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So many goodies that have launched over the past 2 days! I missed one of our own members' launches yesterday because we were busy having a little medical emergency in the family (all is okay, thankfully), and I did not get a newsletter out yesterday, so my apologies to long-time Kitchen Sink Members, Sharon and Shuwanna, for not being part of their launch day!

You can check out their gorgeous new Ultimate Brand & Sell Kit below - and kudos to Sharon and Shuwanna for their JV and launch!

Two People Asked Me This Over The Weekend...
and it struck me as odd because no one has asked me that since I started in the PLR I thought I would ask you all the same question...

If you were not doing this...what else would you be doing?

And truthfully, I had to stop and think about that because there are lots of things about my daily work that I love, some that I am not quite so crazy about...but there is nothing really that I hate about this business, and I have been working online as a solo homepreneur for so long now, that I cannot imagine any other way of earning a living.

I love not having to run an idea by anyone else - if I want to do something crazy, I just do it and see where the glitter lands afterward.

I love that I can constantly tweak and re-tweak the processes and systems to make things work better/easier without anyone else's approval (or opinion) and you know that I love trying new things.

If I need to delay a launch because my hands are hurting or I simply took the product down a different path....again, my decision and I deal with the results.

Is this the perfect business for me? Probably not, but close enough that I can see myself doing this until I don't want to anymore, and I know that won't be tomorrow.

One thing I do know is that at 67, I love the challenge of learning something new every day, of getting out of bed and walking into my office with coffee in hand (thank you, Nespresso!) and a smile on my face, knowing that this is my business, built by own sometimes arthritic but still busy hands, and that part? I would not change for the world!

So my answer is - I really cannot imagine doing anything else! My products might change and evolve over time - but the core model is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So I pose the question to you:
If you were not doing this...what else would you be doing?

Hit reply and let me know - and I will share the comments (without your name, if you want) in an upcoming newsletter ;-)


Wednesday, 2:00 pm EST
Kevin Fahey's Free Traffic Shotgun Boot Camp Session #3
Come prepared with an article/blog post tomorrow - having optimized content is a major part of this strategy! We will run them through Rank Math and get them optimized for you! Zoom details are on the group page (Bonus for Kevin Fahey's Free Traffic Shotgun course)

Thursday, 3:00 PM EST
The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
We continue discussions related to our upcoming Vendor Showcase and other items from our last Zoom. Zoom details are in your member dashboard - open to all!
Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 3.43.12 PM
If you are looking for quality newsletter or blog content - jump on this one!

This is one of those rare opportunities to grab something of real value for pennies
on the dollar because the marketer is in list-building mode LOL!! Kam Fatz has
been in the IM game for ages and has probably forgotten more about traffic
building than most 'gurooz' know....

This bundle is a ridiculous $5.99 and this is what you are getting WITH PLR!!!:
  • The complete Free Traffic Resources:VOL1 14 Email Autoresponder Sequence (7,749 words!)
  • The FTRV1 Affiliate Program Black Book is a selection of MADE TO FIT affiliate programs for this email sequence so that you can begin using the sequence quickly!
  • The "How To Use FTRV1" Training Video that show you exactly how to use these emails to make money!
  • The Safelist Wizard is a 6 video training that shows you how to start building email lists with safe lists and then automate the whole thing!
  • An Official PLR License so that you can NOT ONLY use these emails to your advantage but you can SELL THEM as well as an REAL ASSET!

Free Traffic Resources: Volume 1

Ultimate Brand & Sell Kit

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 5.26.22 PM
What a fun idea and I love the graphics! The Art Sisters, aka Sharon and Shuwanna, long time members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind, have joined forces to come out with a beautiful and original planner and graphics bundle
1 Digital Portrait Planner
2 Printable Journals
12 Packs of Digital Paper
70 Coordinated Bookmarks
180 Coordinated Stickers
25 Pre-Designed Journal/Planner Covers

Ultimate Brand & Sell Kit

Yes, We ARE Getting Back To Our NFT Project!

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 5.38.50 PM
Sometimes life gets in the way, and our NFT project was the victim here - but we are reviving it very soon! I have been soaking up every bit of info on NFTs that I can and this is a an excellent course that focuses more on the trading aspect than the creation of NFTs, and really had some great resources that were new to me. Very well done!

NFTs Cracked

Your new business just arrived ;-)


Nope, this is not just another 'undated' digital planner - what makes the "Perpetual" Digital Planners unique is the fact that while the month is undated - every 'date square' is still hyperlinked to the corresponding page in the planner itself - this means that the user can start this planner in March or July or any month they want in 2022, and use it through 2023.....and beyond.

This means that you now have a fully hyperlinked Digital Planner that can be sold YEAR ROUND!! All a user needs to do is manually enter the day's date in the calendar for that month, and then click on the date to be taken to the daily spread.

No more 'swiping' through page after page to get to your daily planner!

Pick up the new planners during the Launch Week at the special
launch discounted pricing and come join us for a LIVE Workshop on
how to sell and work with these new planners!


"Perpetual" Digital Planners

That's all for now - off to finish up for tomorrow's Boot Camp!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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