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Hey, Everybody!

Hope this finds you all alive and well, and enjoying the hints of spring. I did see a big fat robin rooting around under the oak leaves looking for a snack this afternoon, and we have a pair of geese building a nest on our pond so I indeed am hopeful that it is not too far off now!

Tomorrow I am actually taking some time off and Bob and I are heading to breakfast at a cute little cafe downtown and then to the Home and Garden Show - we don't need a darned thing, but it's kind of our yearly ritual to welcome in spring or at least the hopes of spring. This is the first one since the start of this whole COVID mess, so we are looking forward to it. It's been kind of a rough start to 2022, with another health scare with the hubby again (all ok!) and even just a day away feels good!

BONUS: the event requires masks for all attendees!

Now about this Social Media thing....

I have noticed a trend among internet marketers to bad-mouth social media and loudly proclaim that it is evil and a waste of time because they were spending hours on Facebook and Twitter and TikTok arguing over whether or not aluminum foil really prevents someone from reading your mind and binge-watching 15-second videos of adults chugging Sprite through their nose.

So since these people could not control themselves and wasted hours doing (essentially) nothing, how is this Facebook's fault? Did TikTok hypnotize them into watching 14 straight hours of idiocy? Did Facebook force them to engage with people whose opinions should not matter one iota in the grand scheme of things for hours on end?

Nope, nope and nope.

Telling everyone else to stop using social media to build their businesses because you cannot control yourself is like an alcoholic telling me I cannot have a glass of wine with dinner because he cannot stop at one glass - he will drink the whole bottle and 2 more. That is not my fault and sorry - not my problem.

Now, coming from me - this argument is really funny because I am NOT a social media person at all. I have had a FaceBook account since they launched and only started using it in the last year. I still do not use it for personal use because frankly, my personal life is personal, and I really think you have something better to do than see what I had for breakfast.

But I started using it for my business and it works for business.

What I really love it for, though, is RESEARCH!!! You want to see what is selling in big numbers - hit your home button and watch the ads for a few days. The ads you see over and over and over and over? Those are money makers.

Want to know what to create for your next Lead Magnet? Again - watch the ads...

I haven't looked at my personal page for months - for all I know I could be dead! - but I have a huge folder of pages and ads that I have saved!

My point is this: Don't be in a rush to leave social media behind because some well-known marketer is. It means nothing but it sells courses and gets them attention.

There is so much valuable data to be gleaned from these customer gathering spots that you will miss out on if you leave! I spend 15 minutes in the am snooping through ads and that is it. It's all it takes to stay informed on the trends that are important.

Like everything else (except chocolate) moderation is the key.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.02.55 PM

Auto Grow Crypto

This is the latest in a great series of Crypto tutorials from James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy - I have them all and I am slowly but surely applying his strategies - and they do work! This is a totally new release and one of the easiest and most profitable techniques he has shared so far, leveraging new ways to multiple your crypto no
matter what the market is doing!!!

This is Unique!!

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.20.10 PM


Ok, so this is totally cool: this is the most varied and realistic collection of 3D avatars I have ever seen! And rather than those fake AI voices, you can record your own voice to sync up with the presenters.

Really well done, and with this variety of avatars - pretty much something for everyone!

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.30.02 PM

A Year’s Worth of Content:
“Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan”

This is a MONSTER!!! Truly a year's worth of content for the Personal Development space - if you are remotely interested in this niche (which is one of the most lucrative niches online) you really need to look at this one!

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 3.43.12 PM
If you are looking for quality newsletter or blog content - jump on this one!

This bundle is a ridiculous $5.99 and this is what you are getting WITH PLR!!!:
  • The complete Free Traffic Resources:VOL1 14 Email Autoresponder Sequence (7,749 words!)
  • The FTRV1 Affiliate Program Black Book is a selection of MADE TO FIT affiliate programs for this email sequence so that you can begin using the sequence quickly!
  • The "How To Use FTRV1" Training Video that show you exactly how to use these emails to make money!
  • The Safelist Wizard is a 6 video training that shows you how to start building email lists with safe lists and then automate the whole thing!
  • An Official PLR License so that you can NOT ONLY use these emails to your advantage but you can SELL THEM as well as an REAL ASSET!

Free Traffic Resources: Volume 1

Ultimate Brand & Sell Kit

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 5.26.22 PM
What a fun idea and I love the graphics! The Art Sisters, aka Sharon and Shuwanna, long time members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind, have joined forces to come out with a beautiful and original planner and graphics bundle
1 Digital Portrait Planner
2 Printable Journals
12 Packs of Digital Paper
70 Coordinated Bookmarks
180 Coordinated Stickers
25 Pre-Designed Journal/Planner Covers

Ultimate Brand & Sell Kit

Have a wonderful evening!
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