an affiliate link!):
"How to Sell Notebooks and Low Content Books On Amazon"

His other free course that I have mentioned in the past that is also excellent is "How I Make Passive Income Selling EBooks and Videos". This is a GREAT course on how he built his passive income to over $5,000 monthly, mainly via Ebooks.

He does offer paid courses as well - but these free ones are really enough to get you rolling - and if you needed any inspiration - these should do it!!

That's it for this morning! Have a great day!!


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